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___ home, your mudder's callin'!, 4 letters

Costumed shock rock band, 4 letters

Metal wand that performs in giant costumes, 4 letters

Families is where our nation finds hope, where wings take dream prez, 3 letters

He made WMDs a household word, 3 letters

Hudson River spanner not named for the 43rd U.S. Pres., 3 letters

N.Y.C.-to-Ft. Lee connector, 3 letters

Pol. who joined past winners Hitler and Stalin as TIME Magazine's Man of the Year in 2000 and 2004, 3 letters

Pres. after WJC, 3 letters

Pres. before Obama, 3 letters

Presidential monogram, and this puzzle's theme, 3 letters

Successor to W.J.C., 3 letters

White House monogram, 3 letters

WJC follower, 3 letters

Signature for #43, 6 letters

___ Stefani, lead singer of No Doubt, 4 letters

___ Torrence, American sprinter who won three gold medals at the 1992 and 1996 Olympics, 4 letters

'No Doubt' member Stefani, 4 letters

Alice actress Verdon, 4 letters

Damn Yankees actress Verdon, 4 letters

Damn Yankees dancer Verdon, 4 letters

Hollaback Girl singer Stefani, 4 letters

Jubilee Trail novelist Bristow, 4 letters

No Doubt lead singer Stefani, 4 letters

Washington Week in Review name, 4 letters

Washington Week moderator Ifill, 4 letters

Actress Verdon, 4 letters

Actress Verdon of Damn Yankees, 4 letters

Broadway singer/actress Verdon, 4 letters

Broadway star Verdon, 4 letters

Broadway's first Lola, 4 letters

Broadway's Verdon, 4 letters

Cancan Verdon, 4 letters

Cover girl Stefani, 4 letters

Dancer Verdon, 4 letters

Dancer/actress Verdon, 4 letters

Entertaining Verdon, 4 letters

First Lola in Damn Yankees, 4 letters

Gavin Rossdale's wife Stefani, 4 letters

Hollywood Verdon, 4 letters

Lola in Damn Yankees, 4 letters

Lola in the Damn Yankees film, 4 letters

Lola player in Damn Yankees, 4 letters

Lola portrayer, 4 letters

Lola portrayer in Damn Yankees, 4 letters

Miss Marple's maid, 4 letters

Musical star Verdon, 4 letters

News reporter Ifill, 4 letters

Newswoman Ifill, 4 letters

No Doubt name, 4 letters

No Doubt singer Stefani, 4 letters

No Doubt vocalist Stefani, 4 letters

No Doubt's Stefani, 4 letters

PBS host Ifill, 4 letters

PBS moderator Ifill, 4 letters

Poet Harwood, 4 letters

Pop rocker Stefani, 4 letters

Pop singer Stefani, 4 letters

Rock singer Stefani, 4 letters

Rock star Stefani or actress Verdon, 4 letters

Rock's Stefani, 4 letters

Runner Torrence, 4 letters

She was Jean in The Aviator, 4 letters

She was Lola in Damn Yankees, 4 letters

Singer Guthrie, 4 letters

Singer Stefani, 4 letters

Singer/dancer Verdon, 4 letters

Spider-Man's first girlfriend ___ Stacy, 4 letters

Stefani of No Doubt, 4 letters

Stefani or Verdon, 4 letters

Stefani with the clothing line L.A.M.B., 4 letters

The original Damn Yankees Lola, 4 letters

The original Lola, in Damn Yankees, 4 letters

Tony winner Verdon, 4 letters

Tony-winning actress Verdon, 4 letters

Torrence of track, 4 letters

Verdon in the original Broadway production of Chicago, 4 letters

Verdon of Cocoon, 4 letters

Verdon of Damn Yankees, 4 letters

Verdon of Red Head, 4 letters

Verdon of Sweet Charity, 4 letters

Verdon of Broadway, 4 letters

Verdon of the screen, 4 letters

Verdon of the stage, 4 letters

Verdon of theater, 4 letters

Verdon the hoofer, 4 letters

Verdon who played Lola, 4 letters

Vocalist Stefani, 4 letters

