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___ bear, 5 letters

___ Bear (Animal Collective member), 5 letters

Bear native to China, 5 letters

Bear that's not really a bear, 5 letters

Giant bear, 5 letters

Kung Fu ___ (2008 film), 5 letters

2008 Beijing Olympics mascot, 5 letters

Adorable animal that's a symbol of China, 5 letters

Andy of cartoons, 5 letters

Animal recently classified as a bear, 5 letters

Asian mammal, 5 letters

Asian quadruped, 5 letters

Bamboo chewer, 5 letters

Bamboo connoisseur, 5 letters

Bamboo consumer, 5 letters

Bamboo eater, 5 letters

Bamboo enthusiast, 5 letters

Bamboo fan, 5 letters

Bamboo lover, 5 letters

Bamboo lover of China, 5 letters

Bamboo muncher, 5 letters

Bamboo shoot muncher, 5 letters

Bamboo tracker, 5 letters

Bamboo-eating 'bear', 5 letters

Bamboo-eating animal, 5 letters

Bamboo-eating beast, 5 letters

Bamboo-eating creature, 5 letters

Bamboo-eating mammal, 5 letters

Bamboo-loving critter, 5 letters

Bamboo-munching bear, 5 letters

Bamboo-munching beast, 5 letters

Bamboo-munching critter, 5 letters

Bamboo-munching mammal, 5 letters

Bearcat, 5 letters

Bearlike beast, 5 letters

Bearlike mammal, 5 letters

Bearlike zoo beast, 5 letters

Black and white beast, 5 letters

Black and white delight, 5 letters

Black and white mammal, 5 letters

Black and white zoo attraction, 5 letters

Black-and-white bear, 5 letters

Black-and-white animal, 5 letters

Black-and-white bamboo eater, 5 letters

Black-and-white bear relative, 5 letters

Black-and-white favorite, 5 letters

Black-and-white herbivore, 5 letters

Bleating bear, 5 letters

Carnival prize, perhaps, 5 letters

China's gift to the National Zoo, 5 letters

Chinese bear, 5 letters

Chinese bamboo lover, 5 letters

Chinese bearlike beast, 5 letters

Chinese giant?, 5 letters

Chinese herbivore, 5 letters

Chinese mammal, 5 letters

Comics animal Andy, 5 letters

Cuddly bamboo-muncher, 5 letters

Cuddly carnival prize, 5 letters

Cuddly-looking bamboo muncher, 5 letters

Cute bamboo eater, 5 letters

Cute bear, 5 letters

Cute zoo attraction, 5 letters

Cute zoo creature, 5 letters

D.C.'s Tai Shan, for one, 5 letters

Diner on bamboo, 5 letters

Dweller in the Chinese highlands, 5 letters

Endangered giant, 5 letters

Expand attraction featuring rare mammal (5), 5 letters

Gao Gao, for one, 5 letters

Giant ___, 5 letters

Gift from China, 5 letters

Hsing-Hsing was one, 5 letters

Hsing-Hsing, e.g., 5 letters

Image on Chinese commemorative coins, 5 letters

It eats shoots and leaves, 5 letters

It's a bear, 5 letters

Ling Ling, for one, 5 letters

Ling-Ling or Hsing-Hsing, 5 letters

Ling-Ling or Yong Yong, 5 letters

Ling-Ling, e.g., 5 letters

Modern gold coin of China, 5 letters

National Zoo beast, 5 letters

National Zoo creature, 5 letters

National Zoo favorite, 5 letters

Non-bear bear, 5 letters

One of the 2008 Olympic mascots, 5 letters

One of the five Beijing Olympics mascots, 5 letters

One that eats shoots and leaves, 5 letters

Pe-Pe or Xeng-Li, 5 letters

Raccoon family member, 5 letters

Raccoon relative, 5 letters

Raccoon's Himalayan cousin, 5 letters

Racoonlike mammal, 5 letters

Rare bear, 5 letters

Rare animal, 5 letters

Rare black-and- white critter, 5 letters

San Diego Zoo attraction, 5 letters

Smithsonian National Zoo star, 5 letters

Stuffed animal at a carnival, 5 letters

Stuffed carnival prize, maybe, 5 letters

Stuffed carnival prize, perhaps, 5 letters

Symbol of China, 5 letters

Tai Shan, e.g., 5 letters

Tai Shan, for one, 5 letters

Teddy resembler, 5 letters

Tian Tian, e.g., 5 letters

Tibetan mammal, 5 letters

Walter Lantz's Andy ___, 5 letters

