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Bashkir city, 3 letters

Capital city of Bashkir, 3 letters

City east of Moscow, 3 letters

A city in the European part of Russia, 3 letters

Mixed martial arts co. that recently aired its first event on national television, 3 letters

Mixed martial arts org., 3 letters

Their fights take place in The Octagon, 3 letters

Oh no! in Norwegian areas of the Midwest, 5 letters

Norwegian phrase heard in the Upper Midwest, 5 letters

Florence art museum, 6 letters

Where art Botticelli's 'The Birth of Venus'?, 6 letters

Gainesville Sch., to some journalists, 4 letters

___ Do Well (2011 Simon Pegg book), 3 letters

___ Hunters: History Channel show with the tagline Hoax or History?, 3 letters

'Chariot' in von D, 3 letters

Avatar craft, 3 letters

Close Encounters of the Third Kind sight, 3 letters

Close Encounters sight, 3 letters

Cocoon transport, 3 letters

District 9 special effect, 3 letters

E.T. craft, 3 letters

Flight of the Navigator craft, 3 letters

Foo fighter, 3 letters

Mars Attacks! craft, 3 letters

Starman arrival, 3 letters

The X-Files prop, 3 letters

The X-Files sighting, 3 letters

The X-Files subj., 3 letters

The X-Files whatsit, 3 letters

Weekly World News news, 3 letters

X-Files craft, 3 letters

X-Files object, 3 letters

X-files phenomenon, 3 letters

X-Files sighting, 3 letters

X-Files topic, 3 letters

1972 sci-fi TV series, 3 letters

2006 O'Hare sighting, reportedly, 3 letters

A sight for un-believing eyes, 3 letters

Abductee's holder, 3 letters

Abduction ship, in tabloids, 3 letters

Abduction vehicle, supposedly, 3 letters

Abnormal radar blip, 3 letters

Aerial anomaly, for short, 3 letters

Aerial enigma, 3 letters

Aerial mystery, briefly, 3 letters

Aerial saucer, 3 letters

Aircraft found in this puzzle's three longest answers, 3 letters

Alf's vehicle, 3 letters

Alien carrier, 3 letters

Alien craft, 3 letters

Alien craft, for short, 3 letters

Alien holder, 3 letters

Alien ship, 3 letters

Alien spacecraft, 3 letters

Alien vehicle, 3 letters

Alien's spaceship, 3 letters

Alien's spaceship, maybe, 3 letters

Amateur video subject, maybe, 3 letters

Area 51 craft, 3 letters

Area 51 craft, supposedly, 3 letters

Area 51 sighting, 3 letters

Area 51 sighting, briefly, 3 letters

Blinking light, maybe, 3 letters

Cause of many calls to the police, often, 3 letters

Celestial sighting, 3 letters

Close encounter craft, 3 letters

Close encounter vessel, 3 letters

Close Encounters vehicle, 3 letters

Common brainwashing site, it's said, 3 letters

Common tabloid subject, 3 letters

Craft in some rumored cover-ups, 3 letters

Craft in the tabloids, 3 letters

Craft in the tabloids, briefly, 3 letters

Craft of a sort, 3 letters

Craft of sci-fi, 3 letters

Craft often depicted landing on three legs, 3 letters

Craft often shown landing on three legs, 3 letters

Craft whose existence may be denied by government officials, thus proving its existence, 3 letters

