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A preservative, 3 буквы

Fat-soluble preservative, 3 буквы

Food antioxidant init., 3 буквы

Food antioxidant, briefly, 3 буквы

Food preservative, 3 буквы

Food preservative, briefly, 3 буквы

Food preservative: Abbr., 3 буквы

Preservative, 3 буквы

Gita leader, 8 букв

Hinduism's ___-Gita, 8 букв

Indian fritter, 5 букв

Worshiper of Vishnu, 6 букв

England's second-largest city, in shorthand, 4 буквы

Cannabis concoction, 5 букв

Euphoric smoke, 5 букв

Explosive-sounding hallucinogenic drink made from hemp, 5 букв

Hallucinogenic beverage, 5 букв

Hallucinogenic drink, 5 букв

Hemp, 5 букв

A preparation of the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant, 5 букв

Much used in India, 5 букв

Bombay bard, 4 буквы

Kashmir's top separatist leader, Abdul Ghani ___, who welcomed India's offer of unconditional talks, 4 буквы

Thai Coin, 4 буквы

Thai dough, 4 буквы

Villain's symbol, 4 буквы

Deg. from a Yeshiva, 3 буквы

Indebted, 5 букв

Like Puccini's Mimi and Rodolfo, 4 буквы

DC inits., 3 буквы

GWB successor, 3 буквы

Pres. after GWB, 3 буквы

Presidential monogram, 3 буквы

White House initials, 3 буквы

An ergosphere surrounds it, 5 букв

Giant sucker?, 5 букв

City northeast of Bombay, 6 букв

Gas leak site in 1984 world news, 6 букв

India city in 1984 news, 6 букв

Indian city in 1984 gas leak news, 6 букв

Indian city that was the site of a deadly gas leak in 1984, 6 букв

Infamous 1984 gas leak site, 6 букв

Common project in shop class, 6 букв

___ Junction (1956 Ava Gardner film), 7 букв

'-- Junction' ('56 film), 7 букв

Couldn't stand, 5 букв

All-natural food no-no, 3 буквы

Antioxidant used as a preservative, 3 буквы

Common food preservative, 3 буквы

Common food preservative: Abbr., 3 буквы

Common preservative, 3 буквы

Food additive that retards rancidity: Abbr., 3 буквы

Food preservative, 3 буквы

Food preservative abbr., 3 буквы

Food preservative familiarly, 3 буквы

Food preservative inits., 3 буквы

Food preservative letters, 3 буквы

Food-preserving agt., 3 буквы

Rancidity retardant, 3 буквы

Rancidity retarder, 3 буквы

Asian kingdom, 6 букв

Country tucked in the Himalayas, 6 букв

Country whose official language is Dzongkha, 6 букв

High land, 6 букв

Himalayan kingdom, 6 букв

Himalayan monarchy, 6 букв

India neighbor, 6 букв

Kingdom in the Himalayas, 6 букв

Kingdom of Asia, 6 букв

Kingdom whose flag bears a thunder dragon, 6 букв

Nation whose flag features a thunder dragon, 6 букв

Thimphu's kingdom, 6 букв

A landlocked principality in the Himalayas northeast of India, 6 букв

Native of the Land of the Thunder Dragon, 7 букв

A native or inhabitant of Bhutan, 7 букв

Former Pakistani leader Benazir, 6 букв

Former Pakistani prime minister Benazir, 6 букв

Pakistan's Benazir, 6 букв

Pakistan's first female prime minister, 6 букв

Pakistani leader Benazir, 6 букв

Pakistani political surname, 6 букв

The sixth month of the Hindu calendar, 6 букв

God of wealth and love, 5 букв

A republic in the Asian subcontinent in southern Asia, 6 букв

Second most populous country in the world, 6 букв

Achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1947, 6 букв

A native or inhabitant of Bhutan, 9 букв

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