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D.C. landmark whose interior walls contain excerpts from the Declaration of Independence, 10 letters

Camelot president, for short, 3 letters

Camelot president's monogram, 3 letters

Magic Bullet victim, 3 letters

Profiles in Courage auth., 3 letters

#35, 3 letters

1950s-'60s political inits., 3 letters

1991 Best Picture nominee, 3 letters

1991 Oliver Stone film, 3 letters

1991 Oliver Stone movie, 3 letters

1991 Oliver Stone presidential film, 3 letters

2004 campaign monogram, 3 letters

2015 dollar coin subject, for short, 3 letters

35th U.S. pres., 3 letters

Airport formerly called Idlewild, 3 letters

Airport in Queens, 3 letters

Alternative to La Guardia or Newark, in brief, 3 letters

Alternative to LGA, 3 letters

Assassination film, 3 letters

Cab destination for a NYC tourist, 3 letters

Camelot monogram, 3 letters

DDE successor, 3 letters

DDE's follower, 3 letters

Defeater of R.M.N., 3 letters

Half-buck coin figure, 3 letters

He defeated RMN, 3 letters

He had an affair with Mimi Fahnestock, 3 letters

He was slain six yrs. after winning a Pulitzer, 3 letters

Idlewild, formerly, 3 letters

Idlewild, today, 3 letters

Intl. air hub, 3 letters

It was Idlewild until 12/24/63, 3 letters

LaGuardia alternative, familiarly, 3 letters

LBJ's predecessor, 3 letters

N.Y.C. airport, 3 letters

NY departure place, 3 letters

NY destination, 3 letters

NYC cab destination, 3 letters

NYC hub, 3 letters

Oliver Stone biopic, 3 letters

Oliver Stone epic, 3 letters

Oliver Stone film, 3 letters

Oliver Stone movie, 3 letters

Oliver Stone movie about a presidential assassination, 3 letters

Place for an N.Y.C. touchdown?, 3 letters

Presidential initials, 3 letters

Pulitzer-winning biographer of 1957, 3 letters

Queens airport, familiarly, 3 letters

Speaker of the quote, for short, 3 letters

SST destination, 3 letters

Stone film, 3 letters

Stone work, 3 letters

Teddy's bro, 3 letters

TWA hub, 3 letters

Where SSTs used to land, 3 letters

Where to see a touchdown in N.Y., 3 letters

Yellowcard Martin Sheen or ___, 3 letters

35th President of the United States, 3 letters

Established the Peace Corps, 3 letters

Assassinated in Dallas (1917-1963), 3 letters

Destination of many NYC cab rides, 10 letters

NYC hub, 10 letters

SST, 10 letters

'60s White House resident, familiarly, 5 letters

John-John, 5 letters

Celeb often seen in supermarket tabs, 5 letters

Celebrity killed while flying to Martha's Vineyard, 5 letters

Founding ed. of 'George' magazine, 5 letters

George mag cofounder, 5 letters

He gave a salute in Nov. of '63, 5 letters

Noted magazine editor, 5 letters

Only non-actor ever chosen as People's Sexiest Man Alive, familiarly, 5 letters

Boston attraction designed by Pei, 10 letters

Park near Philly's City Hall, site of the LOVE statue, 8 letters

President and airport; Abbr., 4 letters

Fast planes from New York, 8 letters

5/6/1957 event, 20 letters

Son of a 1970s president, or host of the weekend edition of Today in the late 1990s, 5 letters

Actor Michael ___, 4 letters

Michael ___, 4 letters

'50s TV chimp Muggs, 5 letters

He composed Love Letters in the Sand, 10 letters

'50s The Today Show chimp, 10 letters

Today Show scene stealer, once, 10 letters

Cold weather personified, 6 letters

Figure often mentioned by meteorologists, 6 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..