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Chord below C, 4 letters

Key for the theme song to Ghostbusters: Abbr., 4 letters

Key of Brahms's Piano Trio No. 1, 4 letters

Key using all five black keys in its scale: Abbr., 4 letters

Key with five sharps: Abbr., 4 letters

Scale with five sharps: Abbr., 4 letters

Alcatraz inmate, 4 letters

1992 Michael Keaton film, 11 letters

Egotistical author's request to a reader?, 12 letters

Organic energy resource, 5 letters

Some nerve tissue, 7 letters

Music blasters, 7 letters

Lil' Mo's She Cood Neva ___, 3 letters

MIT degree, 3 letters

Microsoft's CEO, 4 letters

Backfires, 8 letters

Particle -- containing a bottom antiquark -- which can make men sob?, 6 letters

Label Sony bought in '08, 3 letters

Some sports cars, 4 letters

Abbr. on every original Beatles song, 3 letters

ASCAP alternative, 3 letters

ASCAP competitor, 3 letters

ASCAP counterpart, 3 letters

ASCAP rival, 3 letters

Big name in song rights, 3 letters

Big recording co., 3 letters

Dieter's concern (Abbr.), 3 letters

Dieter's stat., 3 letters

Distributes royalties, along w/ASCAP, 3 letters

Fat measure, for short, 3 letters

Fat stat, 3 letters

Fatness meas., 3 letters

Frances W. Preston's org., 3 letters

Health measure, for short, 3 letters

Inits. in music licensing, 3 letters

Inits. on most Rolling Stones records, 3 letters

Letters on CDs, 3 letters

Meas. of obesity, 3 letters

Measure of fitness, briefly, 3 letters

Music biz org., 3 letters

Music industry abbr., 3 letters

Music licensing org., 3 letters

Music-publishing org., 3 letters

Obesity meas., 3 letters

Obesity scale, for short*, 3 letters

Obesity stat., 3 letters

Performance rights org., 3 letters

Performers' rights org., 3 letters

Performing rights org., 3 letters

Personal trainer's meas., 3 letters

Record industry inits., 3 letters

Record label abbr., 3 letters

Rival of ASCAP, 3 letters

Royalties org., 3 letters

Songwriter's publishing grp., 3 letters

Songwriters' grp., 3 letters

Tin Pan Alley grp., 3 letters

Thinking about leaving ASCAP, maybe?, 10 letters

Key of a J.S. Bach Mass, 4 letters

Key related to D maj., 4 letters

Bach Mass key, 6 letters

Bach's Mass in ___, 6 letters

It has two sharps, 6 letters

Key for some works, 6 letters

Key of a Bach mass, 6 letters

Key of a noteworthy Bach mass, 6 letters

Key of Bach's best-known Mass, 6 letters

Key of Bach's Mass, 6 letters

Key of Schubert's Unfinished Symphony, 6 letters

Key of Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1, 6 letters

Key related to D major, 6 letters

Key with two sharps, 6 letters

Bach work, informally, 10 letters

Immortal Bach composition, familiarly, 10 letters

Fuller name?, 8 letters

Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth writer, 14 letters

Above-average grade, or alternate title for the puzzle, 6 letters

Fairly good grade, 6 letters

Grade better than a C, 6 letters

Just above C, 6 letters

Okay grade, 6 letters

All-American QB, perhaps, 4 letters

Brown hotshot, perhaps, 4 letters

Campus hotshot: Abbr., 4 letters

Campus VIP, 4 letters

Class pres., say, 4 letters

Class prez candidate, say, 4 letters

Coll. football star, e.g., 4 letters

Coll. hotshot, 4 letters

Coll. V.I.P., 4 letters

Coll. wheel, 4 letters

