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(missing clue), 3 letters

Agcy. created by Truman, 3 letters

Agcy. overseeing fed. property, 3 letters

Agcy. overseeing Fed. records, 3 letters

Agcy. overseeing federal records, 3 letters

Agcy. that manages federal property, 3 letters

Agcy. that publishes the Consumer Information Catalog, 3 letters

Brownie bunch, briefly, 3 letters

Brownie bunch: Abbr., 3 letters

Brownie troop org., 3 letters

Brownie's gp., 3 letters

Brownie's org., 3 letters

Brownies' assn., 3 letters

Brownies' org. until 1947, 3 letters

Brownies' parent org., 3 letters

BSA counterpart, 3 letters

Citizenship grp. since 1912, 3 letters

Consumer Inf. Cat. publisher, 3 letters

Cookie gp., 3 letters

Cookie org., 3 letters

Cookie sellers, briefly, 3 letters

Cookie selling grp., 3 letters

Cookie selling org., originally, 3 letters

Cookie-selling children's grp., 3 letters

Cookie-selling org., 3 letters

Cookie-selling org., formerly, 3 letters

D.C. record-keeping org., 3 letters

Fed. agcy. since 1949, 3 letters

Fed. agcy. whose first Administrator warned, in 1949, that the White House was standing purely from habit, 3 letters

Fed. buyer, 3 letters

Fed. construction overseer, 3 letters

Fed. Consumer Information Ctr. overseer, 3 letters

Fed. govt. supplies distributor, 3 letters

Fed. management agcy., 3 letters

Fed. management grp., 3 letters

Fed. office agcy., 3 letters

Fed. office provider, 3 letters

Fed. org., 3 letters

Fed. oversight group, 3 letters

Fed. procurement overseer, 3 letters

Fed. property agcy., 3 letters

Fed. property management agency, 3 letters

Fed. property management gp., 3 letters

Fed. property manager, 3 letters

Fed. property mgr., 3 letters

Fed. property overseer, 3 letters

Fed. purchasing agcy., 3 letters

Fed. purchasing group, 3 letters

Fed. purchasing org., 3 letters

Fed. transportation provider, 3 letters

Federal Acquisition Service org., 3 letters

Federal agcy., 3 letters

Federal agency overseer (abbr.), 3 letters

Federal agency support org., 3 letters

Federal Citizen Information Ctr. overseer, 3 letters

Federal management agcy., 3 letters

Federal office supply org., 3 letters

Federal procurement grp., 3 letters

Federal property agcy., 3 letters

Federal property mgr., 3 letters

Federal purchasing agcy., 3 letters

Federal purchasing grp., 3 letters

Female counterpart of 44D, 3 letters

Former name of a cookie-selling org., 3 letters

Girls' group: abbr., 3 letters

Girls' or government org., 3 letters

Girls' org., 3 letters

Good citizenship org., 3 letters

Gov. purchaser, 3 letters

Gov't property overseer, 3 letters

Govt. agcy. launched in 1949, 3 letters

Govt. agency since 1949, 3 letters

Govt. construction overseer, 3 letters

Govt. office supplier, 3 letters

Govt. property org., 3 letters

Govt. purchasing agcy., 3 letters

Govt. purchasing group, 3 letters

Govt. purchasing org., 3 letters

Group overseeing fed. property, 3 letters

Group overseeing U.S. property, 3 letters

Grp. that oversees govt. construction, 3 letters

Grp. with merit badges, 3 letters

It runs the Federal Citizen Information Ctr., 3 letters

J. Low group, 3 letters

J. Low org., 3 letters

Juliette Gordon Low's gp., 3 letters

Juliette Low org., 3 letters

Juliette Low's gp., 3 letters

Juliette Low's org., formerly, 3 letters

Juvenile patriotic org., 3 letters

Low's assn., 3 letters

Low's org., 3 letters

Office of Small Business Utilization agcy., 3 letters

One of the three central management agencies in the Federal Government, abbr., 3 letters

