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Baroque giant, 5 letters

Aspen transport, 4 letters

Bygone mode of winter transportation, 4 letters

Hook-shaped ski lift, 4 letters

It gives skiers a lift, 4 letters

Kind of ski lift, 4 letters

Obsolescent skier's lift with a curved lower part, 4 letters

Old hook-shaped ski lift, 4 letters

Old ski lift contraption, 4 letters

Old skier's lift with a curved lower part, 4 letters

One-way lift, 4 letters

Ski-lift type, 4 letters

Skier's aid, 4 letters

Skier's lift, 4 letters

Type of ski lift, 4 letters

Ski lifts for singles, 5 letters

Skiers' tows, 5 letters

Nonsense classic (11), 7 letters

Cabot Cove writer-crime solver, 10 letters

Soul singer Mary ___, 6 letters

Jumping for joy (8), 5 letters

Heavy military footgear, 6 letters

Bright Day author, 11 letters

An Inspector Calls playwright, 11 letters

Murder, She Wrote author Fletcher et al., 3 letters

Sex Machine band, with The, 3 letters

Backup band for the Hardest Working Man in Show Business, with the, 3 letters

Famed soul backup band, with The, 3 letters

James Brown's aptly named band, with the, 3 letters

Members of James Brown's band, 3 letters

Novelist Priestley et al., 3 letters

Soul backing band named for their singer, 3 letters

The ___ (1970s James Brown band), 3 letters

The Godfather's backing band, 3 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..