College athlete, perhaps, 4 letters

College celeb, 4 letters

College football QB, e.g., 4 letters

College football team's QB, e.g., 4 letters

College golf star, maybe: abbr., 4 letters

College hero, briefly, 4 letters

College hotshot, 4 letters

College q.b., often, 4 letters

College QB or student body pres., maybe, 4 letters

College QB, e.g., 4 letters

College QB, maybe, 4 letters

College QB, perhaps, 4 letters

College V.I.P., 4 letters

Collegiate captain, for short, 4 letters

Collegiate celeb, 4 letters

Collegiate VIP, 4 letters

Frat house VIP, 4 letters

Frat leader, maybe, 4 letters

Honcho at UCLA or NYU, 4 letters

Interfraternity council prez, e.g., 4 letters

Interfraternity pres. e.g., 4 letters

Ivied halls swaggerer, briefly, 4 letters

Joe Paterno, e.g.: abbr., 4 letters

Like a college QB, say, 4 letters

Popular coll. guy, 4 letters

Popular college guy, briefly, 4 letters

Possible college class pres., 4 letters

Quad celeb, 4 letters

Quad hot shot, 4 letters

Quad VIP, 4 letters

Quarterback of the football team, e.g., 4 letters

School VIP, 4 letters

Shaquille O'Neal when he was at LSU, e.g., 4 letters

SMU hotshot, e.g., 4 letters

Student body pres., e.g., 4 letters

Student body pres., for one, 4 letters

Student VIP, 4 letters

Top guy at the U., 4 letters

U. VIP, 4 letters

U. wheel, 4 letters

U.C.L.A. quarterback, perhaps, 4 letters

Univ. class president, maybe, 4 letters

Univ. guy with status, 4 letters

Univ. hot shot, 4 letters

Univ. QB, perhaps, 4 letters

Univ. VIP, 4 letters

University QB, e.g., 4 letters

University VIP, 4 letters

Varsity hero, for short, 4 letters

Varsity QB, e.g., 4 letters

Villanova VIP, 4 letters

VIP at MIT, e.g., 4 letters

VIP at Vanderbilt or VMI, 4 letters

College VIP's concern?, 7 letters

Class pres. and others, 5 letters

Coll. hotshots, 5 letters

College V.I.P.'s, 5 letters

Collegiate VIPs, 5 letters

Quad VIPs, 5 letters

U. hotshots, 5 letters

Univ. hotshots, 5 letters

Univ. VIPs, 5 letters

*Plan 9 From Outer Space, e.g., 6 letters

Flick where you might see planets held up by fishing line, 6 letters

Kind of production that The Rocky Horror Picture Show parodies, 6 letters

Less than a blockbuster, 6 letters

Low point on a director's resume, 6 letters

Low-budget flick, 6 letters

MST3K fodder, 6 letters

No Oscar contender, 6 letters

No Oscar winner, 6 letters

People may act terribly in it, 6 letters

Quickie flick, 6 letters

Schlocky film, 6 letters

Second-rate film, 6 letters

Sub-par flick, 6 letters

Unlikely Oscar nominee, 6 letters

Unlikely Oscar winner, 6 letters

Appropriate title for this puzzle?, 7 letters

Cheap flicks, 7 letters

Cinema on a shoestring, 7 letters

Not exactly four-star fare, 7 letters

Part of the Reagan legacy, 7 letters

Second-rate flicks, 7 letters

Some indies, 7 letters

Standard late-night TV fare, 7 letters

They may have just one or two stars, 7 letters

Cousin of .pdf and .eps, 3 letters

File extension for a Microsoft Paint file, 3 letters

Image file letters, 3 letters

I___ ___ (Big advertiser), 4 letters

Popular dance of 1939, 10 letters

Caloric burn measurement: abbr., 3 letters

Caloric meas., 3 letters

Daily-energy-at-rest figure: abbr., 3 letters

The rate at which heat is produced by an individual in a resting state, 3 letters

