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Recorder's need, 5 букв

Recording session need, 5 букв

Blas abbreviation, 4 буквы

Backup crew, 5 букв

Bench warmers, 5 букв

Non-varsity squad, 5 букв

Practice squad, 5 букв

Scrubs, 5 букв

Scrubs, often, 5 букв

Second string, 5 букв

Second stringers, 5 букв

Second-string players, 5 букв

Second-string squad, 5 букв

Star relievers?, 5 букв

Substitute players, 5 букв

Replacements for starters, 6 букв

Second-string squads, 6 букв

Second-stringers, 6 букв

Sub groups, 6 букв

Sub squads, 6 букв

Subs, 6 букв

Misplayed, as a ball, 4 буквы

Item of babywear, 4 буквы

'30s Army bomber, 4 буквы

1930s bomber, 4 буквы

Bingo call, 4 буквы

Bingo call in the first column, 4 буквы

Bingo call or an old bomber, 4 буквы

Bingo call, perhaps, 4 буквы

Bingo guess, 4 буквы

Bingo hall call, 4 буквы

Bingo number, 4 буквы

Bingo-card number, 4 буквы

Bomber type, 4 буквы

Call that may elicit a Bingo!, 4 буквы

Certain vitamin, 4 буквы

Classic Army bomber plane, 4 буквы

Early all-metal bomber, 4 буквы

First column bingo call, 4 буквы

First-column bingo number, 4 буквы

Old bomber, 4 буквы

Old Martin bomber, 4 буквы

One of a vitamin complex, 4 буквы

Revolutionary 1930s bomber, 4 буквы

Square in the first column of bingo, 4 буквы

Vitamin ___ (PABA), 4 буквы

Vitamin also known as PABA, 4 буквы

Secured, with down, 6 букв

Like chicken fingers, 9 букв

Li'l Abner character Joe who has a rain cloud over his head, 7 букв

Nook in a restaurant, 3 буквы

Relig. degree, 3 буквы

Thin soup, 3 буквы

Voting site, 3 буквы

Facetious warning on an invitation, 15 букв

Bingo call, 6 букв

Bingo call, or a classic Hammond organ model, 6 букв

Bingo call, or a type of Hammond organ, 6 букв

Bingo-card number, 6 букв

First footwear?, 4 буквы

Part of a tux rental, perhaps, 4 буквы

Bi-racial German gangsta rapper who sang Der Negger: Hyph., 6 букв

Scrabble 3-pointer, 5 букв

Gore didn't get out of camp?, 14 букв

Fumbling a ground ball, 5 букв

Liq. container, 3 буквы

Part of BYOB, 3 буквы

Six-pack unit: Abbr., 3 буквы

Sold moonshine, 8 букв

Fortress parapets, 9 букв

Glass containers: abbr., 4 буквы

Undersides: abbr., 4 буквы

Mil. unit, 3 буквы

L.S.U. site, 5 букв

L.S.U. site (5,5), 5 букв

'70s rock group for short, 3 буквы

1970s Can. rock band, 3 буквы

Let It Ride band (Abbr.), 3 буквы

Randy Bachman post-Guess Who band (Abbr.), 3 буквы

Takin' Care of Business band, 3 буквы

Takin' Care of Business band (Abbr.), 3 буквы

Takin' Care of Business band, for short, 3 буквы

Takin' Care of Business band, to fans, 3 буквы

Takin' Care of Business group, to fans, 3 буквы

They Let It Ride (Abbr.), 3 буквы

They took Care of Business, 3 буквы

They're Takin' Care of Business, 3 буквы

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet band, 3 буквы

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet band (Abbr.), 3 буквы

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet band, for short, 3 буквы

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet band, initially, 3 буквы

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet grp., 3 буквы

Commerce transaction, for short, 4 буквы

