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Essential company figure, 4 letters

Caribbean chain, 11 letters

Where a groundhog shops?, 7 letters

___ shoppers, 5 letters

*Blue Light Specials store, 5 letters

'Attention ___ shoppers', 5 letters

2002 Chapter 11 filer, 5 letters

Alternative to Target, 5 letters

Bankruptcy filer of 2002, 5 letters

Big name in chain stores, 5 letters

Blue light site, 5 letters

Blue Light Special offerer, 5 letters

Chain retailer that merged with Sears, 5 letters

Chain with a Martha Stewart line, 5 letters

Discount chain, 5 letters

Discount chain formerly known as S.S. Kresge Co., 5 letters

Discount giant, 5 letters

Discount merchandiser, 5 letters

Former OfficeMax owner, 5 letters

Giant retailer, 5 letters

Home of Martha Stewart's line, 5 letters

It first opened in 1962, 5 letters

It merged with Sears in 2004, 5 letters

It's headquartered in Troy, Mich., 5 letters

Its mascot is Mr. Bluelight, 5 letters

Its Web site is, 5 letters

J.C. Penney competitor, 5 letters

JC Penney rival, 5 letters

Kind of special, 5 letters

Kresge's store, today, 5 letters

Long-time Sears rival, 5 letters

Martha Stewart Everyday line backer, 5 letters

Merger partner with Sears in 2005, 5 letters

Partner of Sears, 5 letters

Penney competitor, 5 letters

Penney's rival, 5 letters

Reorganizing retailer, 5 letters

Retail chain started near Detroit in 1962, 5 letters

Retail giant, 5 letters

Retailer based in Troy, Michigan, 5 letters

Retailer in a 2002 bankruptcy, 5 letters

Retailer since 1962, 5 letters

S. S. Kresge, now, 5 letters

S. S. Kresge, today, 5 letters

S.S. Kregge chain, 5 letters

S.S. Kregge store, 5 letters

S.S. Kresge, these days, 5 letters

Sears buyer, 5 letters

Sears competitor, 5 letters

Sears merger partner, 5 letters

Sears rival, 5 letters

Sears subsidiary, 5 letters

Site of a blue light, maybe, 5 letters

Store chain founded by S.S. Kresge, 5 letters

Store first opened in Detroit in 1962, 5 letters

Store once linked to Martha Stewart, 5 letters

Store pitched by Rosie O'Donnell, 5 letters

Store that merged with Sears in 2005, 5 letters

Store that often includes a Little Caesars Pizza Station, 5 letters

Store that once had Blue Light Specials, 5 letters

Store that sells Martha Stewart Everyday products, 5 letters

Store that sold lots of Martha Stewart products, 5 letters

Target alternative, 5 letters

Target competition, 5 letters

Target rival, 5 letters

The first one opened in Detroit in 1962, 5 letters

Where to buy Martha Stewart's line, 5 letters

Where to see Martha Stewart Everyday, 5 letters

Customized bike bought at a discount?, 12 letters

Game show loser?, 11 letters

Blue Light Special stores, 6 letters

Objects of a 2005 merger, 6 letters

Some department stores, 6 letters

Stores with Blue Light Finds, 6 letters

Target alternatives, 6 letters

Where many CDs are bought, these days, 6 letters

Retailer's bill?, 11 letters

Blue-light-special patron, 12 letters

10 of them are about 6.2 mi., 3 letters

Autobahn distances: Abbr., 3 letters

Canada hwy. distances, 3 letters

Canadian distance measures (abbr.), 3 letters

Canadian rd. distances, 3 letters

Dist. units, 3 letters

Distance abbr., 3 letters

Distance measures in Canada (abbr.), 3 letters

Le Mans units: Abbr., 3 letters meas., 3 letters

Marathon units (Abbr.), 3 letters

Measures for drivers on the left side of the road: Abbr., 3 letters

Measures when driving on the left side of the road: Abbr., 3 letters

Metric distances: Abbr., 3 letters

There are 1.609 in a mi., 3 letters

There are approx. 1.6093 in a mile, 3 letters

Tour de France distances: Abbr., 3 letters

Tour de France measurements, briefly, 3 letters

Tour de France units: Abbr., 3 letters

U.K. distance measures, 3 letters

U.K. distances, 3 letters

Units of length equal to 1,000 meters, briefly, 3 letters

Funnyman Danny, 4 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..