Select a letter

Writer featured in the memoir Dream Catcher, 9 letters

Big initials in composing, 3 letters

Classical music monogram, 3 letters

Famous composer's inits., 3 letters

Major Baroque composer's monogram, 3 letters

Goldberg Variations composer, in brief, 6 letters

Mass in B Minor composer: Abbr., 3 wds., 6 letters

Musical Offering composer, 6 letters

Original father of harmony, per Beethoven, briefly, 6 letters

St. Matthew Passion composer, 6 letters

St. Matthew Passion composer, for short, 6 letters

Baroque byline, 6 letters

C.P.E.'s father, 6 letters

Composer of the Brandenburg Concertos, in brief, 6 letters

Focus of an annual Leipzig festival, 6 letters

German composer (1685-1750), 6 letters

Major Baroque composer's signature, 6 letters

Mass producer, for short, 6 letters

Musical great whose grave went unmarked for nearly 150 years, 6 letters

P.D.Q.'s father, supposedly, 6 letters

Prolific cantata composer, 6 letters

Cubs' training ground, for short, 7 letters

Advanced law deg., 3 letters

Deg. for an attorney, 3 letters

They travel in style, 4 letters

Basketball maneuver, 5 letters

Home of an NFL team, 9 letters

Largest city by area in the contiguous United States, 9 letters

His last words to Hal Linden were It must have been the coffee, 4 letters

Rival of William Randolph Hearst (6,8), 9 letters

Dieter of rhyme, 6 letters

Eschewer of fat, 6 letters

Noted fat avoider, 6 letters

Zilch, 6 letters

Gamer's device, 6 letters

1950s-80s TV actor, Harold ___, 6 letters

Stick pulled from a pile, 6 letters

Troposphere phenomenon, 7 letters

Canoeing technique, 7 letters

Canoeist's maneuver, 7 letters

Brand-new on the shelves, 4 letters

Brand-new on the shelves (4,3), 4 letters

Increases greatly, as prices, 4 letters

Adds to the bottom line, 11 letters

My initials (So sue me :>), 3 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..