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A tippy canoe?, 4 letters

One of the Queer Eye guys, 4 letters

Basic monetary unit in Myanmar, 4 letters

Currency, in Myanmar, 4 letters

Monetary unit in Myanmar, 4 letters

Myanmar monetary unit, 4 letters

The basic unit of money in Myanmar, 4 letters

Myanmar monetary units, 5 letters

Makeup of fine lawns, 11 letters

'The Spanish Tragedie' dramatist, 3 letters

'The Spanish Tragedie' dramatist Thomas, 3 letters

The Spanish Tragedy author, 3 letters

The Spanish Tragedy playwright, 3 letters

The Spanish Tragedy playwright Thomas, 3 letters

16th century dramatist Thomas, 3 letters

Christopher Marlowe contemporary, 3 letters

Dramatist who roomed with Marlowe, 3 letters

Early English playwright Thomas, 3 letters

Elizabethan dramatist Thomas, 3 letters

Elizabethan playwright, 3 letters

English dramatist (1558-94), 3 letters

English dramatist Thomas, 3 letters

His plots were borrowed by W.S., 3 letters

Marlowe contemporary, 3 letters

Shakespeare contemporary, 3 letters

The Spanish Tragedy dramatist, 3 letters

Arizona pol Jon, 3 letters

Arizona senator Jon, 3 letters

Jon who's junior to John McCain, in Arizona, 3 letters

McCain's fellow Arizona senator, 3 letters

Senate Minority Whip Jon, 3 letters

Senator Jon of non-factual statements, 3 letters

Senator with the shortest surname, 3 letters

Doctor Dolittle actress Pratt, 4 letters

'50s NFLer Rote, 4 letters

'Blue Velvet' star MacLachlan, 4 letters

South Park boy, 4 letters

South Park kid, 4 letters

Twin Peaks actor MacLachlan, 4 letters

2011 Emmy winner Chandler, 4 letters

A racing Petty, 4 letters

Actor MacLachlan, 4 letters

Actor MacLachlan of Blue Velvet, 4 letters

Actor McLaughlin, 4 letters

Auto racer Petty, 4 letters

Catwoman's name, Selina ___, 4 letters

Football great Rote, 4 letters

Football's Rote, 4 letters

Former Dallas DB Aaron, 4 letters

Giant Rote, 4 letters

He believes in Mr. Hankey, 4 letters

He wears a green hat on South Park, 4 letters

He's friends with Stan on South Park, 4 letters

Howard or Petty, 4 letters

Jaguars TE Brady, 4 letters

Laura and Isabella's Blue Velvet co-star, 4 letters

MacLachlan of Desperate Housewives, 4 letters

MacLachlan of Twin Peaks, 4 letters

Matt Stone's character, 4 letters

NASCAR driver Busch or Petty, 4 letters

NASCAR driver Petty, 4 letters

NASCAR's Petty or Busch, 4 letters

NFL Hall of Famer Rote, 4 letters

NY Giants wide receiver Rote, 4 letters

Petty of NASCAR, 4 letters

Petty of racing, 4 letters

Petty or Chandler, 4 letters

Race car driver Petty, 4 letters

Racing Petty, 4 letters

Richard Petty's racing son, 4 letters

Richard Petty's son, 4 letters

Rote of football, 4 letters

Rote or MacLachian, 4 letters

Rote or Petty, 4 letters

Soccer or football player Rote, 4 letters

Sportscaster Rote, 4 letters

Stan's South Park pal, 4 letters

Stan's pal on South Park, 4 letters

Third-generation NASCAR racer, ___ Petty, 4 letters

Twin Peaks MacLachlan, 4 letters

Blue Velvet star, 14 letters

Actors MacLachlan and Chandler, 5 letters

MacLachlan and others, 5 letters

MacLachlan, Chandler and Petty, 5 letters

Secor and Rote, 5 letters

Australian novelist ___ Tennant, 5 letters

Australian pop singer Minogue, 5 letters

Club chart mainstay Minogue, 5 letters

Novelist ___ Tennant, 5 letters

Pop singer Minogue, 5 letters

Pop star Minogue, 5 letters

Singer ___ Minogue, 5 letters

An Australian boomerang, 5 letters

One side flat and the other convex, 5 letters

Australian boomerangs, 6 letters

Himalayan ibexes: var., 4 letters

___ Protocol (1997 agreement), 5 letters

___ Protocol (climate change treaty), 5 letters

___ Protocol: UN global-warming treaty amendment, 5 letters

Memoirs of a Geisha setting, 5 letters

1997 ecological protocol city, 5 letters

1997 environmental treaty site, 5 letters

1997 treaty city, 5 letters

Capital of Japan, once, 5 letters

City 30 miles northeast of Osaka, 5 letters

City in Japan, 5 letters

City near Osaka, 5 letters

City NNE of Osaka, 5 letters

City that anagrams to its country's capital, 5 letters

