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Lustrous velvet, 4 letters

Heavy satin, 5 letters

Lightweight velvet, 5 letters

Lustrous finish, 5 letters

Lustrous finish for velvet, 5 letters

Lustrous velvet, 5 letters

Soft velvet, 5 letters

Type of velvet, 5 letters

Velvet fabric, 5 letters

Velvet finish, 5 letters

Velvetlike cloth, 5 letters

Awarded zero stars, say, 6 letters

Condemned a la Ebert, 6 letters

Didn't exactly rave about, 6 letters

Gave a lousy review of, 6 letters

Gave a negative review to, 6 letters

Gave a thumbs-down to, 6 letters

Gave no stars to, 6 letters

Gave one star, say, 6 letters

Had nothing good to say about, 6 letters

Rated a bomb, 6 letters

Reviewed badly, 6 letters

Reviewed harshly, 6 letters

Reviewed without mercy, 6 letters

Went for the gold?, 6 letters

Worked a placer, 6 letters

Gave Bambi a bad review?, 13 letters

Forty-niner, e.g., 6 letters

Forty-niner, frequently, 6 letters

Gold diggers?, 7 letters

Gold-dust seekers, 7 letters

Prospectors, 7 letters

Criticizes any soft velvets, 6 letters

Conical basket, 7 letters

Could Anne rip basket?, 7 letters

Large basket, 7 letters

Mule's burden, 7 letters

Pack animal's basket, 7 letters

A large wicker basket (usually one of a pair), 7 letters

Set of small hoops used to add fullness over the hips, 7 letters

Large baskets, 8 letters

Small cup, 8 letters

(British) a small pan or cup (usually of tin), 8 letters

Giving a bad review to, 7 letters

Going for the gold?, 7 letters

Sourdough's activity, 7 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..