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Large wine bottle (8), 4 letters

*1970's-80's TV villain, 7 letters

'80s TV villain, 7 letters

It took seven months to find out who shot him, 7 letters

TV scoundrel, 7 letters

TV shooting victim of 3/21/1980, 7 letters

Pastime for a car thief, perhaps, 7 letters

Monogram of the author of The Biglow Papers, 3 letters

What epidemiological studies are often published in, 9 letters

What epidemiological studies are often published in (7,2,8), 9 letters

Faster than you can say guy, 9 letters

Slangy subgenre for bands like X Japan, Dragon Ash and Luna Sea, 5 letters

High-school military prog., 5 letters

Military gp. for some 9th-graders, 5 letters

Author who has used the pseudonym Newt Scamander, 8 letters

1983 arcade sequel set in a maze, 8 letters

___ Tolkien, 3 letters

The Lord of the Rings author ___ Tolkien, 3 letters

Author Tolkien, 3 letters

Frodo's creator Tolkien, 3 letters

Initials on the cover of The Hobbit, 3 letters

Prof. Tolkien, 3 letters

The Hobbit author, 10 letters

The Lord of the Rings author, 10 letters

Bilbo Baggins' creator, 10 letters

Composer of a famous ring cycle, 10 letters

Creator of Bilbo Baggins, 10 letters

Trilogy writer, 10 letters

11th graders: Abbr., 3 letters

Class at BYU, 3 letters

Dads' namesakes, 3 letters

Eleventh graders, for short, 3 letters

Eleventh-graders: Abbr., 3 letters

Eleventh-grdrs., 3 letters

Fathers of III's, 3 letters

Former sophs., 3 letters

High school yearbook sect., 3 letters

High-sch. class, 3 letters

III preceders: Abbr., 3 letters

Ken Griffey and Sandy Alomar, 3 letters

Ken Griffey, Sandy Alomar et al., 3 letters

Last year's sophomores: Abbr., 3 letters

Last year's sophs: Abbr., 3 letters

Many namesakes: Abbr., 3 letters

Many PSAT takers, 3 letters

Most PSAT takers, 3 letters

Namesakes, often (abbr.), 3 letters

Next year grads, 3 letters

Next year's graduates (abbr.), 3 letters

Next year's srs., 3 letters

Next yr.'s grads, 3 letters

P.S.A.T. takers, 3 letters

Ray Parker and Hank Williams: abbr., 3 letters

Ripken and Griffey, 3 letters

Sammy Davis and Cal Ripken: Abbr., 3 letters

Some coll. students, 3 letters

Some H.S. students, 3 letters

Some namesakes, for short, 3 letters

Some promgoers (abbr.), 3 letters

Some SAT takers, 3 letters

Some sons, 3 letters

Some sons (abbr.), 3 letters

Some sons, briefly, 3 letters

Sons with namesakes: Abbr., 3 letters

Sophs, next year, 3 letters

Sophs, next year (abbr.), 3 letters

Sophs. no more, 3 letters

Srs.-to-be, 3 letters

They may take PSATs or SATs, 3 letters

They might have kids with names that end in III, 3 letters

They take the SATs, 3 letters

They've got another full year of H.S. to go, 3 letters

Third-year students: Abbr., 3 letters

Third-yr. class, 3 letters

Third-yr. students, 3 letters

Univ. class, 3 letters

Yearbook sect., 3 letters

Tom Clancy hero, 5 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..