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African wild sheep (bar.), 4 letters

'60s Interior Secretary, 5 letters

Ralph Roister Doister playwright, 5 letters

1960's Interior Secretary Stewart, 5 letters

1976 Democratic contender for president, 5 letters

1976 presidential hopeful, 5 letters

1976 presidential hopeful Morris, 5 letters

60's Secretary of the Interior, 5 letters

Ariz. statesman, 5 letters

Arizona congressman 1961-91, 5 letters

Arizona Congressman who wrote Too Funny to Be President, 5 letters

Arizona pol Mo, 5 letters

Arizona political surname, 5 letters

Arizona's Mo, 5 letters

Arizona's Morris, 5 letters

Big name in Arizona political history, 5 letters

Big name in Arizona politics, 5 letters

Big name in Southwest politics, 5 letters

Colorado Senator, 5 letters

Colorado senator Mark, 5 letters

Democratic hopeful in 1976, 5 letters

English dramatist Nicholas, 5 letters

Former Arizona congressman Morris ___, 5 letters

Former congressman Morris ___, 5 letters

Former Interior Secretary Stewart, 5 letters

Historical name in Arizona politics, 5 letters

J.F.K.'s Interior Secretary, 5 letters

JFK cabinet member, 5 letters

Kennedy introducer at the 1980 Democratic convention, 5 letters

Kennedy's pick for Interior, 5 letters

Kennedy's Secretary of the Interior, 5 letters

Loser to Carter in the 1976 primary, 5 letters

Mark of the Senate, or his father Mo, 5 letters

Mo of Arizona politics, 5 letters

Mo or Stew, 5 letters

Mo or Stew of Arizona, 5 letters

Mo who introduced Ted Kennedy at 1980 Democratic Convention, 5 letters

Mo who unsuccessfully ran for president in 1976, 5 letters

Mo who was Kennedy's introducer at the 1980 Democratic Convention, 5 letters

Moe of politics, 5 letters

Morris or Stewart, 5 letters

Morris or Stewart of Arizona, 5 letters

Name in Arizona politics, 5 letters

New Mexico senator Tom, 5 letters

New Mexico's junior senator, 5 letters

Nicholson role, 5 letters

One of a Western political family, 5 letters

Politician Morris, 5 letters

Politico Mo, 5 letters

Politico Mo of Arizona, 5 letters

Politico Morris or Stewart, 5 letters

Presidential hopeful of 1976, 5 letters

Ralph Roister Doister writer, 5 letters

Secretary of the Interior under Kennedy and Johnson, 5 letters

Secretary of the Interior who played in the NIT for Arizona, 5 letters

US Interior Secretary of the '60s, 5 letters

Arizona political family, 6 letters

Morris and Stewart of Arizona, 6 letters

If ___ (Kenneth Cole shoe brand), 5 letters

Hussein killed in 2003, 4 letters

Saddam Hussein's son, who has won a National Assembly seat, 4 letters

Saddam's psycho son, 4 letters

Saddam's son, 4 letters

Shankar of Indian theater, 4 letters

Son of Saddam, 4 letters

Start of a 1936 Porter hit, 13 letters

Bossy part, 5 letters

Bovine gland, 5 letters

Bovine milk source, 5 letters

Calf feeder, 5 letters

Calf's feeding station, 5 letters

Container of milk?, 5 letters

Cow feature, 5 letters

Cow part, 5 letters

Cow's bag, 5 letters

Cow's mammary gland, 5 letters

Dairy container?, 5 letters

Dairy outlet?, 5 letters

Dairymaid's handful, 5 letters

Elsie's appendage, 5 letters

Ewe feature, 5 letters

Feature mistakenly added to some male cartoon bovines, 5 letters

Fresh milk container?, 5 letters

Holstein part, 5 letters

It gets milked, 5 letters

It may be aimed at a pail, 5 letters

It's pulled on a dairy farm, 5 letters

It's pulled on a farm, 5 letters

Milk container, 5 letters

Milk dispenser, 5 letters

Milk giver, 5 letters

Milk holder, 5 letters

Milk locale, 5 letters

Milk producer, 5 letters

Milk provider, 5 letters

Milk sac, 5 letters

Milk source, 5 letters

Milker's focus, 5 letters

Milker's handful, 5 letters

Milking machine attachment, 5 letters

Milking organ, 5 letters

Milkmaid's fistful, 5 letters

Milkmaid's main squeeze?, 5 letters

Milkmaid's station?, 5 letters

Milky way?, 5 letters

Moo juice container, 5 letters

Natural milk container, 5 letters

Often milked, 5 letters

Organ for a milking machine, 5 letters

Organic milk dispenser, 5 letters

Part of a cow, 5 letters

Sack for a suckling, 5 letters

Source of milk, 5 letters

Suckling site, 5 letters

Teat, 5 letters

The calf stops here, 5 letters

Whence milk comes, 5 letters

Mammary gland of bovids (cows and sheep and goats), 5 letters

Dairy frivolity?, 13 letters

