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Father of Palal (Neh. 3:25), 4 letters

Grandson of Eber, 4 letters

Altaic language, 5 letters

Asian language, 5 letters

Central Asian language, 5 letters

First language of 25 million Asians, 5 letters

Former Soviet Republic, 5 letters

Language spoken in Tashkent, 5 letters

Pres. Islam Karimov, e.g., 5 letters

Tashkent gent, 5 letters

Tashkent native, 5 letters

Tashkent resident, 5 letters

Turkic language, 5 letters

Turkic tongue, 5 letters

Formerly an Asian Soviet, 5 letters

The Turkic language spoken by the Uzbek people, 5 letters

A landlocked republic in west central Asia, 5 letters

A member of a Turkic people of Uzbekistan and neighboring areas, 5 letters

Former part of the USSR, 10 letters

U.N. member since 1992, 10 letters

Formerly an Asian Soviet, 10 letters

A landlocked republic in west central Asia, 10 letters

Tashkent folk, 6 letters

Call of Duty: Black Ops weapon, 3 letters

Grand Theft Auto gun, 3 letters

Miami Vice prop, 3 letters

Raid on Entebbe weapon, 3 letters

Scarface gun, 3 letters

25-round magazine gun, 3 letters

9-mm submachine gun, 3 letters

9mm gun, 3 letters

9mm weapon named for its designer, 3 letters

A magazine can be found in one, 3 letters

A submachine gun, 3 letters

A-Team weapon, 3 letters

Action film firearm, 3 letters

Action film gun, 3 letters

Action film staple, 3 letters

Action film weapon, 3 letters

Action movie prop, 3 letters

Action-film arm, 3 letters

AK-47 cousin, 3 letters

AK-47 kin, 3 letters

AK-47 relative, 3 letters

Ammo belt accompanier, 3 letters

Arm for a bodyguard, 3 letters

Arm of Israel, 3 letters

Arm of the Gaza Strip, 3 letters

Arm with a magazine, 3 letters

Assault rifle, 3 letters

Assault weapon, 3 letters

Automatic, 3 letters

Automatic weapon, 3 letters

Banned gun, 3 letters

Banned submachine gun, 3 letters

Banned weapon, 3 letters

Big name in guns, 3 letters

Big shooter, 3 letters

Blazing gun, 3 letters

Britain : Sten :: Israel : ___, 3 letters

Bullet sprayer, 3 letters

Cause of widespread firing?, 3 letters

Certain assault weapon, 3 letters

Certain gun, 3 letters

Certain submachine gun, 3 letters

Commando weapon, 3 letters

Commando's arm, 3 letters

Commando's firearm, 3 letters

Compact arm, 3 letters

Compact gun, 3 letters

Compact submachine gun, 3 letters

Compact weapon, 3 letters

Controversial machine gun, 3 letters

Controversial weapon, 3 letters

Counterterrorist weapon, 3 letters

Dangerous gun, 3 letters

Dangerous sprayer, 3 letters

Eponymous firearm, 3 letters

Former Israeli army weapon, 3 letters

Former Secret Service weapon, 3 letters

Gal the gunmaker, 3 letters

Gal who invented a weapon, 3 letters

Gal's weapon, 3 letters

Gun, 3 letters

Gun designed by an Israeli army captain, 3 letters

Gun designed in 1948, 3 letters

Gun designed in Israel, 3 letters

Gun designer Gal, 3 letters

Gun first used in battle in 1956, 3 letters

Gun from Israel, 3 letters

Gun in an action film, 3 letters

Gun in the Israeli army, 3 letters

Gun named for its designer, 3 letters

Gun produced by Israel Military Industries, 3 letters

Gun used in the Six-Day War, 3 letters

Gun with multiple safeties, 3 letters

Gun with two safeties, 3 letters

Gun-designing Gal, 3 letters

Infamous gun, 3 letters

Israel Military Industries product, 3 letters

Israel Weapon Industries product, 3 letters

Israeli arm, 3 letters

Israeli armament, 3 letters

Israeli automatic, 3 letters

Israeli burp gun, 3 letters

Israeli commando's weapon, 3 letters

Israeli firearm, 3 letters

Israeli gun, 3 letters

Israeli gun designer ___ Gal, 3 letters

Israeli machine gun, 3 letters

Israeli military export, 3 letters

Israeli shooter, 3 letters

Israeli submachine gun, 3 letters

Israeli submachine gun named after its designer, 3 letters

Israeli weapon, 3 letters

Israeli weapon named after its inventor's first name, 3 letters

Israeli-designed weapon, 3 letters

Israeli-invented gun, 3 letters

Israeli-made gun, 3 letters

It can cause widespread firing?, 3 letters

It might be used in a firefight, 3 letters

It releases a dangerous spray, 3 letters

It's automatic, 3 letters

Lethal weapon, 3 letters

Machine gun type, 3 letters

Magazine holder, 3 letters

Micro or mini gun, 3 letters

Middle East weapon, 3 letters

Mini ___ (noted submachine gun), 3 letters

