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Understand he's a doll (4?), 4 letters

Locker rooms for typists (10?), 10 letters

Wet blankets take the life out of simple pleasures (9?), 9 letters

Surfers want them every second even though they sound like fatal mouthfuls (10?), 10 letters

___-Katy (1918 song), 3 letters

'___-Katy', 3 letters

The Birth of a Nation grp., 3 letters

11th letter, three times, 3 letters

Bigoted bunch, familiarly, 3 letters

Boys in the hoods?, 3 letters

Gp. whose parades often draw more protesters than participants, 3 letters

Hate grp., 3 letters

Hateful org., 3 letters

Hoods in hoods: Abbr., 3 letters

Org. founded in 1915, 3 letters

Org. seen in The Birth of a Nation, 3 letters

Org. that suggests Obama's success is attributable to his being half-white, 3 letters

Song oldie, '___-Katy', 3 letters

Three kings, informally*, 3 letters

Who took the Ramones' Baby Away, 3 letters

A secret society of white Southerners to resist Black emancipation, 3 letters

Actresses Ballard and Lenz, 4 letters

1918 hit song about a maid with hair of gold, 7 letters

G. O'Hara's pop song: 1918, 7 letters

Song of 1918, 7 letters

Song that starts Jimmy was a soldier brave and bold, 7 letters

The only g-g-g-girl that I adore, according to a WWI-era song, 7 letters

See Notepad, 15 letters

Some running competitions, 15 letters

Some ranking racists, 10 letters

People in the market for white sheets?, 15 letters

Inelegant patch job being done for the year 2000 (7,5?), 12 letters

It's very awkward to take a flying leap in Kentucky (7?), 7 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..