Craft with probes on board, apparently, 3 letters

Creepy craft, 3 letters

Creepy flyer, 3 letters

Crop circle maker?, 3 letters

Debatable sky phenom, 3 letters

Disc in a tabloid photo, 3 letters

Disc in the sky, 3 letters

Disturbing airborne thing, 3 letters

E.T. transporter, maybe, 3 letters

E.T.'s ride, 3 letters

E.T.'s ship, 3 letters

E.T.'s SST?, 3 letters

E.T.'s transport, 3 letters

E.T.'s transportation, 3 letters

E.T.'s vehicle, 3 letters

E.T.'s vessel, 3 letters

Early Michael Schenker vehicle, 3 letters

Eerie sighting, 3 letters

Eerie sighting, for short, 3 letters

ET carrier, 3 letters

ET's transport, maybe, 3 letters

Extraterrestrial enigma, 3 letters

Flying disc?, 3 letters

Flying saucer, 3 letters

Flying saucer, for short, 3 letters

Flying saucer, perhaps, 3 letters

Flying saucer: Abbr., 3 letters

Grainy-photo image, 3 letters

Hovercraft?, 3 letters

Interplanetary transport, 3 letters

It came from outer space, 3 letters

It could be created by swamp gas, 3 letters

It may be out of this world, 3 letters

It may be produced by swamp gas, 3 letters

It might have a multi-race barroom, 3 letters

It's out of this world!, 3 letters

Jimmy Carter says he saw one in 1969, 3 letters

Klaatu's craft, in a 1951 film, 3 letters

Light sky, maybe, 3 letters

Many an Enquirer subject, 3 letters

Martian rover?, 3 letters

Martian's craft, for short, 3 letters

Mercury vehicle?, 3 letters

Mysterious blip, 3 letters

Mysterious craft, 3 letters

Mysterious hoverer, 3 letters

Mysterious light in the sky, 3 letters

Mysterious radar blip, 3 letters

Mysterious saucer, 3 letters

Mysterious sighting, 3 letters

Mysterious sighting in the sky, 3 letters

Mysterious visitor, 3 letters

Mystery blip, 3 letters

Mystery craft, 3 letters

Mystery flyer, 3 letters

Mystery in the sky, 3 letters

NASA concern, 3 letters

Night light?, 3 letters

Night sky vision, 3 letters

NM sighting, 3 letters

Object of some amateur films, 3 letters

Oft-reported phenomenon, 3 letters

Oft-sighted obj., 3 letters

One encountered in a close encounter, 3 letters

One evidently not filing a flight plan, 3 letters

One might be involved in a hoax, 3 letters

One not filing a flight plan, 3 letters

Otherworldly transport, 3 letters

Overhead light, perhaps, 3 letters

Paranormal craft, 3 letters

Phenomenon in some grainy videos, 3 letters

Pie in the sky?, 3 letters

Popular tabloid subj., 3 letters

Predator's vehicle, 3 letters

Project Blue Book subj., 3 letters

Project Blue Book subject, 3 letters

Questionable craft, 3 letters

Questionable sighting, 3 letters

Radar anomaly, 3 letters

Radar bogey, 3 letters

Radar mystery, 3 letters

Radarman's bogey, 3 letters

Reason for a flood of calls to the police dept., maybe, 3 letters

Ride into Roswell?, 3 letters

Roswell area sighting, 3 letters

Roswell craft, 3 letters

Roswell crasher, 3 letters

Roswell crasher, some think, 3 letters

Roswell phenomenon, 3 letters

Roswell ride?, 3 letters

Roswell sighting, 3 letters

Roswell sighting, supposedly, 3 letters

Roswell topic, 3 letters

Roswell visitor maybe, 3 letters

Roswell visitor, according to some, 3 letters

Roswell, NM, souvenir?, 3 letters

Rumored disc, 3 letters

Rumored Roswell vehicle, 3 letters

Saturn vehicle?, 3 letters

