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Impassable obstacle, 5 letters

African address, 5 letters

African honorific, 5 letters

African master, 5 letters

African term of address, 5 letters

African title of respect, 5 letters

Bantu boss, 5 letters

Bob Hope film, Call Me ___, 5 letters

Bob Hope movie, Call Me ___, 5 letters

Boss, in Swahili, 5 letters

Boss, on safari, 5 letters

Botswana boss, 5 letters

Call Me ___, 5 letters

Call Me ___ (1963 Bob Hope film), 5 letters

Call Me ___ (Bob Hope film), 5 letters

Call Me ___ (Bob Hope flick), 5 letters

Call me ___ (Hope flick), 5 letters

Call Me ___, Hope film, 5 letters

Great white hunter, 5 letters

He might be a nawab, 5 letters

Master, in Africa, 5 letters

Master, in Swahili, 5 letters

Master, on safari, 5 letters

Safari boss, 5 letters

Safari head, 5 letters

Safari leader, 5 letters

Safari leader's title, 5 letters

Safari sahib, 5 letters

Sahib kin, 5 letters

Sahib, in Swahili, 5 letters

Serengeti sahib, 5 letters

Sir, in Swahili, 5 letters

Swahili boss, 5 letters

Swahili for boss, 5 letters

Swahili form of address, 5 letters

Swahili honorific, 5 letters

Swahili master, 5 letters

Swahili sahib, 5 letters

Swahili sir, 5 letters

Swahili term of respect, 5 letters

Tarzan, to natives, 5 letters

Shindig for Swahili VIPs?, 10 letters

Where to buy safari clothes?, 13 letters

African bosses, 6 letters

African masters, 6 letters

African overseers, 6 letters

African titles, 6 letters

Masters on safari, 6 letters

Respectful African titles, 6 letters

Respectful titles, in Africa, 6 letters

Safari bosses, 6 letters

Safari chiefs, 6 letters

Swahili honorific, 6 letters

Annual prize won multiple times by Beyonc, 5 letters

Cover-up, 5 letters

Bronx-Manhattan st., 4 letters

Destination for TKTS patrons, 4 letters

Musical place, briefly, 4 letters

N.Y.C. theater area, 4 letters

N.Y.C. theater center, in trade papers, 4 letters

N.Y.C. theater district, for short, 4 letters

NYC locale, 4 letters

NYC theater district, 4 letters

Street through Times Sq., 4 letters

Times Sq. bisector, 4 letters

Times Sq. street, 4 letters

Times Sq. thoroughfare, 4 letters

Variety's st., 4 letters

Tennis strokes in NYC tournament?, 11 letters

Classic fare at a drive-in movie, 8 letters

Films featuring the Three Mesquiteers, e.g., 9 letters

Friend of Spanky, 6 letters

Airport near DC, 3 letters

Anguilla is part of it: Abbr., 3 letters

Anguilla's isl. grp., 3 letters

Baltimore's airport, 3 letters

Caribbean dest., 3 letters

Caribbean island grp., 3 letters

D.C. area airport, 3 letters

D.C. area landing spot, 3 letters

DCA alternative, 3 letters

Former Brit. colonies, 3 letters

Jamaica, Barbados, etc., 3 letters

Jamaica's loc., 3 letters

Some Caribbean isls., formerly, 3 letters

The Cayman Isl. are part of it, 3 letters

Where to find Montserrat and Jamaica (abbr.), 3 letters

Fun Factory's I Wanna ___ You, 5 letters

M. Butterfly Tony winner, 5 letters

Avid reader, 5 letters

Motto (6), 4 letters

Buddy, 4 letters

Daughter of rocker Kurt and Courtney Love, 14 letters

Old photos, for short, 3 letters

A nuclear reactor that uses water as a coolant and moderator, 3 letters

The water boils in the reactor core and the steam produced can drive a steam turbine, 3 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..