Nine-pound weapon, 3 letters

Open-bolt weapon, 3 letters

Powerful arm, 3 letters

Prop in many action films, 3 letters

Quick-firing gun, 3 letters

Rapid-fire rifle, 3 letters

Rapid-fire weapon, 3 letters

Ruger MP9 kin, 3 letters

Scary magazine holder, 3 letters

Secret Service agent's weapon, 3 letters

Shooter named for its inventor, 3 letters

Sinai Campaign gun, 3 letters

Six-Day War arm, 3 letters

Six-Day War gun, 3 letters

Six-Day War weapon, 3 letters

Special Forces firearm, 3 letters

Special forces weapon, 3 letters

Spray producer, 3 letters

Spy-novel weapon, 3 letters

Sten alternative, 3 letters

Sten descendant, 3 letters

Strong arm?, 3 letters

Submachine gun, 3 letters

Submachine gun formerly used by the Israeli army, 3 letters

Submachine gun since the 1940s, 3 letters

Submachine gun type, 3 letters

Submachine gun, or its designer's nickname, 3 letters

SWAT weapon, 3 letters

Terrorist's arm, 3 letters

Terrorist's gun, 3 letters

Terrorist's weapon, 3 letters

Terrorist's weapon, perhaps, 3 letters

Tommy gun relative, 3 letters

Tool of terrorism, 3 letters

Weapon commissioned by the IDF, 3 letters

Weapon designer ___ Gal, 3 letters

Weapon first designed in 1950, 3 letters

Weapon in The Terminator, 3 letters

Weapon in action-thrillers, 3 letters

Weapon in some raids, 3 letters

Weapon invented by Israelis, 3 letters

Weapon named after its Israeli designer, 3 letters

Weapon named for its Israeli inventor, 3 letters

Weapon of war, 3 letters

Weapon that uses up ammo fast, 3 letters

Weapon with an open-bolt design, 3 letters

A type of submachine gun that is designed and manufactured in Israel, 3 letters

Munich arms, 4 letters

Munich munitions, 4 letters

Raid on Entebbe arms, 4 letters

The A-Team weapons, 4 letters

9mm guns, 4 letters

Action film arms, 4 letters

Action film weapons, 4 letters

Action-film guns, 4 letters

Airport guards sometimes carry them, 4 letters

AK-47 relatives, 4 letters

Antiterrorism weapons, 4 letters

Antiterrorist guns, 4 letters

Arms in Israeli arms, 4 letters

Arms of the Mediterranean?, 4 letters

Arms trader's gun stash, maybe, 4 letters

Assault weapons, 4 letters

Banned submachine guns, 4 letters

Banned weapons, 4 letters

Big guns, 4 letters

Commando arms, 4 letters

Commando rifles, 4 letters

Commando weapons, 4 letters

Commandos might carry them, 4 letters

Eponymous machine pistols, 4 letters

Fearsome weapons, 4 letters

Gaza guns, 4 letters

Israel Military Industries products, 4 letters

Israeli arms, 4 letters

Israeli automatics, 4 letters

Israeli burp guns, 4 letters

Israeli guns, 4 letters

Israeli machine guns, 4 letters

Israeli submachine guns, 4 letters

Israeli weaponry, 4 letters

Israeli-made arms, 4 letters

Israeli-made guns, 4 letters

Israeli-made weapons, 4 letters

Items for Rambos, 4 letters

Lightweight submachine guns, 4 letters

Mideast guns, 4 letters

Nine-pound weapons, 4 letters

Open-bolt weapons, 4 letters

Pair on the Invasion U.S.A. poster, 4 letters

Powerful arms, 4 letters

Props in a Schwarzenegger flick, 4 letters

Props in some thrillers, 4 letters

Raid on Entebbe weapons, 4 letters

Rambos might wield them, 4 letters

Rapid-fire weapons, 4 letters

Secret Service weapons, 4 letters

Short-barreled guns, 4 letters

Six-Day War arms, 4 letters

Six-Day War weaponry, 4 letters

Some 9 mm guns, 4 letters

Some assault weapons, 4 letters

Some machine pistols, 4 letters

Some submachine guns, 4 letters

Special forces firearms, 4 letters

Strong arms, 4 letters

Submachine guns, 4 letters

SWAT team weapons, 4 letters

Terrorist weaponry, 4 letters

Terrorists' tools, 4 letters

Terrorists' weapons, 4 letters

They hold magazines, 4 letters

Tommy gun relatives, 4 letters

Tools of terrorism named for their designer, 4 letters

Weaponry, 4 letters

Weapons in The Delta Force, 4 letters

Weapons in action films, 4 letters

Weapons named for their designer, 4 letters

Weapons wielded in many Chuck Norris films, 4 letters

Weapons with telescoping bolts, 4 letters

Yom Kippur War weapons, 4 letters

A member of a Turkic people of Uzbekistan and neighboring areas, 5 letters

The Turkic language spoken by the Uzbek people, 5 letters

A member of a Turkic people of Uzbekistan and neighboring areas, 5 letters

The Turkic language spoken by the Uzbek people, 5 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..