Saturnian ship, e.g., 3 letters

Saucer aloft?, 3 letters

Saucer in the sky, 3 letters

Saucer in the sky, briefly, 3 letters

Saucer variety, 3 letters

Saucer-shaped sighting, 3 letters

Saucer, maybe, 3 letters

Scary sky sight, 3 letters

Sci-fi author's craft?, 3 letters

Sci-fi craft, 3 letters

Sci-fi flyer, 3 letters

Sci-fi hoverer, 3 letters

Sci-fi saucer, 3 letters

Sci-fi ship, 3 letters

Sci-fi sight, 3 letters

Sci-fi sighting, 3 letters

Sci-fi sky sighting, 3 letters

Sci-fi spacecraft, 3 letters

Sci-fi staple, 3 letters

Sci-fi subject, 3 letters

Sci-fi transport, 3 letters

Sci-fi transportation, 3 letters

Sci-fi vehicle, 3 letters

Sci-fi vehicle: Abbr., 3 letters

Sci-fi visitor, 3 letters

Seldom-seen craft, 3 letters

Seldom-spotted craft, 3 letters

Ship for an ET, 3 letters

Ship piloted by aliens, 3 letters

Sight in The X Files, 3 letters

Sighting in the sky, for short, 3 letters

Sighting over Roswell, 3 letters

Sighting subject, 3 letters

Sky enigma, 3 letters

Sky light, perhaps, 3 letters

Sky light?, 3 letters

Sky mystery, 3 letters

Sky phenomenon, 3 letters

Sky rocket, maybe, 3 letters

Sky saucer, 3 letters

Sky sight, to some, 3 letters

Sky sighting, 3 letters

Sky sighting, perhaps, 3 letters

Something in the air, 3 letters

Space alien's ship, 3 letters

Spacecraft for ET, 3 letters

Spooky sighting, 3 letters

Spooky sky sight, 3 letters

Spotted vessel, 3 letters

Star vehicle?, 3 letters

Strange sighting, 3 letters

Strange sighting in the night sky, 3 letters

Subj. of a certain conspiracy theory, 3 letters

Subj. of a sighting, 3 letters

Subj. of many a faked video, 3 letters

Subj. of some amateur photography, 3 letters

Subject for an X-file, 3 letters

Subject of a grainy picture?, 3 letters

Subject of many a grainy picture, 3 letters

Subject of many X-Files, 3 letters

Subject of some amateur videos, 3 letters

Subject of some sightings, 3 letters

Supermarket tabloid subject, 3 letters

Supposed Area 51 sighting, 3 letters

Surreal sighting, 3 letters

Tab fodder, 3 letters

Tabloid craft, 3 letters

Tabloid craft, briefly, 3 letters

Tabloid flier, 3 letters

Tabloid fodder, briefly, 3 letters

Tabloid headline word, 3 letters

Tabloid photo subject, 3 letters

Tabloid sighting, 3 letters

Tabloid subj., 3 letters

Tabloid subject, 3 letters

Tabloid topic, 3 letters

Tabloid transport, 3 letters

Thing shrouded in mystery, 3 letters

Topic for an X-file, 3 letters

Transport for E.T., 3 letters

Uncertain sighting briefly, 3 letters

Unusual sighting, for short, 3 letters

Urban legend, maybe, 3 letters

Vehicle found at Roswell, supposedly, 3 letters

Vehicle without local plates?, 3 letters

Venusian vehicle, 3 letters

Venusian vehicle, e.g., 3 letters

Venusian vessel?, 3 letters

Weather balloon or military aircraft, maybe, 3 letters

Weekly World News subject, 3 letters

What a lenticular cloud may be mistaken for, 3 letters

World traveler?, 3 letters

X-File subj., 3 letters

You can find one in the four longest puzzle answers, even if you don't believe, 3 letters

An (apparently) flying object whose nature is unknown, 3 letters

Especially those considered to have extraterrestrial origins, 3 letters

Observer of arcane craft has look into cloudy obscurity, wearing crumpled suit (9), 9 letters