Washington Zoo animal, 5 letters

Washington's Mei Xiang, for one, 5 letters

Word with red or giant, 5 letters

World Wildlife Fund mascot, 5 letters

World Wildlife Fund symbol, 5 letters

World Wildlife Fund's logo, 5 letters

WWF symbol, 5 letters (WWF Web site), 5 letters

Zoo bear, 5 letters

Zoo attraction, 5 letters

Zoo attraction, perhaps, 5 letters

Zoo celebrity, 5 letters

Zoo favorite, 5 letters

Large black-and-white herbivorous mammal of bamboo forests of China and Tibet, 5 letters

In some classifications considered a member of the bear family or of a separate family Ailuropodidae, 5 letters

* Black and white animal, 6 letters

Bamboo eater, 9 letters

Bamboo-eating cutie, 9 letters

Chinese zoo attraction, 9 letters

Endangered bamboo eater, colloquially, 9 letters

Adorable zoo critters from China, 10 letters

Bamboo eaters, colloquially, 10 letters

Black-and-white zoo beasts, 10 letters

Bamboo eaters breaking free?, 11 letters

Uproar at the zoo?, 11 letters

Trojan archer slain by Diomedes, 8 letters

Giant animals, 6 letters

Giant zoo beasts, 6 letters

Adorable bears, 6 letters

Animals with eye patches, 6 letters

Asian bearlike mammals, 6 letters

Asian mammals, 6 letters

Bamboo chewers, 6 letters

Bamboo eaters, 6 letters

Bamboo lovers, 6 letters

Bamboo munchers, 6 letters

Bamboo-eating creatures, 6 letters

Bamboo-eating critters, 6 letters

Bearcats, 6 letters

Bearlike beasts, 6 letters

Bearlike zoo beasts, 6 letters

Black and white beasts, 6 letters

Black-and-white bamboo chewers, 6 letters

Black-and-white bamboo lovers, 6 letters

Black-and-white zoo denizens, 6 letters

Certain natives of Tibet, 6 letters

China has tentatively agreed to lend two to the National Zoo, 6 letters

Chinese bears, 6 letters

Cuddly zoo animals, 6 letters

Denizens of bamboo forests, 6 letters

Endangered bamboo eaters, 6 letters

Hsing-Hsing and Ling-Ling, 6 letters

Images on Chinese gold coins, 6 letters

Ling-Ling and others, 6 letters

Mei Xiang and Tai Shan, e.g., 6 letters

National Zoo attractions, 6 letters

National Zoo beasts, 6 letters

National Zoo creatures, 6 letters

National Zoo favorites, 6 letters

Popular carnival prizes, 6 letters

Residents of a Sichuan sanctuary, 6 letters

San Diego Zoo attractions, 6 letters

Some animals also like following pack's leader (6), 6 letters

Some are giant, 6 letters

Symbols of China, 6 letters

Teddybear's competitors, 6 letters

The National Zoo's Mei Xiang and Tian Tian, e.g., 6 letters

They often have repetitive names, 6 letters

Threatened species from China, 6 letters

Washington zoo attractions, 6 letters

Washington Zoo pair, 6 letters

Zoo animals with Chinese names, 6 letters

Zoo attractions, 6 letters

Zoo beasts, 6 letters

Zoo favorites, 6 letters

Widespread disease, 8 letters

Large-scale outbreak, 8 letters

Prevalent all over, 8 letters

Universal, 8 letters

Very widespread, 8 letters

Widespread epidemic, 8 letters

An epidemic that is geographically widespread, 8 letters

Occurring throughout a region or even throughout the world, 8 letters

Very widespread diseases, 9 letters

Bedlam, 11 letters

Extreme confusion and disorder, 11 letters

Flower that's a riot of color?, 11 letters

Uproar, 11 letters

Wild uproar, 11 letters

A state of extreme confusion and disorder, 11 letters

Basely play to the base, 6 letters

Cater (to), 6 letters

Cater basely, 6 letters

Cater basely with to, 6 letters

Cater dishonorably (to), 6 letters

Cater, in a way, 6 letters

Give 'em what they want, 6 letters

Kowtow to the base, 6 letters

Play to the crowd, 6 letters

Someone who procures customers for whores (in England they call a pimp a ponce), 6 letters

