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City in E Brazil, 3 letters

Vienna subway system, 5 letters

700-mile African river, 6 letters

African river, 6 letters

African with pierced lips, 6 letters

Bangui's river, 6 letters

Central African Republic border river, 6 letters

Congo border river, 6 letters

Congo boundary river, 6 letters

Congo feeder, 6 letters

Congo River feeder, 6 letters

Congo River tributary, 6 letters

Congo tributary, 6 letters

Congolese river, 6 letters

Lip-stretching woman, 6 letters

Part of the border between the two Congos, 6 letters

Pierced-lip people, 6 letters

Pierced-lip person, perhaps, 6 letters

Pierced-lipped African, 6 letters

River of the Congo, 6 letters

River that feeds the Congo, 6 letters

River that forms part of Congo's border, 6 letters

River to the Zaire, 6 letters

The Congo's chief tributary, 6 letters

Two rivers, 15 letters

First half of a secret language on Zoom, 4 letters

Honshu city, 3 letters

Honshu port, 3 letters

Japanese seaport, 3 letters

Seaport SW of Hiroshima, 3 letters

Yamaguchi city, 3 letters

Since ___ Gone (Kelly Clarkson song), 5 letters

Pipe section under a sink, 5 letters

... Deutschland ___ alles, 4 letters

\Deutschland ___ Alles\, 4 letters

California ___ Alles (punk classic by the Dead Kennedys), 4 letters

Deutchland___alles, 4 letters

Deutschland, Deutschland ___ Alles, 4 letters

Gewehr ___! (German military order), 4 letters

Above all, 4 letters

Above, in Aachen, 4 letters

Above, in Abensberg, 4 letters

Above, in Augsburg, 4 letters

Above, in Austria, 4 letters

Above, in Bavaria, 4 letters

Above, in Berlin, 4 letters

Above, in Bonn, 4 letters

Above, in Ramstein-Miesenbach, 4 letters

Above, in Zwickau, 4 letters

Above, on the Elbe River, 4 letters

Above, to Albrecht, 4 letters

Above, to Hans, 4 letters

Above, to Ohm, 4 letters

Above, to Otto, 4 letters

Across: Ger., 4 letters

Best, in Bonn, 4 letters

Colloquial prefix meaning ultra, 4 letters

Contemporary prefix meaning super, 4 letters

Deutschland ___ alles, 4 letters

Extremely, in combinations, 4 letters

Frankfurter's over, 4 letters

German for over, 4 letters

German prefix used in English slang, 4 letters

German preposition, 4 letters

German word slangily used to mean extremely, 4 letters

Great: Prefix, 4 letters

Greatest, in combinations, 4 letters

Higher, in Hamburg, 4 letters

It's over for Hans, 4 letters

It's over in Berlin, 4 letters

It's over in Germany, 4 letters

It's over in Ulm, 4 letters

Lead-in for mensch, 4 letters

Mensch lead-in, 4 letters

Not unter, 4 letters

Oberammergau over, 4 letters

Opposite of unter, 4 letters

Opposite of unter, in German, 4 letters

Over in Berlin, 4 letters

Over in Bonn, 4 letters

Over in Germany, 4 letters

Over in Oberhausen, 4 letters

Over in Ulm, 4 letters

Over, in , 4 letters

Over, in Essen, 4 letters

Over, in Hamburg, 4 letters

Over, in Hanover, 4 letters

Over, in Heidelberg, 4 letters

Over, in Kaiserslautern, 4 letters

Over, in Leipzig, 4 letters

Over, in Oberammergau, 4 letters

