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Ill. coal city, 4 letters

Vision prefix, in cinema, 4 letters

Move a movie camera around a community?, 12 letters

A big trade is not always one, 7 letters

Alchemist's goal, 7 letters

All-encompassing solution, 7 letters

Catholicon, 7 letters

Cure for all, 7 letters

Cure-all, 7 letters

Elixir, 7 letters

General medicine?, 7 letters

Greek god -- one with a remedy for all ills (7), 7 letters

Greek goddess of healing, 7 letters

It fixes everything, 7 letters

It'll cure anything, 7 letters

It'll cure what ails you, 7 letters

It's good for whatever ails you, 7 letters

Nostrum, 7 letters

Perfect remedy, 7 letters

Quack's wonder drug, 7 letters

Snake oil, allegedly, 7 letters

Snake oil, so it's said, 7 letters

Ultimate solution, 7 letters

Universal remedy, 7 letters

Once sought by the alchemists, 7 letters

Hypothetical remedy for all ills or diseases, 7 letters

Cure-all, 9 letters

Answers for everything, 8 letters

Cure-alls, 8 letters

Elixirs, 8 letters

Hypothetical remedies for all ills, 8 letters

Ideal states, 8 letters

They fix everything, 8 letters

They'll take care of everything, 8 letters

Dash, 7 letters

Elan, 7 letters

Feathered plume on a helmet, 7 letters

Flair, 7 letters

Flamboyance, 7 letters

Flamboyant manner, 7 letters

Grand style, 7 letters

Great flair, 7 letters

Gusto, 7 letters

Ornamental plume, 7 letters

Pizazz, 7 letters

Razzle-dazzle, 7 letters

Style, 7 letters

Stylish style, 7 letters

Take each nap with flamboyance, 7 letters

Verve, 7 letters

Verve; flair, 7 letters

What Fred Astaire danced with, 7 letters

Distinctive and stylish elegance, 7 letters

A feathered plume on a helmet, 7 letters

Breadcrumb paste, 6 letters

Meat sauce, 6 letters

Flour and milk mixtures, 7 letters

___ 103 (sad 1988 attack), 5 letters

___ Games, 5 letters

___ Games (quadrennial event), 5 letters

___ makes the going great (old ad slogan), 5 letters

Catch Me If You Can airline, 5 letters

Catch Me If You Can carrier, 5 letters

2011 ABC series about an airline, 5 letters

2011 TV show with multiple pilots, 5 letters

ABC premiere of September 2011, 5 letters

Airline founded in 1927, 5 letters

Airline from 1927-91, 5 letters

Airline in Catch Me If You Can, 5 letters

Airline of the past, 5 letters

Airline of yore, 5 letters

Airline shut down in 1991, 5 letters

Airline that flew the China Clipper, for short, 5 letters

Airline that had a Clipper Club, 5 letters

Airline that had a waiting list for future moon flights, 5 letters

Airline that introduced transatlantic service, for short, 5 letters

Airline that the Beatles used for their first trip to NYC, 5 letters

Airline until 1991, 5 letters

Bygone airline, 5 letters

Carrier founded in 1927, 5 letters

Carrier with a globe logo, 5 letters

China Clipper carrier, 5 letters

Classic airline, 5 letters

Clipper airlines, 5 letters

Clipper fliers, 5 letters

Clipper name, 5 letters

Company that had a blue globe logo, 5 letters

Company with a blue globe logo, 5 letters

Defunct flier with a blue-globe logo, 5 letters

Early airline giant, 5 letters

Erstwhile airline, 5 letters

First airline to complete a round-the-world flight, 5 letters

First airline with commercial transpacific passenger flights, 5 letters

First commercial carrier to use the Boeing 747, 5 letters

Flier until '91, 5 letters

Former company with a globelike logo, 5 letters

Former international airline, 5 letters

Former intl. airline, 5 letters

Former name on the MetLife Building, 5 letters

Former TWA rival, 5 letters

Former world airline, 5 letters

Games since '51, 5 letters

Intl. airline until 1991, 5 letters

Intl. carrier, once, 5 letters

It began service in 1927, 5 letters

It revolutionized 20th-century global transportation, 5 letters

It was flown by James Bond in Dr. No, 5 letters

Its first route was Key West-Havana, 5 letters

Its first terminal was at Key West, Florida, 5 letters

Its Yankee Clipper service began in 1939, 5 letters

Jet age 2011-'12 TV drama, 5 letters

Jumbo-jet popularizer, 5 letters

Lockerbie bombing airline, 5 letters

Name formerly on New York's MetLife Building, 5 letters

