Select a letter

Civic org., 3 letters

Gym and rec center closed for the High Holidays: Abbr., 3 letters

Social org. with a pool, Torah study classes, yada yada, 3 letters

'N Sync member, 8 letters

Former 'N Sync vocalist and judge on America's Best Dance Crew, 8 letters

Member of 'N Sync, 8 letters

Minute Maid product to which water gets added, 9 letters

Dagwood Bumstead's boss, 9 letters

Dubliners author, 3 letters

Towel brand (1st), 6 letters

Rapper nominated for Best New Artist in 2012, 5 letters

Rapper with the 2011 hit Work Out, 5 letters

*Big clothing retailer, 8 letters

It's all inside sloganeer, 8 letters

American retail chain, 8 letters

Big name in department stores, 8 letters

Chain store that began as The Golden Rule in 1902, 8 letters

Retail-chain founder, 8 letters

Sears rival, 8 letters

U.S. retailer since 1902, 8 letters

Alternative to Lands' End, 5 letters

Big name in clothing catalogs, 5 letters

Big name in sportswear, 5 letters

Catalog clothing company since 1983, 5 letters

Catalog clothing retailer since 1983, 5 letters

Catalog name, or a possible title for this puzzle, 5 letters

Catalog retailer since 1983, 5 letters

Clothing catalog started in 1983, 5 letters

Clothing company with a noted catalogue, 5 letters

Clothing retailer on the New York Stock Exchange since 2006, 5 letters

Clothing retailer popularized by Michelle Obama, 5 letters

Clothing retailer since 1983, 5 letters

Clothing retailer with a catalog, 5 letters

Coveted catalog, 5 letters

Eddie Bauer alternative, 5 letters

Eddie Bauer competitor, 5 letters

Eddie Bauer rival, 5 letters

Express alternative, 5 letters

Famous catalog, 5 letters

Gap competitor, 5 letters

Gap rival, 5 letters

L.L. Bean competitor, 5 letters

L.L. Bean rival, 5 letters

Land's End rival, 5 letters

Lands' End alternative, 5 letters

Lands' End competitor, 5 letters

Mail order supplier, 5 letters

Mail-order company (and an alternate puzzle title), 5 letters

Mail-order company since 1983, 5 letters

National clothing chain based in New York's Greenwich Village, 5 letters

Noted catalog, 5 letters

Old Navy alternative, 5 letters

Polo competitor, 5 letters

Polo rival, 5 letters

Preppy brand, 5 letters

Rival of L.L. Bean, 5 letters

Some mall stores, 6 letters

Community org., 3 letters

Merchant Penney and Congressman Watts, 3 letters

Merchant Penney and singer Chasez, 3 letters

Penney and others, 3 letters

Penney and Snead, 3 letters

They offer assoc. degrees, 3 letters

Highway sign abbr., 3 letters

Hwy. crossing, 3 letters

Hwy. sign, 3 letters

Meeting of rds., 3 letters

Petticoat, e.g.: Abbr., 3 letters

Rd. crossing, 3 letters

Road-sign abbr., 3 letters

RR intersection, 3 letters

RR Xing, 3 letters

Where I's cross?: Abbr., 3 letters

Where rds. meet, 3 letters

Where roads meet: Abbr., 3 letters

Intersections: Abbr., 4 letters

Tuxedo and Petticoat: Abbr., 4 letters

Football player-turned politician whose autobiography is titled What Color Is a Conservative?, 7 letters

Fourth highest-ranking House Republican, 7 letters

Grid star-turned-pol, 7 letters

He recently announced his possible retirement, 7 letters

Participant in two Orange Bowl victories/target of a recent Donna Brazile dig, 7 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..