Over, in Oldenburg, 4 letters

Over, in Osnabr, 4 letters

Over, overseas, 4 letters

Over, to Bach, 4 letters

Over, to Oskar, 4 letters

Over, to Otto, 4 letters

Over: Ger., 4 letters

Potsdam preposition, 4 letters

Prefix for geek or mensch, 4 letters

Prefix like ultra, 4 letters

Prefix meaning extremely good, 4 letters

Prefix meaning extremely, in slangy constructions, 4 letters

Prefix similar to ultra, 4 letters

Prefix that means 'super', 4 letters

Prefix with cool, 4 letters

Prefix with mensch, 4 letters

Slang prefix meaning super, 4 letters

Slangy prefix, 4 letters

Slangy prefix with geek or mensch, 4 letters

Super kind of mensch, 4 letters

Super-, 4 letters

Super, slangily, 4 letters

Superlative (prefix), 4 letters

The Dead Kennedys' California ___ Alles, 4 letters

Ultra-, 4 letters

Unter's opposite, 4 letters

Very, in slang, 4 letters

Very, very, 4 letters

Very: Pref., 4 letters

IT guy by day, Quidditch player at night, e.g., 8 letters

Linux programmer fluent in Klingon, e.g., 8 letters

They make techies look tame, 9 letters

So trendy it hurts, 7 letters

Way too cool for everyone else, 7 letters

He's a most decent guy, 10 letters

Nietzsche concept, 10 letters

Superior being, 10 letters

A person with great powers and abilities, 10 letters

Elite people like Bill Gates, 9 letters

Chocolate syrup brand, 4 letters

Fox's ___ (chocolate syrup brand), 4 letters

Fox's ___ (egg cream chocolate syrup), 4 letters

___ Soft (major video game developer, once), 3 letters

___ sunt (poetic motif), 3 letters

___ supra, 3 letters

___ supra (above-mentioned), 3 letters

___ supra (as above), 3 letters

___ supra (text comment), 3 letters

___ supra (when mentioned above), 3 letters

___ supra (where mentioned before), 3 letters

___ maior, minor cessat, 3 letters

'___ supra' (where mentioned above), 3 letters

Semper ___ sub ___ (note: same word goes in both blanks), 3 letters

Where? for Caesar, 3 letters

Ancient query, 3 letters

Caesar's 'where', 3 letters

Latin where, 3 letters

Pompey's In what place?, 3 letters

Quaestor's question word, 3 letters

Question for a Roman reporter?, 3 letters

Question for Quintilian, 3 letters

Short-lived Trivial Pursuit sequel, 3 letters

Where (Latin), 3 letters

Where Latin is found at the Rubin Center, 3 letters

Where to Caesar, 3 letters

Where to Cato, 3 letters

Where, in Latin, 3 letters

Where, in prescriptions, 3 letters

Where, to Brutus, 3 letters

Where, to Cicero, 3 letters

Where, to Juvenal, 3 letters

Where: L., 3 letters

Alternative to eBay, 4 letters

eBay competitor, 4 letters

eBay rival, 4 letters

Being there?, 6 letters

The condition of being in a certain place, 6 letters

Whereness, 6 letters

The state of existing and being localized in space, 6 letters

Philip K. Dick novel, 4 letters

Everywhere, 10 letters

Everywhere at once, 10 letters

Everywhere at the same time, 10 letters

Omnipresent, 10 letters

Omnipresence, 8 letters

Pervasiveness, 8 letters

The state of being everywhere at once (or seeming to be everywhere at once), 8 letters