The absolute best Guernsey?, 15 letters

Bovine glands, 6 letters

Cow features, 6 letters

Dairy suppliers, 6 letters

Ewe features, 6 letters

Important parts of dairy cows, 6 letters

Jersey parts?, 6 letters

Milk containers, 6 letters

Milk dispensers, 6 letters

Milk source, 6 letters

Milkers handfuls', 6 letters

Milkers tug on them, 6 letters

Raw milk containers, 6 letters

Sources of milk, 6 letters

These hang around on a farm, 6 letters

They provide milk, 6 letters

They're above the pails in a dairy barn, 6 letters

They're pulled on a dairy farm, 6 letters

Ending with quiet, 3 letters

Quiet end?, 3 letters

Quiet ending, 3 letters

Ulan ___ (Buryat republic's capital), 3 letters

Ulan-___ (Siberian capital), 3 letters

Ulan-___, Russ., 3 letters

The Sea and the Mirror poet, 4 letters

Daybreak in , 3 letters

A North Caucasic language, 3 letters

City at the foot of the Venetian Alps, 5 letters

City in NE Italy, 5 letters

City NE of Venice, 5 letters

City near Trieste, 5 letters

City near Venice, 5 letters

City north of Trieste, 5 letters

City northeast of Venice, 5 letters

City NW of Trieste, 5 letters

Commune near Trieste, 5 letters

Commune near Venice, 5 letters

Italian city, 5 letters

Italian commune, 5 letters

Italian province, 5 letters

Province in Italy, 5 letters

Legit, 10 letters

Bien ___ (of course), 7 letters

Shadow of the Vampire actor Kier, 3 letters

Actor Kier, 3 letters

Actor Kier of Dancer in the Dark, 3 letters

Asparagus-like sushi veggie, 3 letters

Asparagus-like veggie, 3 letters

Cult actor Kier of Warhol films, 3 letters

Cult favorite actor ___ Kier, 3 letters

Edible ginseng plant, 3 letters

Edible Japanese plant, 3 letters

German actor Kier, 3 letters

German heavy metal band that released 1991's Time Bomb, 3 letters

German-born Hollywood actor ___ Keir, 3 letters

Ginseng cousin, 3 letters

Ginseng kin, 3 letters

Ginseng plant, 3 letters

Ginseng relative, 3 letters

Ginseng-like veggie, 3 letters

Ginsenglike vegetable, 3 letters

Its stem is used in miso soup, 3 letters

Japanese herb, 3 letters

Japanese plant, 3 letters

Japanese restaurant vegetable, 3 letters

Japanese salad herb, 3 letters

Japanese salad ingredient, 3 letters

Japanese salad plant, 3 letters

Japanese salad veggie, 3 letters

Japanese vegetable, 3 letters

Japanese vegetable related to ginseng, 3 letters

Japanese veggie, 3 letters

Miso soup ingredient, 3 letters

Miso veggie, 3 letters

Plant with edible shoots, 3 letters

Sushi veggie, 3 letters

Tennis player Riglewski, 3 letters

Vegetable with sushi, 3 letters

Veggie with sushi, 3 letters

Widmark's first film role, 3 letters

Widmark's giggling hood in Kiss of Death (1947), Tommy ___, 3 letters

Widmark's role in Kiss of Death, 3 letters

___ Thani, city in Thailand, 4 letters

Asian noodles, 4 letters

Asian soup noodle, 4 letters

Japanese noodle, 4 letters

Japanese noodle product, 4 letters

Japanese noodle variety, 4 letters

Japanese soup noodle, 4 letters

Japanese wheat pasta, 4 letters

Nagasaki noodles, 4 letters

Noodle with tempura, 4 letters

Noodle-bar order, 4 letters

Noodles often eaten with tempura, 4 letters

Noodles served in broth, 4 letters

Noodles you might put in pho, 4 letters

Ramen alternative, 4 letters

Soba alternative, 4 letters

Soba noodle alternative, 4 letters

Soba relative, 4 letters

Some instant noodles, 4 letters

Soup pasta, 4 letters

Tempura ___ (Japanese dish), 4 letters

Thick Japanese noodles, 4 letters

Thick Japanese soup noodle, 4 letters

Type of Japanese noodle, 4 letters

Wheat pasta in Japanese cuisine, 4 letters

Wheat-based Japanese noodles, 4 letters

Japanese soup item, 10 letters

Brandy tune ___ Know Me, 5 letters

Usher's ___ Have to Call, 5 letters

Ginseng relatives, 4 letters

Japanese herbs, 4 letters

Japanese salad ingredients, 4 letters

Japanese salad plants, 4 letters

Japanese vegetables, 4 letters

Miso soup ingredients, 4 letters

Sapporo salad herbs, 4 letters

Some hairstyles, 4 letters

Stems used in miso soup, 4 letters

Funny car org., 4 letters

Official language of Pakistan, 4 letters

The formal you, in Mex., 3 letters

A member of the Finno-Ugric-speaking people living in eastern European Russia, 6 letters

The Finnic language spoken by the Votyak people, 6 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..