First black poet to win a Pulitzer Prize, 15 letters

Pulitzer-winning author of the quote, 15 letters

Miracle on 34th Street actor, 5 letters

Miracle on 34th Street Oscar winner, 5 letters

Miracle on 34th Street Oscar winner Edmund, 5 letters

Miracle on 34th Street star Edmund, 5 letters

The Trouble With Harry co-star Edmund, 5 letters

Edmund of Miracle on 34th Street, 5 letters

Edmund who won an Oscar for playing Santa, 5 letters

Kris Kringle, on screen, 5 letters

Oscar winner as Kris Kringle, 5 letters

Oscar winner Edmund of Miracle on 34th Street, 5 letters

Oscar winner of '47, 5 letters

Santa player Edmund, 5 letters

Actress Verdon and others, 5 letters

Actress Verdon et al., 5 letters

Ifill and Stefani, 5 letters

Journalist Ifill and others, 5 letters

Music's Stefani and others, 5 letters

Singer Stefani and actress Verdon, 5 letters

Singers McCrae and Stefani, 5 letters

Torrence and Verdon, 5 letters

Verdon and Williams, 5 letters

Verdon's namesakes, 5 letters

Spider-Man's first girlfriend, 9 letters

*Lead singer in No Doubt's hit Don't Speak, 11 letters

Hollaback Girl singer (2001), 11 letters

Musical comedy star, 10 letters

'Golly!,' to a letter writer?, 11 letters

Declaration signer Button, 8 letters

Georgia county named for a Declaration signer, 8 letters

Mitchell classic, 12 letters

Helps for autobiographers, 8 letters

1939 epic, informally in print, 4 letters

1939 movie classic, briefly, 4 letters

Initials of a famed novel, 4 letters

Margaret Mitchell classic, briefly, 4 letters

Margaret Mitchell masterwork, initially, 4 letters

Mitchell classic, for short, 4 letters

Subj. of the advice, 4 letters

Coll. with a Foggy Bottom campus, 3 letters

D.C. campus, 3 letters

D.C. campus with a med school, 3 letters

D.C. school, 3 letters

D.C. school named for a president, 3 letters

D.C.-based campus, 3 letters

Sch. near the White House, 3 letters

17th century actress Nell, 4 letters

17th-century actress Nell who was Charles II's mistress, 4 letters

Acting lover of Charles II, 4 letters

Actress and lover of Charles II, 4 letters

Actress lover of Charles II, 4 letters

British actress Nell, 4 letters

Charles II's lover Nell, 4 letters

Charles II's mistress, 4 letters

Charles II's mistress Nell, 4 letters

Early English actress Nell ___, 4 letters

English actress Nell, 4 letters

Nell ___: mistress of Charles II, 4 letters

Nell, lover of Charles II, 4 letters

(Welsh) underworld god, 4 letters

Seventeenth-century English actress joins gossip columnist, 14 letters

Blythe's daughter, 7 letters

Oscar winner Paltrow, 7 letters

Paltrow in Duets, 7 letters

Paltrow of Seven, 7 letters

Shallow Hal co-star, 7 letters

She sang Cruisin' with Huey, 7 letters

With 87A, Blythe Danner's daughter, 7 letters

'Emma' star, 14 letters

Baseball great Tony, 5 letters

Baseball Hall-of-Famer Tony, 5 letters

Tony who led the N.L. in batting eight times, 5 letters

English comedienne and mistress of Charles II (1650-1687), 5 letters

Car 54, Where Are You? costar, 6 letters

What's a yoot? utterer Fred, 6 letters

Actor Fred who played the judge in My Cousin Vinny, 6 letters

Fred of The Munsters, 6 letters

Fred who played Herman Munster, 6 letters

Muldoon and Munster player, 6 letters

Munster portrayer, 6 letters

(Irish) sky god, 7 letters

A magician, 7 letters

Giver of arts and civilization, 7 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..