Loosen one's tie, 6 letters

Applicative, 4 letters

N.Y.-based gang known simply as The Bloods, 3 letters

Das Boot, for one, 5 letters

Das Boot craft, 5 letters

Das Boot setting, 5 letters

Das Boot sub, 5 letters

Das Boot vessel, 5 letters

Enigma menace, 5 letters

Lusitania sinker, 5 letters

The Cruel Sea attacker, 5 letters

The Enemy Below attacker, 5 letters

The Enemy Below enemy, 5 letters

The Enemy Below threat, 5 letters

The Enemy Below vessel, 5 letters

Ashcan target, 5 letters

Athenia sinker, 5 letters

Attacker of allied ships, 5 letters

Axis predator, 5 letters

Axis submarine, 5 letters

Axis vessel, 5 letters

Battle of the Atlantic vessel, 5 letters

Certain torpedo launcher, 5 letters

Concern for an Allied ship, 5 letters

Convoy chaser, 5 letters

Convoy hunter, 5 letters

Convoy menace, 5 letters

Convoy raider, 5 letters

Dangerous sub, 5 letters

Depth charge target, 5 letters

Depth-charge target of WWII, 5 letters

Destroyer destroyer, 5 letters

Destroyer hunter, 5 letters

Destroyer's foe, 5 letters

Erstwhile German marine menace, 5 letters

Erstwhile marine menace, 5 letters

Erstwhile menace, 5 letters

Feared diver of the past, 5 letters

Feared WWI vessel, 5 letters

Former Atlantic ocean threat, 5 letters

Ger. sub, 5 letters

Ger. submarine, 5 letters

German craft, 5 letters

German diver, 5 letters

German lurker, 5 letters

German menace, 5 letters

German military sub, 5 letters

German military submarine used in World War I and II: Hyph., 5 letters

German sea scourge, 5 letters

German sinker, 5 letters

German sub, 5 letters

German sub of WWII, 5 letters

German submarine, 5 letters

German submarine in World War II: Hyph., 5 letters

German threat, 5 letters

German vessel in WWII, 5 letters

German war sub, 5 letters

German war vessel, 5 letters

German warship, 5 letters

German WWI menace, 5 letters

German WWII craft, 5 letters

German WWII sub, 5 letters

German WWII submarine, 5 letters

Hamburger's sub?, 5 letters

HMS Courageous sinker, 5 letters

It may give a sinking feeling, 5 letters

It strewed torpedoes about, 5 letters

It tried to avoid charges?, 5 letters

Its first letter stands for untersee, 5 letters

Kriegsmarine vessel, 5 letters

Liner sinker, 5 letters

Liner threat, once, 5 letters

Lusitania undoer, 5 letters

Lusitania's attacker, 5 letters

Lusitania's destroyer, 5 letters

Lusitania's foe, 5 letters

Lusitania's undoing, 5 letters

Marine menace, 5 letters

Marine menace of WW2, 5 letters

Maritime threat of the early 1940s, 5 letters

Member of a W.W. II wolf pack, 5 letters

Member of a wolf pack, 5 letters

Menace to Allied ships, 5 letters

Naval convoy menace, 5 letters

Nazi submarine, 5 letters

Ocean menace of WWII, 5 letters

Ocean menace, once, 5 letters

Ocean predator, 5 letters

One in search of a tin can, 5 letters

One of a wolf pack, 5 letters

One of Tirpitz's menaces, 5 letters

One of Tirpitz's vessels, 5 letters

One trying to avoid charges?, 5 letters

Part of a German naval fleet, 5 letters

Part of a wolf pack, 5 letters

Periscope's source, 5 letters

Q-ship's quarry, 5 letters

R.N. nemesis in W.W. II, 5 letters

Red October predecessor, 5 letters

Red October's ancestor, 5 letters

RMS Lusitania .s nemesis, 5 letters

Ship sinker, 5 letters

Shipper's worry in W.W. I, 5 letters

Shipping threat of the past, 5 letters

Sinker, 5 letters

Sinker of Allied ships, 5 letters

Sinker of liners, 5 letters

Sinker of sorts, 5 letters

Sinker of the Lusitania, 5 letters

Sub, 5 letters

Sub in WWII, 5 letters

Sub that sank Allied ships, 5 letters

Sub with sauerkraut?, 5 letters

Submarine moving about (1-4), 5 letters

Submarine of W.W. I, 5 letters

Subsurface war vessel, 5 letters

Target of a depth charge, 5 letters

The Lusitania's undoer, 5 letters

Tin can target, 5 letters

Tirpitz's menace: 1915, 5 letters

Torpedo launcher, 5 letters

Underwater vessel, 5 letters

Untersee craft, 5 letters

Unterwasser vessel, 5 letters

Vessel in The Enemy Below, 5 letters

W.W. I menace, 5 letters

W.W. II Atlantic lurker, 5 letters

W.W. II blockade enforcer, 5 letters

W.W. II craft, 5 letters

W.W. II danger, 5 letters

W.W. II German sub, 5 letters

W.W. II predator, 5 letters

W.W. II sea menace, 5 letters

W.W. II ship sinker, 5 letters

W.W. II sub, 5 letters

W.W. II vessel, 5 letters

War vessel, 5 letters

Wartime sea menace, 5 letters

Wartime sub, 5 letters

Wolf pack craft, 5 letters

Wolf pack member, 5 letters

Wolf pack member of W.W. II, 5 letters

Wolf pack unit, 5 letters

World War I vessel, 5 letters

World War II sub, 5 letters

World War II submarine: Hyph., 5 letters

WWI attacker, 5 letters

WWI worry, 5 letters

WWII blockade vessel, 5 letters

WWII convoy menace, 5 letters

WWII convoy raider, 5 letters

WWII enemy sub, 5 letters

WWII film staple, 5 letters

WWII German threat, 5 letters

WWII German vessel, 5 letters

