Select a letter

It may follow the national anthem, 5 letters

Not one's best effort, 5 letters

Controversial cattle suppl., 3 letters

Purchased, 4 letters

Dance, informally, 4 letters

Danced to rock music, 5 letters

Blues piano style, 10 letters

Jazz style, 10 letters

'30s nightclub employee, 5 letters

*Saloon floozie, 5 letters

Breakdancing participant, maybe, 5 letters

Breakdancing posse member, 5 letters

Certain hip-hop dancer, 5 letters

Female hip-hop dancer, 5 letters

Female hiphopper, 5 letters

Female nightclub employee of yore, 5 letters

Female that may get name-dropped by the Beastie Boys, e.g., 5 letters

Honky-tonk hottie, 5 letters

Nightclub employee, 5 letters

Nightclub employee of the '30s, 5 letters

Nightclub employee of yore, 5 letters

Old nightclub employee, 5 letters

Old-time floozie, 5 letters

Old-time saloon siren, 5 letters

Onetime nightclub employee, 5 letters

Saloon entertainer, 5 letters

Saloon floozie, slangily, 5 letters

She likes hip-hop, 5 letters

She's a hip-hop fan, 5 letters

Speakeasy circulator, 5 letters

Speakeasy employee, 5 letters

Tavern employee, 5 letters

Tavern temptress, 5 letters

Tavern temptress of the '30s, 5 letters

Tavern waitress, 5 letters

Bar employees, 6 letters

Cocktail lounge molls: Hyph., 6 letters

Companionable club employees, 6 letters

Female breakdancers, 6 letters

Female breakdancers, slangily, 6 letters

Hired companions, 6 letters

Jewel Shepard, Joan Weldon, et al., 6 letters

Ladies of hip-hop, 6 letters

Nightclub circulators, 6 letters

Nightclub companions of the '30s, 6 letters

Saloon habitu, 6 letters

Saloon shills, 6 letters

Saloon workers of yore, 6 letters

Saloon workers, of sorts, 6 letters

Some hip-hop women, 6 letters

Tavern temptresses, 6 letters

Tavern temptresses of the '30s, 6 letters

They're served with lox (6), 4 letters

Crude, 5 letters

Weed ___: lawn-care product, 4 letters

Weed-___ (lawn care brand), 4 letters

Weed-___ (lawn spray brand), 4 letters

Chuck Berry Johnny ___, 6 letters

Apparel company, OshKosh ___, 5 letters

Exclamation in a kids' overalls label, 5 letters

OshKosh___, 5 letters

Lesser cinematic fare, 11 letters

Cols.' superiors, 3 letters

Promoted cols., 3 letters

Some U.S. Army brass, 3 letters

Georgetown Hoyas' conference, 4 letters

MAC Falcs' U., 4 letters

Former name of Guyana: Abbr., 3 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..