Select a letter

Art teacher's deg., 3 letters

Arts deg., 3 letters

Coll. degree, 3 letters

College deg., 3 letters

Curator's deg., 3 letters

Deg. earned after years in a studio, 3 letters

Deg. for a graphic designer, 3 letters

Deg. for a museum curator, 3 letters

Deg. for theater types, 3 letters

Degree in film production, say, 3 letters

Design school degree: Abbr., 3 letters

Designer's deg., 3 letters

Graphic designer's deg., 3 letters

Museum curator's deg., 3 letters

Museum employee's deg., perhaps, 3 letters

Painter's deg., 3 letters

Painter's deg., perhaps, 3 letters

Sculptor's deg., 3 letters

Theater major's deg., 3 letters

Undergrad deg., 3 letters

Undergraduate deg., 3 letters

Visual artist's deg., 3 letters

Writer's deg., perhaps, 3 letters

Writer's undergrad deg., 3 letters

Artists' degs., 4 letters

Arts degs., 4 letters

Degs. earned in studios, 4 letters

Degs. for actors, 4 letters

Univ. degrees, 4 letters

Writers' degs., 4 letters

Whatever, 3 letters

Chum, in modern shorthand, 3 letters

Closest pal, in texting, 3 letters

Closest pal, in texting shorthand, 3 letters

Closest pal, in textspeak, 3 letters

Fav pal 4ever, 3 letters

Favorite texting partner, for short, 3 letters

Most t3xted pal, maybe, 3 letters

My New ___ (multi-national Paris Hilton reality show), 3 letters

My New ___ (Paris Hilton reality show), 3 letters

One to make pinky swears with, for short, 3 letters

Pal 'til the end, for short, 3 letters

Soulmate, for short, 3 letters

Teen girl's close chum, for short, 3 letters

Blue hue used by your Internet pal, 7 letters

Inseparable middle sch. pals, perhaps, 4 letters

Lifelong buds, 4 short, 4 letters

Like, total bosom buddies 4 life, 4 letters

Ones who've got your back, in Internet shorthand, 4 letters

Pals, in textspeak, 4 letters

People who totes tell each other *everything*, 4 letters

Behaviorist and teen confidant?, 10 letters

Roald Dahl book, with The, 3 letters

*It provided tires for Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis, 10 letters

Dickens's favourite child [56-Diagonal: Tours taverns], 6 letters

Mark your card!, 8 letters

Bigger band that covered Love Shack?, 12 letters

Raid alternative, 5 letters

A follower, 5 letters

A neighbor, 5 letters

A neighbor, on an organ, 5 letters

A sharp alias, 5 letters

A sharp key?, 5 letters

A sharp, by another name, 5 letters

A sharp, enharmonically, 5 letters

Alias of A sharp, 5 letters

Black key, 5 letters

Black key near A, 5 letters

Black piano key, 5 letters

Black piano key next to an A, 5 letters

Clarinet key, 5 letters

Clarinet's home key, usually, 5 letters

Common key signature, 5 letters

Common trumpet tuning, 5 letters

Do:re :: ___:C, 5 letters

Euphonium's fundamental pitch, 5 letters

Fa, in the key of F, 5 letters

Fourth note in the F major scale, 5 letters

Half-step above A, 5 letters

Highest and lowest black key on a piano, 5 letters

Highest black key on a standard piano, 5 letters

It's a bit higher than A, 5 letters

It's higher than an A, 5 letters

Key above A, 5 letters

Key for bagpipes, clarinets, and tubas, 5 letters

Key next to A, 5 letters

Key of Beethoven's 4th, 5 letters

Key of Beethoven's Fourth, 5 letters

Key of Beethoven's second piano concerto, 5 letters

Key of Schubert's Symphony No. 5, 5 letters

Key of the last Brandenburg concerto, 5 letters

Key of The Star-Spangled Banner, 5 letters

Key to which most clarinets are tuned, 5 letters

Keyboard key, 5 letters

Lowest black key on a piano, 5 letters

Middle-C neighbor, 5 letters

Musical key, 5 letters

Musical note, 5 letters

Neighbor of A, 5 letters

Note, 5 letters

Note above A, 5 letters

Piano key, 5 letters

Piano key that's the same as A sharp, 5 letters

Piano note, 5 letters

Piano's highest and lowest black key, 5 letters

Scale key, 5 letters

Setting of Bach's Partita no. 1, 5 letters

Soundalike of A sharp, 5 letters

Symphonic key, 5 letters

Key of Haydn's Symphony No. 98, 10 letters

Key of Schumann's Spring Symphony, 10 letters

Key of Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1, 10 letters

Tough key for a pianist, 10 letters

A sharps, 6 letters

A-sharps, by another name, 6 letters

Notes hit by divas, 6 letters

Notes near A's, 6 letters

They're higher than A's, 6 letters

Wind ensembles usually tune to them, 6 letters

First winning number?, 9 letters

___ Daughter Marquand novel, 3 letters

Gals' guys, for short, 3 letters

Big name in behaviorism, 9 letters

Coiner of the term operant conditioning, 9 letters

Lettered man in psychology?, 9 letters

Walden Two novelist, 9 letters

Cut of meat for the grill (9), 5 letters

Is appropriate for, 4 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..