One studying saucers, 9 letters

Saucer study, 7 letters

Science for sky searchers, 7 letters

'92 Orb album, 5 letters

Available, 9 letters

'X-Files' sightings, 4 letters

Close Encounters of the Third Kind sightings, 4 letters

Independence Day fleet, 4 letters

Independence Day sights, 4 letters

The X-Files fodder, 4 letters

The X-Files sightings, 4 letters

The X-Files sights, 4 letters

The X-Files transports, 4 letters

Weekly World News topic, 4 letters

X-Files investigations, 4 letters

X-Files subjects, 4 letters

X-Files topics, 4 letters

X-Files vehicles, 4 letters

1999 Richard Belzer book, ___, JFK, and Elvis, 4 letters

Abduction sites, supposedly, 4 letters

Abduction vehicles, supposedly, 4 letters

Abductors in tabloids, 4 letters

Abductors' craft, some say, 4 letters

Aerial anomalies, 4 letters

Aerial enigmas, 4 letters

Air Force enigmas, 4 letters

Airborne anomalies, 4 letters

Alien craft, 4 letters

Alien fleet, 4 letters

Alien ships, 4 letters

Alien ships, perhaps, 4 letters

Alien sightings, 4 letters

Alien spaceships, 4 letters

Alien vehicles, 4 letters

Aliens' craft, for short, 4 letters

Alleged Roswell sightings, 4 letters

Area 51 holdings, supposedly, 4 letters

Area 51 phenomena, 4 letters

Area 51 sightings, 4 letters

Astounding Stories subjects, 4 letters

Blurry objects in tabloid photos, 4 letters

Certain saucers, 4 letters

Close-encounter craft, 4 letters

Conspiracy subjects, 4 letters

Controversial hoverers, 4 letters

Craft for aliens: abbr., 4 letters

Craft for ETs, 4 letters

Craft-y tabloid subjects?, 4 letters

Crafts for crop circle crafters?, 4 letters

Crafts from another planet, 4 letters

Crafts questioned by skeptics, 4 letters

Crop circle makers, supposedly, 4 letters

E.T. carriers, 4 letters

E.T. carriers, theoretically, 4 letters

E.T. craft, maybe, 4 letters

E.T. ships, 4 letters

E.T. transports, perhaps, 4 letters

E.T. transports?, 4 letters

E.T. vehicles, 4 letters

E.T.-piloted vehicles, 4 letters

E.T.s' crafts, maybe, 4 letters

Eerie sightings, 4 letters

Eerie sightings, briefly, 4 letters

Elusive craft, 4 letters

ET craft, 4 letters

ET fleet, 4 letters

ET's transportation, 4 letters

ET's transportation: pl., 4 letters

ETs' rides, 4 letters

Extra-terrestrial vehicles, for short, 4 letters

Extraterrestrials' fleet, 4 letters

Fantastic craft, 4 letters

Fantastic fliers, 4 letters

Fleet from afar, 4 letters

Fleet from far away, 4 letters

Flying saucers, 4 letters

Flying saucers, for example, 4 letters

Foreign vehicles?, 4 letters

Frequent tabloid fodder, 4 letters

Fuzzily photographed craft, 4 letters

Getaway vehicles for alleged kidnappers?, 4 letters

Govt. secrets?, 4 letters

Heavenly dishes?, 4 letters

Hollywood haunters, 4 letters

Hovering saucers, maybe, 4 letters

Interstellar ships, 4 letters

Lights up?, 4 letters

Martian craft, maybe, 4 letters

Martians' ships, for short, 4 letters

Mercury or Saturn vehicles?, 4 letters

Mercury vehicles?, 4 letters

Mysterious aerial sightings, 4 letters

Mysterious craft, 4 letters

Mysterious hoverers, 4 letters

Mysterious sightings, 4 letters

Mysterious sky sightings, 4 letters

Mysterious vessels: abbr., 4 letters

Mystery blips, 4 letters

NASA rockets, to space aliens, 4 letters

Night lights?, 4 letters

Night sightings, 4 letters

NORAD trackees, 4 letters

Odd sightings, 4 letters

Oft-blurred images?, 4 letters

Overhead mysteries, 4 letters

Ozone oddities, 4 letters

Pies in the sky?, 4 letters

Pluto platters?, 4 letters

Possible sky sightings, 4 letters

Potential hoax subjects, 4 letters

Project Blue Book subject, 4 letters

Radar anomalies, 4 letters

Richard Belzer book, ___, JFK, and Elvis, 4 letters

Roswell sightings, 4 letters

Roswell craft, 4 letters

Roswell sightings, briefly, 4 letters

Roswell sightings, for short, 4 letters

Roswell sights, 4 letters

Saturn vehicles?, 4 letters

Saucers, 4 letters

Saucers in sightings, 4 letters

Saucers in the sky, 4 letters

Saucers in the sky, briefly, 4 letters

