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Star Trek director, 2009, 8 letters

Co-creator of Lost, 8 letters

Creator of TV's Alias, 8 letters

Creator of TV's island that wasn't just an island, 8 letters

Emmy winner for Lost, 8 letters

Crazy Mama singer's version of a Chuck Willis tune, 14 letters

Dy-no-mite team of political pundits?, 15 letters

Monogram of Peter Parker's publisher boss, in Spider-Man, 3 letters

1974 World Football League co-MVP, 10 letters

North and Leno, 4 letters

F.W. Woolworth competitor, 10 letters

Five-and-ten-cent store chain, 10 letters

Daily Bugle editor in Spider-Man, 13 letters

Editor out to smear Spider-Man, 13 letters

6'5 All-Star relief ace with identical first two initials, 6 letters

Closer for the Arizona Diamondbacks with repeated initials, 6 letters

But It's Alright singer Jackson et al., 3 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..