Old airline, 5 letters

Old carrier, 5 letters

Old TWA rival, 5 letters

One-time international airline, 5 letters

One-time intl. airline, 5 letters

Onetime name atop N.Y.C.'s MetLife Building, 5 letters

Onetime TWA competitor, 5 letters

Onetime TWA rival, 5 letters

Operator of a 2001 space plane, 5 letters

Pioneer airline, 5 letters

The Beatles arrived in New York in 1964 on this, 5 letters

This airline began service to the Soviet Union, July 15, 1968, 5 letters

TWA rival, 5 letters

TWA rival, formerly, 5 letters

U.S. airline, 5 letters

Worldport airline, 5 letters

Yankee Clipper airline, 5 letters

Yankee Clipper company, 5 letters

___ Canal, 6 letters

___ City, Fla., 6 letters

1903 independence declarer, 6 letters

Article of apparel that's not made where you might think, 6 letters

Boater alternative, 6 letters

Brimmed topper, 6 letters

Canal country, 6 letters

Canal locale, 6 letters

Canal or country, 6 letters

Canal site, 6 letters

Canal Zone locale, 6 letters

Central American canal locale, 6 letters

Central American country, 6 letters

Central American land, 6 letters

Col, 6 letters

Colombia neighbor, 6 letters

Costa Rica neighbor, 6 letters

Country hat?, 6 letters

Country linking two oceans, 6 letters

Country once part of Colombia, 6 letters

Country that seceded from Colombia, 6 letters

Country that's also a Van Halen hit, 6 letters

Country with a canal, 6 letters

End of a well-known palindrome, 6 letters

Former province of Colombia, 6 letters

Gatun Dam locale, 6 letters

Hat for the heat, 6 letters

Hat made from jipijapa, 6 letters

Hat made of jipijapa, 6 letters

Hat made of jipijapa leaves, 6 letters

Hat made with jipijapa leaves, 6 letters

Hat named for a land, 6 letters

Hat or canal, 6 letters

Independence declarer of November 3, 1903, 6 letters

Isthmus land, 6 letters

Isthmus locale, 6 letters

Jipijapa hat, 6 letters

Jipijapa topper, 6 letters

John Le Carre's The Tailor of ___, 6 letters

Kind of hat, 6 letters

Land explored by Balboa, 6 letters

Lightweight hat, 6 letters

Neighbor of Colombia, 6 letters

Neighbor of Costa Rica, 6 letters

Nicaragua neighbor, 6 letters

Noted canal, 6 letters

OAS member, 6 letters

Roberto Dur, 6 letters

Southernmost Central American country, 6 letters

Southernmost country in Central America, 6 letters

Straw hat, 6 letters

Summer hat, 6 letters

Summer topper, 6 letters

Third single from Van Halen's 1984, 6 letters

Tropical tourist's hat, 6 letters

Type of hat, 6 letters

Van Halen song, 6 letters

Van Halen tune, 6 letters

Where balboas are spent, 6 letters

Where to spend a balboa, 6 letters

Where to spend balboas, 6 letters

Zonian's environs, 6 letters

A stiff straw hat with a flat crown, 6 letters

A republic on the Isthmus of Panama, 6 letters

Achieved independence from Colombia in 1903, 6 letters

Canal Zone film favorites?, 17 letters

Opening of 1914, 10 letters

'15 S.F. World's Fair feted it, 11 letters

1903 construction, 11 letters

Actress Turner arrived lacking energy; with a brief rest, left for continental crossing (6,5), 11 letters

Artery since 1914, 11 letters

Atlantic-Pacific linkup, 11 letters

Col, 11 letters

Disastrous engineering project for Ferdinand de Lesseps, 11 letters

Important shipping route opened in 1914, 11 letters

It connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, 11 letters

It connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans: 2 wds., 11 letters

It opened in August 1914, 11 letters

Its construction began 1/1/1880, 11 letters

Long isthmus divider, 11 letters

Long set of locks, 11 letters

Naval pathway, 11 letters

Naval pathway since 1914, 11 letters

Noted 1914 opening, 11 letters

Part of some cruise itineraries, 11 letters

Shipping route since 1914, 11 letters

Subject of a 1978 treaty, 11 letters

The Bridge of the Americas locale, 11 letters

The Path Between the Seas subject, 11 letters

Waterway with five letters alike, 11 letters

Bedouin at a major waterway?, 15 letters

Mapmaker's definition of this puzzle's theme, 15 letters

LOCK, 15 letters

Central American isthmus area, 15 letters

Geographically strategic area America has historically insisted on controlling, 15 letters