Type of phone book, for short, 4 буквы

Type of Yellow Pages, for short, 4 буквы

Cartoon dolt's feature, 6 букв

The Letter group, with the, 5 букв

Part of an Asian capital's name, 4 буквы

Group formed at Miami University in 1839, 3 буквы

NYC subway line runs from Bedford Park Boulevard to Brighton Beach, 6 букв

Flashlight need, for short, 4 буквы

Warship weaponry (abbr.), 4 буквы

98.6,101, etc., 3 буквы

British titles: Abbr., 3 буквы

Fire, 3 буквы

Hereditary Br. titles, 3 буквы

Kipling favorite, 3 буквы

Spt. sights, 3 буквы

Units of rhythm: abbr., 3 буквы

Yachts and sloops (abbr.), 3 буквы

Tail end of explosion, admitting limits of TNT, 5 букв

1,055 joules, 3 буквы

1,055 joules: Abbr., 3 буквы

251.9 calories (abbr.), 3 буквы

251.9 cals., 3 буквы

252 calories, 3 буквы

A.C. capacity, 3 буквы

A.C. letters, 3 буквы

A.C. measure, 3 буквы

A.C. output, 3 буквы

A.C. stat, 3 буквы

A.C. unit, 3 буквы

A/C capacity meas., 3 буквы

A/C capacity measurement, 3 буквы

A/C capacity notation, 3 буквы

A/C fig., 3 буквы

A/C meas., 3 буквы

A/C measurement, 3 буквы

A/C notation, 3 буквы

A/C rating, 3 буквы

A/C unit of measure, 3 буквы

Abbr. on an appliance sticker, 3 буквы

About 252 calories, briefly, 3 буквы

AC amt., 3 буквы

AC capacity measure, 3 буквы

AC output unit, 3 буквы

AC output: Abbr., 3 буквы

AC term, 3 буквы

Air conditioner abbr., 3 буквы

Air conditioner capacity (abbr.), 3 буквы

Air conditioner capacity, for short, 3 буквы

Air conditioner meas., 3 буквы

Air conditioner measure (abbr.), 3 буквы

Air conditioner measure, for short, 3 буквы

Air conditioner measurement: abbr., 3 буквы

Air conditioner no., 3 буквы

Air conditioning measure: Abbr., 3 буквы

Air conditioning unit, 3 буквы

Air conditioning unit (abbr.), 3 буквы

Air-conditioner unit, 3 буквы

Air-conditioner unit: Abbr., 3 буквы

Amt. of heat, 3 буквы

Appliance meas., 3 буквы

Appliance spec., 3 буквы

Approx. 252 calories, 3 буквы

Basis for an AC purchase, 3 буквы

Bit of heat, briefly, 3 буквы

Bit of heat: Abbr., 3 буквы

Calorie alternative: Abbr., 3 буквы

Calorie cousin, 3 буквы

Calorie's big bro., 3 буквы

Central heating measurement, 3 буквы

Cooling letters, 3 буквы

Cooling system power meas., 3 буквы

Cooling unit: Abbr., 3 буквы

Energy meas., 3 буквы

English heat measure: Abbr., 3 буквы

Furnace measure, for short, 3 буквы

Heat amt., 3 буквы

Heat meas., 3 буквы

Heat measure, 3 буквы

Heat measure (abbr.), 3 буквы

Heat measurement: abbr., 3 буквы

Heat qty., 3 буквы

Heat quantity meas., 3 буквы

Heat unit, 3 буквы

Heat unit, briefly, 3 буквы

Heat unit, familiarly, 3 буквы

Heat unit: Abbr., 3 буквы

Heater stat, 3 буквы

Horsepower fraction, 3 буквы

HVAC abbr., 3 буквы

It's approx. 252 calories, 3 буквы

Meas. Of heat, 3 буквы

Meas. used in heaters, 3 буквы

Measure of heat energy, 3 буквы

Microwave oven measurement (abbr.), 3 буквы

One of 3,412 in a kWh, 3 буквы

One-quintillionth of a Q, 3 буквы

Qty. of heat, 3 буквы

Temperature raiser: Abbr., 3 буквы

Therm fraction, 3 буквы

Unit of heat, for short, 3 буквы

A unit of heat equal to the amount of heat required to raise one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit at one atmosphere pressure, 3 буквы

