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Mrs. in Poland, 4 letters

Peru's interim president, 8 letters

___ button, 5 letters

___! at the Disco, 5 letters

___ Room (2002 Jodie Foster film), 5 letters

___ Room (2002), 5 letters

'-- Room ('02 film) ', 5 letters

Don't ___ (Hitchhiker's Guide motto), 5 letters

No Cause for ___ (Russell Baker anthology), 5 letters

War of the Worlds aftermath, 5 letters

War of the Worlds broadcast aftermath, 5 letters

War of the Worlds outcome, 5 letters

War of the Worlds reaction, 5 letters

What to do? What to do? feeling, 5 letters

1929 occurrence, 5 letters

A button to push, 5 letters

Act like Chicken Little, 5 letters

Alarmist's creation, 5 letters

Anxiety attack, 5 letters

Bad news for Wall Street, 5 letters

Banker's worry, 5 letters

Barrel of laughs, 5 letters

Become frantic, 5 letters

Become terrified, 5 letters

Become too frightened to function, 5 letters

Behave like Chicken Little, 5 letters

Button for the freaked out, 5 letters

Button type, 5 letters

Cause of a Wall Street sell-off, 5 letters

Cause of an attack, 5 letters

Certain button, 5 letters

Chicken Little's emotion, 5 letters

Crash cause, 5 letters

Delight, as an audience: Slang, 5 letters

Disaster-movie scene, 5 letters

Dither, 5 letters

Emulate Chicken Little, 5 letters

Fail to remain calm, 5 letters

Fear named for a Greek god, 5 letters

Financial crisis, 5 letters

Fit of terror, 5 letters

Flip out, 5 letters

Foster's ___ Room, 5 letters

Freak, 5 letters

Freak out, 5 letters

Freak, so to speak, 5 letters

Frenzy, 5 letters

Fright, 5 letters

Funny guy, 5 letters

Gear tooth, 5 letters

Get an anxiety attack, 5 letters

Get frantic, 5 letters

Give in to anxiety, 5 letters

Give in to fear, 5 letters

Go berserk, 5 letters

Go into a tizzy, 5 letters

Go to pieces, 5 letters

Groundless fear, 5 letters

Hardly a cool response, 5 letters

Hardly stay cool, 5 letters

Have an anxiety attack, 5 letters

High anxiety, 5 letters

Hilarious person, 5 letters

Hit the button, 5 letters

Hysteria, 5 letters

Hysterical fear, 5 letters

Hysterical mood, 5 letters

Irrational fear, 5 letters

Kind of attack, 5 letters

Kind of button, 5 letters

Kind of button or attack, 5 letters

Kind of button or room, 5 letters

Laugh a minute, 5 letters

Laugh riot, 5 letters

Lose control, 5 letters

Lose one's cool, 5 letters

Lose one's head, 5 letters

Lose one's nerve, 5 letters

Lose your cool, 5 letters

Not stay cool, 5 letters

Occurrence on Black Friday, Sept. 19, 1873, 5 letters

Opposite of serenity, 5 letters

Overpowering terror, 5 letters

Overwhelming fear, 5 letters

Pre-exam feeling, maybe, 5 letters

Prelude to a stampede, 5 letters

Public scare, 5 letters

Reaction to a pop quiz, perhaps, 5 letters

Real hoot, 5 letters

Response to locking yourself out of the car with the engine running, maybe, 5 letters