City where you're most likely to hear a geisha play the samisen, 5 letters

Climate protocol place, 5 letters

Climate-change protocol city, 5 letters

Doshisha University locale, 5 letters

Early capital of Japan, 5 letters

Ecology treaty city, 5 letters

Environmental protocol city, 5 letters

Famous environmental meeting city, 5 letters

Former capital of Japan, 5 letters

Former imperial capital, 5 letters

Former Japanese capital, 5 letters

Global warming treaty city, 5 letters

Golden Pavilion setting, 5 letters

Honshu city, 5 letters

It's not far from Osaka, 5 letters

Japan's capital until 1868, 5 letters

Japan's cultural center, 5 letters

Japan's former capital, 5 letters

Japanese capital, of yore, 5 letters

Japanese city, 5 letters

Japanese city on Honshu, 5 letters

Japanese metropolis, 5 letters

Nijo Castle's city, 5 letters

Nijo Castle's location, 5 letters

Onetime capital of Japan, 5 letters

Site of a noted environmental treaty, 5 letters

Site of the U.N. Conference on Climate Change, 1997, 5 letters

Temple of the Golden Pavilion setting, 5 letters

Where the Mikado once lived, 5 letters

A city in central Japan on southern Honshu, 5 letters

A famous cultural center that was once the capital of Japan, 5 letters

The Closer star Sedgwick, 4 letters

Acting Sedgwick, 4 letters

Actress Sedgwick, 4 letters

Actress Sedgwick of Mr. & Mrs. Bridge, 4 letters

Actress Sedgwick of The Closer, 4 letters

Brenda in The Closer, 4 letters

Golden Globe winner Sedgwick, 4 letters

Phillips of CNN, 4 letters

Sedgwick from Singles, 4 letters

Sedgwick of Mr. and Mrs. Bridge, 4 letters

Sedgwick of The Closer, 4 letters

Sedgwick of the screen, 4 letters

She plays Brenda in The Closer, 4 letters

Star of TV's 'The Closer', 12 letters

#3: central Asia, red and yellow, 10 letters

Central Asian nation where bride kidnapping is still practiced, 10 letters

Country with a yellow sun on its flag, 10 letters

Former part of the USSR, 10 letters

Thirteen-year-old nation bordering China, 10 letters

___ eleison, 5 letters

___ eleison (Lord, have mercy), 5 letters

#1 hit for Mr. Mister, 5 letters

#1 hit in 1986 for Mr. Mister, 5 letters

Liturgical prayer, 5 letters

Mass choral piece, 5 letters

Mass element, 5 letters

Mass segment, 5 letters

Mr. Mister song named after a prayer, 5 letters

Part of a mass, 5 letters

Part of a Mozart mass, 5 letters

Kollege of Musical Knowledge host Kay, 5 letters

Strip Polka player Kay, 5 letters

1930s-'40s bandleader Kay, 5 letters

30's-40's bandleader Kay, 5 letters

Bandleader called The Ol' Perfessor, 5 letters

Bandleader Kay, 5 letters

Bandleader Kay who wore a cap and gown, 5 letters

Bandleader with a Kollege of Musical Knowledge, 5 letters

Bandleader with a mortarboard, 5 letters

Bandleader with the hit Three Little Fishies, 5 letters

Big bandleader Kay, 5 letters

Cap-and-gown bandleader, 5 letters

Comical bandleader of yore, 5 letters

Kay who played Strip Polka, 5 letters

Kollege of Musical Knowledge leader, 5 letters

Mike Douglas sang with his band, 5 letters

Music's Old Perfesser Kay, 5 letters

Old bandleader with the catch phrase That's right, 5 letters

Orchestra leader Kay, 5 letters

Radio Hall of Fame inductee Kay, 5 letters

Japanese island, 6 letters

The southernmost of the four main islands of Japan, 6 letters

Contains coal fields, 6 letters

A gray or greenish-blue mineral consisting of aluminum silicate in crystalline form, 7 letters

Occurs in metaphoric rock, used as a refractory, 7 letters

Used in ancient Greece, 5 letters

A shallow drinking cup with two handles, 5 letters

Scientific instrument consisting of a rotating drum holding paper on which a stylus traces a continuous record (as of breathing or blood pressure), 9 letters

Sea chubs, 10 letters

An abnormal backward curve to the vertebral column, 8 letters

Type genus of the Kyphosidae, 8 letters

A landlocked republic in west central Asia bordering on northwestern China, 9 letters

Formerly an Asian Soviet, 9 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..