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What's your favorite old TV show?, 13 букв

1979-'81 trucker-with-chimp TV comedy, 12 букв

Pessimist partnered with Hawkeye's pal?, 12 букв

Show that begat Lobo, 12 букв

TV series with a star chimp, 12 букв

All Is Full of Love singer, 5 букв

Eclectic Icelandic songstress, 5 букв

Former Sugarcubes singer, 5 букв

Iceland-born pop singer, 5 букв

Icelandic singer/actress in Dancer in the Dark, 5 букв

It's Oh So Quiet singer, 5 букв

Matthew Barney's partner, 5 букв

Ms. Gudmundsdottir, 5 букв

One-named singer, 5 букв

Oscar-nominated Icelandic singer, 5 букв

Pop singer from Iceland, 5 букв

Post singer, 5 букв

Quirky Icelandic singer, 5 букв

Reykjavik-born music star, 5 букв

Reykjavik-born one-named singer, 5 букв

Selmasongs singer, 5 букв

Singer from Iceland, 5 букв

Singer whose name means birch tree, 5 букв

Singer with the 2001 album Vespertine, 5 букв

Icelandic singer's silverware-twisting stat?, 15 букв

1970s tennis name, 5 букв

Abba member Ulvaeus, 5 букв

ABBA singer Ulvaeus, 5 букв

Borg of tennis, 5 букв

Borg or Ulvaeus, 5 букв

First name in 1970s tennis, 5 букв

Five-time Wimbledon title holder, 5 букв

Foe for Ilie, 5 букв

He defeated Guillermo twice in French Open finals, 5 букв

He was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame the same year as Billie Jean, 5 букв

Mamma Mia! Tony nominee Ulvaeus, 5 букв

One of the B's in ABBA, 5 букв

Rival of Ilie, 5 букв

Rival of Ilie and Jimmy, 5 букв

Rival of John, 5 букв

Rival of John and Jimmy, 5 букв

Swedish name that means bear, 5 букв

Tennis champ Borg, 5 букв

Tennis great Borg, 5 букв

Tennis legend Borg, 5 букв

Tennis player Borg who won Wimbledon every year from 1976 to 1980, 5 букв

Tennis rival of Jimmy and John, 5 букв

Tennis star Borg, 5 букв

Tennis' Borg, 5 букв

Borg's clone?, 10 букв

Late '70s Wimbledon headline?, 10 букв

*Five-time Wimbledon winner, 9 букв

Five-time Wimbledon champ, 9 букв

Swede who won five straight Wimbledons, 9 букв

Just-released tennis legend Borg?, 9 букв

Swedish tennis star's favorite movie?, 9 букв

Headline after Jimmy's 1976 U.S. Open win?, 10 букв

Unlikely 1970s headline for a Swedish tennis star?, 10 букв

Rebellious Borg?, 13 букв

Iffy wager in '70s tennis?, 11 букв

He comes from royalty?, 16 букв

Big name in wholesale clubs, 3 буквы

Surhoff and Ryan, 3 буквы

Warehouse-club chain, 3 буквы

Wholesale club, 3 буквы

Curio (5,4), 6 букв

Hooked on a Feeling singer, 8 букв

Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head singer, 8 букв

Singer with the 1966 hit I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry, 8 букв

...I Just Can't Help Believing She Blinded Me With Science, 13 букв

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