Org. famous for cookies, 3 letters

Org. famous for cookies in America, 3 letters

Org. famous for selling cookies, 3 letters

Org. for former Brownies, 3 letters

Org. founded by Juliette Gordon Low, 3 letters

Org. founded by Juliette Low, 3 letters

Org. in which Brownies sell cookies, 3 letters

Org. started by J. Low, 3 letters

Org. that, 3 letters

Org. that began selling cookies in 1917, 3 letters

Org. that famously sells cookies, 3 letters

Org. that gives out badges, 3 letters

Org. that runs the website, 3 letters

Org. with Brownies, 3 letters

Original Brownies bunch, briefly, 3 letters

Overseer of govt. office bldgs., 3 letters

Samoas-selling org., 3 letters

Scouting org., 3 letters

Scouts org., 3 letters

Short cookie sellers?, 3 letters

Support agency for Fed. workers, 3 letters

They sell Samoans: abbr., 3 letters

This org. is a hit with misses, 3 letters

Troop grp., 3 letters

Troop letters, 3 letters

U.S. agcy. in charge of maintenance, 3 letters

U.S. agcy. since '49, 3 letters

U.S. property manager, 3 letters

Young girls' org., 3 letters

Young ladies' org., 3 letters

Young women s org., 3 letters

Young women's grp., 3 letters

Youth gp., 3 letters

Youth grp. founded in 1912, 3 letters

Youth org., 3 letters

They offer variety, 15 letters

J.G. Low, 10 letters

Precedes, 5 letters

Wave of water coming aboard a ship, 4 letters

Bygone multinational political group (1976-1997), 6 letters

International coalition of finance ministers, 6 letters

International finance coalition, 6 letters

Intl. economic coalition, 6 letters

Powerful economic coalition, 6 letters

Powerful economic coalition, before Russia joined, 6 letters

Powerful economic coalition, formerly, 6 letters

Powerful Western coalition, 6 letters

Pre-Russia intl. economic coalition, 6 letters

Letters on Bears' sleeves, 3 letters

Letters worn on the sleeves of the Bears, 3 letters

Like some fishing hooks, 7 letters

A flat counterpart, 6 letters

A flat equivalent, 6 letters

A flat's aka, 6 letters

A major scale component, 6 letters

A-flat, enharmonically, 6 letters

Equivalent of A flat, 6 letters

It appears before A, 6 letters

Note in A major, 6 letters

Note in an E major scale, 6 letters

Note in the A major scale, 6 letters

Scale note, 6 letters

Third note of an E major scale, 6 letters

Whole-tone scale tone, 6 letters

Notes that sound like A flats, 7 letters

E.U. group, 4 letters

Collegian's monetary aid: Abbr., 3 letters

Loser to R.M.N.: 1972, 3 letters

Ottoman dy-nasty founder, 5 letters

Deal or No Deal channel, 3 letters

Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza channel, 3 letters

Press Your Luck network, 3 letters

Watch. Play. Win. channel, 3 letters

Cable channel that airs reruns of Press Your Luck, for short, 3 letters

Cable channel that used to feature Black and White Sunday Night, initially, 3 letters

Channel that revived The Newlywed Game, 3 letters

Channel that shows Tic Tac Dough reruns, for short, 3 letters

Channel that shows Wheel of Fortune reruns, briefly, 3 letters

Network where The Newlywed Game will feature its first gay couple in 2009, 3 letters

Station where Richard Dawson can be seen, 3 letters

Station with reruns of The Joker's Wild: Abbr., 3 letters

Aide in the Army, 3 letters

Army div. officer, 3 letters

Mil. aide, 3 letters

Mil.-brass aides: Abbr., 4 letters

Noted chairman, 5 letters

The ___ and Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality (1982 best seller), 5 letters

1982 best seller on sexuality, with The, 5 letters

1982 best seller subtitled And Other Discoveries About Human Sexuality, with The, 5 letters