WWII marauder, 5 letters

WWII maritime marauder, 5 letters

WWII maritime menace, 5 letters

WWII military transport, 5 letters

WWII movie staple, 5 letters

WWII nautical hazard, 5 letters

WWII naval craft, 5 letters

WWII naval menace, 5 letters

WWII nemesis, 5 letters

WWII ocean menace, 5 letters

WWII submarine, 5 letters

WWII threat, 5 letters

WWII torpedo launcher, 5 letters

WWII wolf pack member, 5 letters

Bad news for twin middies at Annapolis?, 12 letters

Adm. Doenitz' force, 6 letters

Ashcan targets, 6 letters

Battle of the Atlantic attackers, 6 letters

Depth charge targets, 6 letters

Destroyer destroyers, 6 letters

Enemy submarines, once, 6 letters

Former marine menaces, 6 letters

German military subs, 6 letters

German submarines, 6 letters

German subs, 6 letters

Maritime hazard in W. W. II, 6 letters

Maritime hazards in WWII, 6 letters

Ocean predators, 6 letters

Some subs, 6 letters

Some WWII crafts, 6 letters

Submerged threats of WW2, 6 letters

Submerged WWII vessels, 6 letters

Threats to World War shipping, 6 letters

W.W. II craft, 6 letters

W.W. II threats, 6 letters

W.W. II wolf pack, 6 letters

Wolf pack makeup, 6 letters

Wolf pack members, 6 letters

Wolf pack units, 6 letters

World War II vessels, 6 letters

World War marine menaces, 6 letters

WW II fleet, 6 letters

WWI menaces, 6 letters

WWII wolf pack, 6 letters

WWII depth charge targets, 6 letters

WWII maritime hazard, 6 letters

WWII submarines, 6 letters

WWII subs, 6 letters

WWII vessels, 6 letters

Aptly named fastener, 5 letters

Auto muffler clamp, 5 letters

Axle holder, 5 letters

Axle securer, 5 letters

Bar with two screw threads, 5 letters

Bent fastening bar, 5 letters

Carpenter's double-nutter, 5 letters

Certain fastener, 5 letters

Certain metal fastener, 5 letters

Curved bar with a screw thread at each end, 5 letters

Curved connector, 5 letters

Curved fastener, 5 letters

Curved hardware item, 5 letters

Double-nutter in construction, 5 letters

Fastener, 5 letters

Fastener connecting leaf spring & axle (1,4), 5 letters

Fastener in a utility pole, often, 5 letters

Fastener shaped like a horseshoe, 5 letters

Hardware item, 5 letters

Hardware store fastener, 5 letters

Hardware with a bend, 5 letters

Hasp fastener, 5 letters

Horseshoe-shaped fastener, 5 letters

Horseshoe-shaped hardware, 5 letters

Horseshoe-shaped hardware item, 5 letters

Horseshoe-shaped iron bar, 5 letters

Horseshoe-shaped piece of hardware, 5 letters

Iron fastening bar, 5 letters

It has a nut at each end, 5 letters

It might have a nut at each end, 5 letters

It takes two nuts, 5 letters

Item connecting axle & leaf spring (1,4), 5 letters

Kind of fastener, 5 letters

Letter-shaped fastener, 5 letters

Letter-shaped hardware, 5 letters

Letter-shaped iron bar, 5 letters

Letter-shaped metal device, 5 letters

Letter-shaped, threaded fastener, 5 letters

Metal fastener, 5 letters

Nut holder, 5 letters

Two-headed fastener, 5 letters

Axle attachments, 6 letters

Double-headed fasteners, 6 letters

Fasteners with parallel prongs, 6 letters

Heavy door fasteners, 6 letters

Heavy fasteners, 6 letters

Heavy steel fasteners, 6 letters

Heavy steel holders, 6 letters

Horseshoe-shaped fasteners, 6 letters

Items fastening leaf springs to axle (1,5), 6 letters

Latch pieces, 6 letters

Letter-shaped fasteners, 6 letters

Letter-shaped fastening bars: Hyph., 6 letters

Letter-shaped hardware, 6 letters

Two nuts hold them in place?, 6 letters

Shadow, 4 letters

___ PaineWebber (big name in high finance), 3 letters

Financial inst. that bought PaineWebber in 2000, 3 letters

Network network, 3 letters

The network in Network, 3 letters

___ Roi (Alfred Jarry play), 3 letters

'Sit, ___, sit. Good dog' (Family Ties sign-off), 3 letters

Sit, ___, sit. Good dog (how episodes of Family Ties always signed off), 3 letters

Sit, ___, sit, 3 letters

Alfred Jarry farce ___ Roi, 3 letters

David Thomas' Pere ___, 3 letters

Dog at the end of Family Ties, 3 letters

Dog at the end of Family Ties credits, 3 letters

Dog seen at the end of Family Ties, 3 letters

Dog seen during Family Ties closing credits, 3 letters

Dog seen during the closing credits of Family Ties, 3 letters

Jarry's --- Roi, 3 letters

Kooky Cleveland band Pere ___, 3 letters

Palindromic dog of TV, 3 letters

Post-punk rock band Pere ___, 3 letters

Rock group, Pere ___, 3 letters

Operating system with a South African name, 6 letters

Alfred Jarry play, 6 letters

Classic 1896 Alfred Jarry play, 6 letters

1896 play by Alfred Jarry / Hawkeye / Most recent, 15 letters

Any of several quinones that function as electron-carrying coenzymes, 10 letters

The state of being everywhere at once (or seeming to be everywhere at once), 14 letters

A virtually extinct Caucasian language spoken exclusively in Turkey, 5 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..