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Pupil's place, 3 letters

Prefix with mensch, 5 letters

Catcher in the Wry author, 6 letters

Catcher in the Wry author Bob, 6 letters

Catcher in the Wry writer, 6 letters

Major League actor Bob with the line Ju-u-u-st a bit outside, 6 letters

Mr. Belvedere co-star, 6 letters

Mr. Belvedere star Bob, 6 letters

The way to catch a knuckleball is to wait until it stops rolling and then pick it up quipper, 6 letters

Baseball player who played the dad on Mr. Belvedere, 6 letters

Bob of Mr. Belvedere, 6 letters

Bob who wrote Catcher in the Wry, 6 letters

Brewers announcer Bob, 6 letters

Sportscaster Bob, 6 letters

Sportscaster Bob dubbed Mr. Baseball, 6 letters

700-mile Congolese river, 4 letters

African river, 4 letters

Central African river, 4 letters

Congo river, 4 letters

Congo waterway, 4 letters

Congolese river, 4 letters

Flower in Zaire, 4 letters

One of two rivers forming the Ubangi, 4 letters

River in Africa, 4 letters

River in central Africa, 4 letters

River in Zaire, 4 letters

River that feeds the Ubangi, 4 letters

River through Congo, 4 letters

River to the Ubangi, 4 letters

Ubangi feeder, 4 letters

Ubangi River tributary, 4 letters

Ubangi source, 4 letters

Ubangi tributary, 4 letters

Zaire river, 4 letters

Zairian stream, 4 letters

Democratic Republic of Conger river and namesakes, 5 letters

Flip, 4 letters

Overturn, 4 letters

City east of Osaka, 4 letters

They're not clean, 4 letters

Mall mover, 10 letters

Hung road maneuver, 3 letters

One-eighty turn, 3 letters

180, 3 letters

180 degree turn, in slang, 3 letters

180 hung by a motorist, 3 letters

180-degree turn, 3 letters

180-degree turn, slangily, 3 letters

180-degree turn: slang, 3 letters

180-degree vehicular maneuver, slangily, 3 letters

180, familiarly, 3 letters

180, slangily, 3 letters

A person might hang one on a road, 3 letters

About-face, in slang, 3 letters

About-face, on the road, 3 letters

Auto reversal, slangily, 3 letters

Bat turn, 3 letters

Change of direction, 3 letters

Chase scene maneuver, slangily, 3 letters

Double back maneuver, 3 letters

Driver's 180, 3 letters

Driver's one-eighty, 3 letters

Driver's reversal, in slang, 3 letters

Driving about-face, slangily, 3 letters

Driving maneuver, 3 letters

Hang a ___ (head back the other way), 3 letters

Highway maneuver in some movie chase scenes, 3 letters

Ill-advised maneuver on a one-way street, 3 letters

It may be illegal to hang one, 3 letters

It's often hung illegally, 3 letters

It's prohibited on a pike, 3 letters

Lost driver's maneuver, in slang, 3 letters

Motorist's 180, 3 letters

Motorist's 180-degree turn, in slang, 3 letters

Motorist's 180, slangily, 3 letters

Motorist's one-eighty, 3 letters

Motorist's reversal, 3 letters

One might be illegally hung, 3 letters

One-eighty, 3 letters

One-eighty on the road, 3 letters

One-eighty, in slang, 3 letters

One-way street no-no, 3 letters

Police car maneuver, slangily, 3 letters

Quick reversal, 3 letters

Quick turnaround, 3 letters

Quick turnaround, slangily, 3 letters

Reversal of direction, slangily, 3 letters

Reversal, slangily, 3 letters

Reversal, to a CBer, 3 letters

Road reversal, 3 letters

Road reversal, for short, 3 letters

Road reversal, in slang, 3 letters

Road reversal, slangily, 3 letters

Rolls reversal?, 3 letters

Slangy 180, 3 letters

Slangy about-face, 3 letters

Slangy driving maneuver, 3 letters

Slangy reversal of direction, 3 letters

Slangy road reversal, 3 letters

Slangy turn, 3 letters

Slangy turnaround, 3 letters

Traffic maneuver: slang, 3 letters

Turn often made after looking around for cops, 3 letters

Turn you hang, in slang, 3 letters

Turnabout, in slang, 3 letters

Turnabout, informally, 3 letters

Turnaround, slangily, 3 letters

You might hope a cop doesn't see you hanging one, 3 letters

180, 4 letters

180-degree turns, 4 letters

180-degree turns, for short, 4 letters

180-degree turns, slangily, 4 letters

180-degree turns: slang, 4 letters

180's, slangily, 4 letters

Auto about-faces, slangily, 4 letters

Auto reversals, 4 letters

Bracktrackers' maneuvers, slangily, 4 letters

Changes in directions, for short, 4 letters

Illegal highway maneuvers, 4 letters

Often-illegal turns, in slang, 4 letters

One-eighties, 4 letters

One-eighties, in slang, 4 letters

Road reversals, 4 letters

Road reversals, informally, 4 letters

Road reversals, slangily, 4 letters

Road reversals, so to speak, 4 letters

Some chase scene maneuvers, slangily, 4 letters

They take you back, 4 letters

They're hung in car-chase scenes, 4 letters

Things sometimes made illegally on roads, in slang, 4 letters

Total turnarounds, for short, 4 letters

Turnarounds, in slang, 4 letters

Turns made after checking for cop cars, often, 4 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..