Elusive pleasure zone, 5 letters

Good thing to find in bed, 5 letters

Good thing to hit, 5 letters

It's named for Dr. Ernst Grafenberg, 5 letters

It's orgasmic, 5 letters

It's tough to find, but worth the effort, 5 letters

Sexy zone first hypothesized in 1944, 5 letters

Source of a woman's sensitivity?, 5 letters

Subject of a 1982 best seller, 5 letters

Subject of a 1982 best seller on sexuality, 5 letters

Zone named for Dr. Grafenberg, 5 letters

Heads of some orgs., 3 letters

Sounds good to me, 4 letters

A Midwest time: Abbr., 3 letters

Astron. clock setting, 3 letters

Astronomical observation std., 3 letters

Big Ben's setting; Abbr., 3 letters

Big Ben's winter setting: Abbr., 3 letters

Canada's sales tax: abbr., 3 letters

Clock std., 3 letters

Controversial Canadian levy, for short, 3 letters

D.C. road, 3 letters

Prime meridian setting (abbr.), 3 letters

Prime meridian std., 3 letters

Setting at 0 degrees long., 3 letters

Standard setting at 0, 3 letters

Standard setting at 0 degrees long., 3 letters

Wash., D.C., thoroughfare, 3 letters

Alpine resort, 6 letters

Swiss resort town, 6 letters

Swiss ski resort, 6 letters

Our sun, to astronomers, 5 letters

Our sun's type, 5 letters

Sol, e.g., 5 letters

Sun, for one, 5 letters

The sun is one, 5 letters

The Sun, e.g., 5 letters

The Sun, for example, 5 letters

The sun, for one, 5 letters

Apple variety, 6 letters

Suffers, 7 letters

Suffers (4,7), 7 letters

A modicum of modesty, 7 letters

Bare wear, 7 letters

Barely-there wear, 7 letters

Ecdysiast's covering, 7 letters

Ecdysiast's garb, 7 letters

Guitar component, 7 letters

Guitarist's purchase, 7 letters

It doesn't conceal much, 7 letters

Stripper's garb, 7 letters

Stripper's garment, 7 letters

Stripper's straps, 7 letters

Stripper's wear, 7 letters

Expense for a guitarist, 15 letters

Burlesque accessories, 8 letters

Extremely skimpy wear, 8 letters

Gypsy Rose Lee's closetful, 8 letters

Pasties' accompaniers, 8 letters

Revealing wear, 8 letters

Small outfits, 8 letters

Supplies for strippers, 8 letters

Violin parts, 8 letters

e ___ Bay, 17 letters

Guess as to how the thong came to exist?, 13 letters

Culinary, 7 letters

Atlanta sch., 3 letters

Atlanta sch. with 30,000+ students, 3 letters

Ga. Southern sports arena, 3 letters

Sch. in Atlanta, 3 letters

Sch. with a campus in Atlanta, 3 letters

Animated movie musical of 1968, 10 letters

Armstrong's attire, 5 letters

Astronaut attire, 5 letters

Astronaut garb, 5 letters

Astronaut wear, 5 letters

Astronaut's apparel, 5 letters

Astronaut's dress, 5 letters

Astronaut's garment, 5 letters

Astronaut's gear, 5 letters

Astronaut's outerwear, 5 letters

Astronaut's outfit, 5 letters

Astronaut's protection, 5 letters

Attire for a trip around the world?, 5 letters

Attire for an astronaut, 5 letters

Aviation outfit, 5 letters

Aviator's garb, 5 letters

Aviator's protection, 5 letters

Fighter pilot's attire, 5 letters

Garb, at NASA, 5 letters

Glenn garb, 5 letters

It might prevent a blackout, 5 letters

Jet pilot's wear, 5 letters

NASA attire, 5 letters

NASA garb, 5 letters

NASA garment, 5 letters

NASA outfit, 5 letters

NASA wear, 5 letters

Neil Armstrong's attire, 5 letters

New Air force uniform., 5 letters

Outer space outerwear, 5 letters

Outer-space wear, 5 letters

Outfit for Chuck Yeager, 5 letters

Pilot's blackout preventer, 5 letters

Ride attire, 5 letters

Rocket passenger's garment, 5 letters

Shepard wore one, 5 letters

Space outfit, 5 letters

Space-shuttle garb, 5 letters

Spaceship attire, 5 letters

Test pilot's attire, 5 letters

Test pilot's protection, 5 letters

Weightless one's wear, 5 letters

What astronauts carry their clothes in?, 9 letters

Where Neil Armstrong might store his gear?, 9 letters

Astronauts' garments, 6 letters

Astronauts' outfits, 6 letters

Astronauts' wear, 6 letters

NASA outerwear, 6 letters

NASA outfits, 6 letters

NASA wear, 6 letters

Rocketeer gear, 6 letters

Space explorers' wear, 6 letters

Space travelers' garments, 6 letters

They're put on for takeoffs, 6 letters

They're tight for space, 6 letters

Org. founded by Julliette Gordon Low in 1912, 5 letters

A change in the electrical properties of the skin in response to stress or anxiety, 3 letters

Can be measured either by recording the electrical resistance of the skin or by recording weak currents generated by the body, 3 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..