Profited from another's vices, 8 letters

Spoke to base desires, 8 letters

Shamelessly courted, 10 letters

___ to Power (Frederick J. Sheehan's expos, 8 letters

Exploiter of lower tastes, 8 letters

Go-between in love affairs, 8 letters

One who caters basely, 8 letters

One who doesn't take the high road, 8 letters

Vile agent, 8 letters

Someone who procures customers for whores (in England they call a pimp a ponce), 8 letters

A person who serves or caters to the vulgar passions or plans of others (especially in order to make money), 8 letters

Go-betweens, of a sort, 9 letters

Caters, in a way, 7 letters

Plays to the crowd, 7 letters

Satisfies, as baser instincts, 9 letters

Appeal to the baser side of, 8 letters

Indulge, 8 letters

Provide easy gratification for, 8 letters

Provide gratification for, 8 letters

Co. that has sponsored many soaps, 5 letters

Consumer products giant, briefly, 5 letters

Frequent MBA case-study source, 5 letters

Pampers maker, informally, 5 letters

Verbal exchange about a harsh review?, 13 letters

C.F.O.'s concern, 5 letters

Box opener, 7 letters

Box opener of myth, 7 letters

Box opener or mollusk, 7 letters

Box possessor, 7 letters

Box woman, 7 letters

Curious Greek, 7 letters

Curious one, 7 letters

Curious one of myth, 7 letters

Famed box opener, 7 letters

First lady of Greek mythology, 7 letters

First woman, in Greek myth, 7 letters

Greek mythology's Eve, 7 letters

Her curiosity caused trouble, 7 letters

Ill-fated opener of myth, 7 letters

Infamous box opener of myth, 7 letters

Infamous box-opener, 7 letters

Lady with a box, 7 letters

Lady with a box and a pro, 7 letters

Legendary box-opener, 7 letters

Music Genome Project website, 7 letters

Mythical box opener, 7 letters

Mythical releaser of troubles, 7 letters

Mythological box opener, 7 letters

Noted box opener, 7 letters

She wasn't hopeless, 7 letters

The Eve of mythology, 7 letters

Woman of myth, 7 letters

(Greek mythology) the first woman, 7 letters

Created by Hephaestus on orders from Zeus who presented her to Epimetheus along with a box filled with evils, 7 letters

Box of ill fame, 8 letters

Source of troubles, 9 letters

Mythical woman's classical CDs?, 13 letters

Mythic coffer, 10 letters

Repository of Greek mythology, 11 letters

Source of many troubles, 11 letters

Source of troubles, 11 letters

Source of troubling surprises, 11 letters

Source of unforeseen trouble, 11 letters

Trouble sign, 11 letters

WARNING: Do not open, 11 letters

Wedding gift for Epimetheus, 11 letters

Dog of Greek mythology?, 13 letters

Proof of evil purchases?, 14 letters

Animal belonging to a releaser of evil?, 10 letters

Curious person's video game console?, 12 letters

Some apple pies, 10 letters

Fruity dessert, 8 letters

Deep-dish apple dessert covered with a rich crust, 8 letters

Dessert that translates to sweet bread, 8 letters

Family of woody plants of the order Pandanales including pandanus, 11 letters

Families Typhaceae, 10 letters

Sparganiaceae, 10 letters

Pandanaceae, 10 letters

Any of various Old World tropical palmlike trees having huge prop roots and edible conelike fruits and leaves like pineapple leaves, 8 letters

Someone who procures customers for whores (in England they call a pimp a ponce), 6 letters

Yawning and stretching (as when first waking up), 13 letters

Type genus of the Pandionidae, 7 letters

Ospreys, 11 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..