Equivalent to 251.997 calories, 3 буквы

A.C. capacity, 4 буквы

A.C. measures, 4 буквы

A.C. units, 4 буквы

A/C capacity measures, 4 буквы

A/C capacity units, 4 буквы

A/C figure, 4 буквы

A/C meas., 4 буквы

A/C output, 4 буквы

A/C rating units, 4 буквы

A/C spec sheet units, 4 буквы

A/C stat, 4 буквы

AC amts., 4 буквы

AC measurements, 4 буквы

Air conditioner capacity, for short, 4 буквы

Air conditioner meas., 4 буквы

Air conditioner nos., 4 буквы

Air conditioner numbers: Abbr., 4 буквы

Air conditioner units, 4 буквы

Air conditioning units, 4 буквы

Air-conditioner units: Abbr., 4 буквы

Air-conditioning measures, 4 буквы

Air-conditioning units: Abbr., 4 буквы

Amts. of heat, 4 буквы

Appliance figs., 4 буквы

Calories' kin, 4 буквы

Calories' nonmetric counterparts: Abbr., 4 буквы

Cals. counterpart, 4 буквы

Carrier units, briefly, 4 буквы

Cooling capacity, 4 буквы

Cooling capacity (abbr.), 4 буквы

Cooling units, briefly, 4 буквы

Energy units: abbr., 4 буквы

Furnace meas., 4 буквы

Heat meas., 4 буквы

Heat measures, for short, 4 буквы

Heat measures: abbr., 4 буквы

Heat meter measures, 4 буквы

Heat quantities: Abbr., 4 буквы

Heat units, 4 буквы

Heat units, for short, 4 буквы

Heater stats, 4 буквы

Heating measures, 4 буквы

Heating measures, briefly, 4 буквы

Heating units, 4 буквы

Hot abbr., 4 буквы

Htg. quantities, 4 буквы

Nonmetric heat measures: Abbr., 4 буквы

Relatives of calories: Abbr., 4 буквы

There are 100,000 in a therm, 4 буквы

There are 100,000 in a therm, briefly, 4 буквы

There are a quintillion in a Q, 4 буквы

'Incidentally' in a text msg., 3 буквы

Bit of chat room shorthand, 3 буквы

Chat room afterthought letters, 3 буквы

Chat room Incidentally..., 3 буквы

Chatroom digression shorthand, 3 буквы

Digression shorthand, 3 буквы

Digression shorthand in IMs, 3 буквы

E-mail aside intro, 3 буквы

E-mail aside letters, 3 буквы

FYI relative, 3 буквы

I forgot 2 mention it, but..., 3 буквы

Incidentally, in brief, 3 буквы

Incidentally, in chat room shorthand, 3 буквы

Incidentally, in chat rooms, 3 буквы

Incidentally, in e-mail shorthand, 3 буквы

Incidentally, in IMs, 3 буквы

Incidentally, in Internet lingo, 3 буквы

Incidentally, in Netspeak, 3 буквы

Incidentally, in online shorthand, 3 буквы

Incidentally, in texting shorthand, 3 буквы

Incidentally, to texters, 3 буквы

Letters before an emailed aside, 3 буквы

Oh yeah..., in a text message, 3 буквы

Oh, also..., in text messages, 3 буквы

Oh, and did I mention..., in netspeak, 3 буквы

Oh, before I forget... in Internet shorthand, 3 буквы

One more thing, for short, 3 буквы

Start of a chat room afterthought, 3 буквы

Start of a text-message afterthought, 3 буквы

Start of an aside, to tweeters, 3 буквы

Texter's incidentally, 3 буквы

Texter's Oh, before I forget..., 3 буквы

What's more..., in a text message, 3 буквы

Educator-author (Up From Slavery), 12 букв

Mark your card!, 7 букв

Vitamin involved in cell metabolism, 7 букв

Vitamin needed for cell division, 7 букв

Vitamin needed for pernicious anemia, 7 букв

Enola Gay, e.g. (and a hint to this puzzle's unusual feature), 11 букв

___ Spirit (Stealth Bomber), 4 буквы

Call in a bingo hall, 4 буквы

Kind of bomber, 4 буквы

Really expensive bomber, 4 буквы

Riboflavin designation, 4 буквы

Riboflavin, familiarly, 4 буквы

Riboflavin's number, 4 буквы

Stealth bomber, 4 буквы

Stealth plane, 4 буквы

USAF bombers, 5 букв

Take, 3 буквы

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