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Fourth winning number?, 11 letters

Mark your card!, 11 letters

___ major ('Un bel d, 5 letters

A black key, 5 letters

A minus three semitones, 5 letters

Black key, 5 letters

Black piano key, 5 letters

Chopin's fifth , 5 letters

Chopin's Polonaise No. 16 in ___, 5 letters

F sharp, 5 letters

F sharp alias, 5 letters

F sharp equivalent, 5 letters

F sharp, enharmonically, 5 letters

Key above F, 5 letters

Key next to F, 5 letters

Key of Chopin's Black Key , 5 letters

Key of Chopin's Black Key Etude, 5 letters

Key of Chopin's Butterfly , 5 letters

Key of Chopin's fifth etude, 5 letters

Key of Schubert's Impromptu Op. 90, No. 3, 5 letters

Musical note, 5 letters

Note above F, 5 letters

Note next to F, 5 letters

One of a trio of black keys, 5 letters

One pitch, 5 letters

Piano key next to A, 5 letters

Piano note, 5 letters

Same as F-sharp, 5 letters

Lesson at the bench, 15 letters

Some black piano keys, 6 letters

2009 Disney film in 3-D, 6 letters

2009 Zach Galifianakis film, 6 letters

Acceleration measure, 6 letters

Aerospace measure, 6 letters

Astronaut's concern, 6 letters

Attractive thing?, 6 letters

Cornering & acceleration sensation (1,5), 6 letters

It can be measured with an accelerometer, 6 letters

It helps keep your feet on the ground, 6 letters

It helps to keep a roller coaster rider in her seat, 6 letters

It keeps you grounded, 6 letters

It puts pressure on pilots, 6 letters

It weighs on astronauts, 6 letters

It's a draw for astronauts, 6 letters

It's felt on roller coasters, 6 letters

It's zero in free-fall, 6 letters

Jet pilot's concern, 6 letters

Liftoff sensation, 6 letters

NASA measurement, 6 letters

Pressing concern for an astronaut?, 6 letters

Thing that can bring you down?, 6 letters

Astronauts experience them, 7 letters

Centrifuge stresses, 7 letters

Lift-off stresses, 7 letters

Mission Control concern, 7 letters

Mark your card!, 10 letters

Significant others, in chat room lingo, 3 letters

Some PowerBooks, 3 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..