Oceanography deg., 3 letters

Stool samples, for short, 3 letters

Stinkiness, length, brownness, etc., 7 letters

Big Apple subway inits., 3 letters

IRT's running mate in N.Y.C., 3 letters

Italian ___ (Subway menu option), 3 letters

N.Y.C. subway, 3 letters

N.Y.C. subway inits., 3 letters

N.Y.C. subway letters, 3 letters

N.Y.C. subway syst., 3 letters

NYC subway line, 3 letters

NYC subway line named for two boroughs, 3 letters

NYC transp. line named for two boroughs, 3 letters

Old NYC subway letters, 3 letters

Subway sandwich with a subway name, 3 letters

Some N.Y.C. trains, 4 letters

Conservatory deg., 4 letters

Deg. for a cellist, e.g., 4 letters

A bachelor's degree in music, 4 letters

325i maker, 3 letters

325i or Z3, 3 letters

328i or Z3, e.g., 3 letters

328i, e.g., 3 letters

5 Series automaker, 3 letters

5 Series or 6 Series, 3 letters

700 maker, 3 letters

745i and 325i maker, 3 letters

ActiveHybrid 750i maker, 3 letters

ActiveHybrid automaker, 3 letters

Audi alternative, 3 letters

Audi competitor, 3 letters

Audi rival, 3 letters

Auto company headquartered in Munich, 3 letters

Auto make whose VINs starting with 4US are made in Spartanburg, S.C., 3 letters

Autobahn auto, 3 letters

Bentley's rival, 3 letters

Big name in luxury autos, 3 letters

Carmaker based in Munich, 3 letters

Carmaker with aircraft propeller logo, 3 letters

Certain automaker, 3 letters

Classy ride, 3 letters

Company that shouldn't hire Mercedes Ruehl as a celebrity endorser, 3 letters

Covering the most material, 3 letters

Dixi Da 2, e.g., 3 letters

E46 auto maker, 3 letters

Fancy car letters, 3 letters

Fancy car, for short, 3 letters

German auto, 3 letters

German automaker known by three initials, 3 letters

German car, 3 letters

German car co., 3 letters

German car company, 3 letters

German import, 3 letters

German wheels, 3 letters

Infiniti alternative, 3 letters

It's headquartered in Munich, 3 letters

Jag rival, 3 letters

Jaguar rival, 3 letters

Jerry had his stolen, on Seinfeld, 3 letters

Lamborghini alternative, 3 letters

Lexus competitor, 3 letters

Luxury car, 3 letters

Luxury car company, 3 letters

M3, e.g., 3 letters

Maker of the 5 Series, 3 letters

Maker of the 5-Series auto, 3 letters

Maker of the Z4 roadster, 3 letters

Maker of X3s and Z4s, 3 letters

Mercedes competitor, 3 letters

Mercedes rival, 3 letters

Munich manufacturer, 3 letters

Munich-based automaker, 3 letters

Occasional James Bond car, 3 letters

Pardon me, 3 letters

Parent company of Rolls-Royce, 3 letters

Pricey auto, 3 letters

Pricey car, 3 letters

Pricey wheels, 3 letters

Rolls-Royce parent co., 3 letters

Rolls-Royce's parent company, 3 letters

Sheer driving pleasure sloganeer, 3 letters

Sporty German car, 3 letters

Status letters, perhaps, 3 letters

Status symbol, to some, 3 letters

Status vehicle, 3 letters

The ultimate driving machine company, 3 letters

Upscale auto, 3 letters

Upscale auto initials, 3 letters

Upscale German car, 3 letters

Upscale wheels, 3 letters

X3 and X5 maker, 3 letters

X3 maker, 3 letters

X5 manufacturer, 3 letters

Yuppie auto, 3 letters

Yuppie car, 3 letters

Yuppie purchase, perhaps, 3 letters

Yuppie status symbol, 3 letters

Yuppie wheels, 3 letters

Z3 auto maker, 3 letters

Z3 or 325e e.g., 3 letters

Z3 or X5, 3 letters

Z4 car maker, 3 letters

325i and others, 4 letters

507s of the '50s, e.g., 4 letters

528i and 750iL, e.g., 4 letters

Alternatives to Porsches, 4 letters

Audi alternatives, 4 letters

Autobahn autos, 4 letters

Autobahn sights, 4 letters

Fancy wheels, 4 letters

Frasier's wheels and others, 4 letters

Ger. exports, 4 letters

German autos, 4 letters

German imports, 4 letters

High-end German cars, 4 letters

Jaguar alternatives, 4 letters

M3 and Z3, 4 letters

Mercedes alternatives, 4 letters

Mercedes competitors, 4 letters

Mercedes rivals, 4 letters

Pricey autos, 4 letters

Pricey imports, 4 letters

Pricey wheels, 4 letters

Some autobahn autos, 4 letters

Some Autobahn vehicles, 4 letters

Some luxury cars, 4 letters

Sporty autos, 4 letters

Sporty German autos, 4 letters

Swank rides, 4 letters

Ultimate driving machines, in an ad, 4 letters

Upscale autos, 4 letters

Upscale imports, 4 letters

Wheels for yuppies, 4 letters

X3 and Z4, for two, 4 letters

Yuppie wheels, 4 letters

Z3, X5, etc., 4 letters

'On Any Sunday' sport, 3 letters

Bicycle brand, 3 letters

Big name in stunt bikes, 3 letters

Brand of racing bikes, 3 letters

Cyclists' sport, for short, 3 letters

E.T. bike, 3 letters

Extreme sport, for short, 3 letters

Stunt biker's bike, 3 letters

Stunt biker's bike, briefly, 3 letters

Trick bike, 3 letters

Vehicle to be raced in the Olympics for the first time in 2008, 3 letters

Wee racing bicycle, 3 letters

X-Games bike, briefly, 3 letters

Dirt vehicle, 7 letters

X Games racers, 8 letters

Debut Olympian of 2008, 5 letters

Some offroad bike competitions, 8 letters

New medal sport debuting at the Beijing Olympics: 2 wds., 9 letters

Valentine sentiment to the 80-89% crowd?, 7 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..