Riot of a kind, 5 letters

Run on a bank, 5 letters

Run scared, 5 letters

Rush to sell, on Wall Street, 5 letters

Scream, 5 letters

Sheer fright, 5 letters

Stampede, 5 letters

Stampede cause, 5 letters

Stampede stimulus, 5 letters

Stock market crash feeling, 5 letters

Stock market crash preceder, 5 letters

Sudden fear, 5 letters

Sudden fright, 5 letters

Sudden overpowering fear, 5 letters

Sudden terror, 5 letters

Sweat bullets, 5 letters

Terror, 5 letters

Terror haute?, 5 letters

Type of button, 5 letters

Type of button or room, 5 letters

Uncontrolled fear, 5 letters

Unreasoning fear, 5 letters

Unreasoning fright, 5 letters

Utter fear, 5 letters

Very funny person?, 5 letters

Victim's emotion in a horror novel, 5 letters

Wall Street scare, 5 letters

Wall Street woe, 5 letters

Wall Street worry, 5 letters

Widespread ___, 5 letters

Widespread fear, 5 letters

Word before button or attack, 5 letters

Word on a button, 5 letters

Word with button or room, 5 letters

Word with attack or button, 5 letters

Word with button or room, 5 letters

An overwhelming feeling of fear and anxiety, 5 letters

Sudden mass fear and anxiety over anticipated events, 5 letters

___ the Disco, 7 letters

Cause of some quaking, 11 letters

Episode of intense fear, 11 letters

Result of an extreme phobia, 11 letters

A Fever You Can't Sweat Out band, 15 letters

Fire door device, 8 letters

Frantically putting one's foot down?, 12 letters

Friend who shares your hysteria?, 10 letters

Emergency response initiator, 11 letters

Frantic pusher's target?, 11 letters

It's hit in emergencies, 11 letters

It's pressed in distress, 11 letters

It's pressed in fear, 11 letters

It's pushed in a crisis, 11 letters

It's pushed in distress, 11 letters

It's pushed under stress, 11 letters

Item pressed in a bad situation, 11 letters

Pressing item?, 11 letters

Pusher's target?, 11 letters

Something for a pressing emergency?, 11 letters

Thing pushed during a crisis, so to speak, 11 letters

You might press it in a crisis, 11 letters

Alarm out of order?, 15 letters

Some emergency alarms, 12 letters

Banker during a run?, 12 letters

Lost control, 8 letters

Ran away, perhaps, 8 letters

Far from composed, 7 letters

Freaking out, 7 letters

Out of control, 7 letters

Scared, pay to cover up dent (7), 7 letters

Branched cluster of flowers, 7 letters

Flower cluster, 7 letters

Compound raceme or branched cluster of flowers, 7 letters

When writer's block strikes, first I..., 15 letters

Emergency exit feature, 6 letters

2002 Jodie Foster thriller, 9 letters

Safe place with a counterintuitive name, 9 letters

Anti-intruder areas, 10 letters

Causes of crashes, 6 letters

Crash causes, 6 letters

Depression starters, maybe, 6 letters

Emulates Chicken Little, 6 letters

Falls apart, 6 letters

Forgets to play it cool, 6 letters

Freaks out, 6 letters

Goes to pieces, 6 letters

Has an attack, 6 letters

Hits the button, 6 letters

Hysterias on Wall Street, 6 letters

Loses control, 6 letters

Loses it, 6 letters

Loses one's head, 6 letters

Stampedes, 6 letters

Wall Street plunges, 6 letters

In a tizzy, 13 letters

Much more than worried, 13 letters

Cause a lot of fear in?, 9 letters

Lose one's head big-time?, 9 letters

Go for a close-up shot, 5 letters

Prepare for a closeup shot, 5 letters

Shoot a closeup, 5 letters

Shoot of a closeup, 5 letters

Start a closeup shot, 5 letters

Grilled Italian sandwich, 6 letters

Grilled sandwich, 6 letters

Italian deli offering, 6 letters

Italian deli sandwich, 6 letters

Italian sandwich, 6 letters

Italian-style sandwich, 6 letters

Lunch menu heading in an Italian restaurant, 6 letters

Lunch order, 6 letters

Lunch order at an Italian deli, 6 letters

Pressed sandwich, 6 letters

Small grilled sandwich, 6 letters

They're pressed at a deli, 6 letters

Indian grammarian whose grammatical rules for Sanskrit are the first known example of descriptive linguistics (circa 400 BC), 6 letters

Hit by a thrown kitchen utensil?, 12 letters

Of an anc. assembly in Greece, 8 letters

Cicero's bread, 5 letters

Panic grass, 7 letters

Battle in which the ruler of Afghanistan defeated the Mahrattas in 1761, 7 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..