Saucers of a kind, 4 letters

Saucers, maybe, 4 letters

Scary saucers, 4 letters

Scary sightings, 4 letters

Sci-fi craft, 4 letters

Sci-fi film vehicles, 4 letters

Sci-fi fleet, 4 letters

Sci-fi fliers, 4 letters

Sci-fi fodder, 4 letters

Sci-fi hoverers, 4 letters

Sci-fi regulars, 4 letters

Sci-fi saucers, 4 letters

Sci-fi ships, 4 letters

Sci-fi sightings, 4 letters

Sci-fi sightings: Abbr., 4 letters

Sci-fi sights, 4 letters

Sci-fi sky sights, 4 letters

Sci-fi space vehicles, 4 letters

Sci-fi staples, 4 letters

Sci-fi subjects, 4 letters

Sci-fi transport, 4 letters

Sci-fi transportation, 4 letters

Sci-fi vehicles, 4 letters

Sci-fi vehicles: Abbr., 4 letters

Ships from space, briefly, 4 letters

Ships to a far-off place?, 4 letters

Sightings the U.S.A.F. may investigate, 4 letters

Sites for some abductees, 4 letters

Sites of suspicious abductions, 4 letters

Sky lights, maybe, 4 letters

Sky lights?, 4 letters

Sky line creators, perhaps, 4 letters

Sky sightings, 4 letters

Sky sightings, briefly, 4 letters

Sky sightings: Abbr., 4 letters

Some blinking lights, for short, 4 letters

Some routine missile tests near Norway, evidently, 4 letters

Some saucers, 4 letters

Some saucers: abbr., 4 letters

Some sightings, 4 letters

Some sightings: abbr., 4 letters

Some strange sightings, 4 letters

Some strange sights, 4 letters

Some streaking lights, briefly, 4 letters

Some unexplained sightings, 4 letters

Some vehicles in sci-fi movies, 4 letters

Space opera crafts, 4 letters

Space saucers, 4 letters

Space saucers, briefly, 4 letters

Specks of light in some home movies, purportedly, 4 letters

Spooky sightings, 4 letters

Strange craft, 4 letters

Strange hoverers, 4 letters

Strange sightings, 4 letters

Strange sky lights, 4 letters

Strange sky sightings: Abbr., 4 letters

Strange things floating around, 4 letters

Subject of a museum in Roswell, New Mexico, 4 letters

Subject of Project Blue Book, 4 letters

Subject of some faked photos, 4 letters

Subjects of a U.S. Air Force cover-up?, 4 letters

Subjects of sightings, 4 letters

Subjects of some dubious photographs, 4 letters

Subjects of some supposed government cover-ups, 4 letters

Supposed aircraft, 4 letters

Tabloid craft, 4 letters

Tabloid fare, 4 letters

Tabloid fliers, 4 letters

Tabloid fodder, 4 letters

Tabloid hoverers, 4 letters

Tabloid saucers, 4 letters

Tabloid sightings, for short, 4 letters

Tabloid staples, 4 letters

Tabloid subjects, 4 letters

Tabloid subjects, often, 4 letters

Tabloid subjects, sometimes, 4 letters

Tabloid topics, 4 letters

Tabloid vehicles, 4 letters

The X-Files subjects, 4 letters

They may carry E.T.s, 4 letters

They might be reported to AFB's, 4 letters

They might travel at warp speed, 4 letters

They travel very long distances, 4 letters

They're encountered in close encounters, 4 letters

They're involved in some reported abductions, 4 letters

They're out of this world, 4 letters

They're seen but not recognized, 4 letters

Topics of some X-files, 4 letters

Transport for ETs, 4 letters

Twinkling hoverers, so some say, 4 letters

Unaccounted-for radar blips, 4 letters

Unaccounted-for radar blips, maybe, 4 letters

Unexplained sightings, 4 letters

Unsettling sightings, 4 letters

USAF coinage of '52, 4 letters

Vehicles for ET's, 4 letters

Warp drive vehicles, 4 letters

Weather balloons, mistakenly, 4 letters

Weather balloons, to some viewers, 4 letters

Weird sightings, 4 letters

What E.T.s travel in, 4 letters

What humans came to Earth in, according to Raelians, 4 letters

Wormhole ships, 4 letters

WWII foo fighters, e.g., 4 letters

Curd from beyond?, 7 letters

Albert Shanker was its pres., 3 letters

Educators' org., 3 letters

N.Y.-based teachers gp., 3 letters

NYC-based educator's org., 3 letters

Agric. labor group, 3 letters

Agric. union, 3 letters

Agricultural labor grp., 3 letters

Cesar Chavez's org., 3 letters

Chavez was its pres., 3 letters

Picking people, for short, 3 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..