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See note, 2 letters

Married... With Children actress, 6 letters

Cleveland quarterback, 1985-93, 4 letters

Proper speech, 9 letters

Fatalist's favorite song?, 9 letters

Linens for a large bed, 4 letters

Pressure initials, 3 letters

Epitome of corniness, 10 letters

9-11 mastermind no longer destined for a civil trial in lower Manhattan, initially, 3 letters

Gitmo prisoner who will not be tried in a New York district court afterall, initially, 3 letters

Aldebaran or Arcturus, 5 letters

Aldebaran, for one, 5 letters

Arcturus or Aldebaran, 5 letters

Arcturus or Aldebaran, to an astronomer, 5 letters

Arcturus or Pollux, to an astronomer, 5 letters

Arcturus, Aldebaran, or Gamma Draconis, 5 letters

Arcturus, for example, 5 letters

It's cooler than our sun, 5 letters

Orange-to-red star, as Aldebaran, 5 letters

Relatively cool sun, 5 letters

Orange dwarfs, 6 letters

Pollux and Aldebaran, 6 letters

Wildcats were first to lose 500 football games, 6 letters

Capital of Jamaica [black], 5 letters

Linchpins, 7 letters

Computer tap, 7 letters

Coll. in Manhattan, 3 letters

Frankfort sch., 3 letters

Home of the Big 12 Wildcats: abbr., 3 letters

Kent, Ohio, campus, 3 letters

Loc. of May 4, 1970, shootings, 3 letters

Manhattan sch., 3 letters

Sch. attended by Drew Carey and members of Devo, 3 letters

Sch. in 1970 protest news, 3 letters

Sch. in 1972 news, 3 letters

Sch. where the events that inspired Neil Young's Ohio occurred, 3 letters

Sch. with a Salina campus, 3 letters

Sch. WNW of Topeka, 3 letters

The Wildcats of the Big 12 Conf., 3 letters

The Wildcats of the N.C.A.A., 3 letters

The Wildcats, for short, 3 letters

Wildcats of the Big 12 Conf., 3 letters

Wildcats of the NCAA, 3 letters

Wildcats' inst., 3 letters

Excites, 4 letters

Nike competitor, 6 letters

Sneaker company founded by two European immigrants in 1966, 6 letters

Tennis shoe that debuted at Wimbledon in 1966, 6 letters

A member of the royal or warrior Hindu caste, 9 letters

The second highest of the four main Hindu castes the royal or warrior caste, 9 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..