Capital on a bay, 10 letters

Florida spring-break destination, 10 letters

Museo del Canal Interoceanico setting, 10 letters

Boater's cousin, 9 letters

Headgear, 9 letters

Jipijapa skimmer, 9 letters

Lightweight topper, 9 letters

Plaited topper, 9 letters

Shade source, 9 letters

Straw topper, 9 letters

Summer wear, 9 letters

Topper made in Ecuador, 9 letters

Topper made with leaves, 9 letters

Tropics headgear, 9 letters

Unexpectedly, it's usually made in Ecuador, 9 letters

Apparel made from palmlike plants, 10 letters

Headgear made (despite the name) in Ecuador, 10 letters

Stiff headwear made of straw, 10 letters

Let's Be Buddies Ethel Merman musical, 12 letters

1940 Cole Porter musical, 12 letters

Cole Porter musical, 12 letters

Merman role., 12 letters

Canal cops?, 10 letters

Central American dame?, 10 letters

Mother in Central America?, 10 letters

Manuel Noriega, for one, 10 letters

Native of Colon, 10 letters

A native or inhabitant of Panama, 10 letters

Criticize one path to the mansion?, 12 letters

VAN HALEN, 15 letters

Boaters' relatives, 7 letters

Central American hats, 7 letters

Hats made from tropical leaves, 7 letters

Hats of leaves, 7 letters

Headwear also known as jipijapas, 7 letters

Jipijapa hats, 7 letters

Jipijapa leaf hats, 7 letters

Jipijapas, 7 letters

Some handmade hats, 7 letters

Some hats, 7 letters

Straw hats, 7 letters

Tropical headgear, 7 letters

Tropical straw hats, 7 letters

Tropical toppers, 7 letters

Wide-brimmed hats, 7 letters

Western Hemisphere., 10 letters

Criticize a Yankee?, 11 letters

Of the Western Hemisphere, 11 letters

Of the Western Hemisphere, basically, 11 letters

One-time big airline name, 11 letters

United States observance of April 14, 14 letters

Quadrennial athletic event, 10 letters

Range west of Death Valley, 8 letters

Jay-Z performance about a former airline, 8 letters

Belonging to a former airline, 6 letters

Thai curry type, 6 letters

___ Games (2011 sporting event in Doha, Qatar), 7 letters

Favoring a form of Mideast unity, 7 letters

Favoring Mideast unity, 7 letters

Like Gamal Abdel Nasser's movement, 7 letters

Like Middle East nationalism, 7 letters

Like Nasser's movement, 7 letters

Like Nasser's philosophy, 7 letters

Like recent Middle East protests, to some extent, 7 letters

Like some Mideast conferences, 7 letters

Like some Mideast politics, 7 letters

Like some nationalism, 7 letters

Like the newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat, 7 letters

Of a Mideast unity movement, 7 letters

Ideas for life sloganeer, 9 letters

Camcorder company, 9 letters

Onetime Universal Studios owner, 9 letters

RCA rival, 9 letters

*Long smoke, 8 letters

Cigar option, 8 letters

Corona alternative, 8 letters

Corona kin, 8 letters

Long, slender cigar, 8 letters

Popular cigar, 8 letters

Slender cigar, 8 letters

Slim cigar, 8 letters

Smoke shop choice, 8 letters

Smoke that's not thick, 8 letters

A long slender cigar, 8 letters

Long slender cigars, 9 letters

Slender cigars, 9 letters

Slim cigars, 9 letters

Cigar type, 9 letters

Long cigar, 9 letters

Smoke with straight sides, 9 letters

Sort of smoke, 9 letters

Ginseng genus, 5 letters

Kind of ginseng, 5 letters

Perennial herbs of eastern North America and Asia having aromatic tuberous roots ginseng, 5 letters

Central Philippine island, 5 letters

Iloilo's island, 5 letters

Iloilo's locale, 5 letters

Philippine island, 5 letters

Where Iloilo is, 5 letters

(Datril and Tylenol and Panadol and Phenaphen and Tempra and Anacin III are trademarks of brands of acetaminophen tablets), 7 letters

An analgesic for mild pain, 7 letters

Also used as an antipyretic, 7 letters

Low stingless nettle of Central and South America having velvety brownish-green toothed leaves and clusters of small green flowers, 8 letters

Low stingless nettle of Central and South America having velvety brownish-green toothed leaves and clusters of small green flowers, 8 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..