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Today alternative, for short, 3 letters

Today rival, briefly, 3 letters

Today rival, for short, 3 letters

Today rival, initially, 3 letters

Today's ABC rival, 3 letters

7 a.m. EST = 12 noon ___, 3 letters

A.M. show of note, 3 letters

A.M. show on ABC, 3 letters

A.M. TV offering, 3 letters

ABC a.m. offering, 3 letters

ABC a.m. program, 3 letters

ABC A.M. show, 3 letters

ABC a.m. show, briefly, 3 letters

ABC a.m. show, for short, 3 letters

ABC debut of '75, 3 letters

ABC fixture since '75, 3 letters

ABC mainstay, 3 letters

ABC morning prog., 3 letters

ABC morning show, briefly, 3 letters

ABC morning show, for short, 3 letters

ABC show in the a.m., 3 letters

ABC show since '75, 3 letters

ABC talk show, for short, 3 letters

AM TV show, 3 letters

Chris Cuomo's former show, for short, 3 letters

Diane Sawyer and Charles Gibson's show, for short, 3 letters

Early ABC show, 3 letters

Early ABC show, for short, 3 letters

Early morning show, briefly, 3 letters

Early TV offering, 3 letters

Early TV show on ABC, 3 letters

Early-riser's ABC show, for short, 3 letters

Geo. Stephanopoulos's new gig, 3 letters

George Stephanopoulos's show, for short, 3 letters

Gibson/Sawyer show, for short, 3 letters

Juju Chang's show, briefly, 3 letters

JuJu Chang's show, for short, 3 letters

Lunden's old show: abbr., 3 letters

Morning ABC show, for short, 3 letters

Morning show, for short, 3 letters

Popular a.m. show, 3 letters

Popular a.m. TV show, 3 letters

Robin Roberts show: Abbr., 3 letters

Show co-anchored by Robin Roberts, for short, 3 letters

Show for early risers, briefly, 3 letters

Stephanopoulos show: Abbr., 3 letters

Today rival briefly, 3 letters

Today show rival: inits., 3 letters

TV debut of '75, 3 letters

TV debut of 11/3/75: Abbr., 3 letters

TV-over-breakfast inits., 3 letters

Ally Financial Inc., formerly, 4 letters

Auto finance co., 4 letters

Auto financing co., 4 letters

Auto financing co. recently sold by its parent co., 4 letters

Auto financing giant, 4 letters

Auto financing inits., 4 letters

Auto financing letters, 4 letters

Auto financing org., 4 letters

Auto financing org., formerly, 4 letters

Automotive financial services co. since 1982, 4 letters

Big inits. in car financing, 4 letters

Big Three spinoff of '06, 4 letters

Car company acronym, 4 letters

Car financing co., 4 letters

Car financing inits., 4 letters

Car loan inits., 4 letters

Car loan lender, 4 letters

Car-financing org., 4 letters

Co. now known as Ally Financial, 4 letters

Co. who'll finance Jeeps, 4 letters

Detroit financing co., 4 letters

Detroit-based finance co., 4 letters

Detroit-based financial org., 4 letters

Financial svcs. giant affiliated with an auto company, 4 letters

Former financing inits., 4 letters

Jeep-financing co., 4 letters

Michigan-based financing co. formed in 1919, 4 letters

Noted financing co., 4 letters

One way to buy a Jeep: abbr., 4 letters

Org. for vehicle financing, once, 4 letters

Some auto financing inits., 4 letters

Sponsor of annual bowl game in Mobile, AL, 4 letters

2004 messaging service debut, 5 letters

A free Google service, 5 letters

AOL alternative, 5 letters

Big name in online correspondence, 5 letters

Big name in Web-based correspondence, 5 letters

Google post, 5 letters

Outlook alternative, 5 letters

Priority Inbox offerer, 5 letters

Web-based correspondence service, 5 letters

Web-based service with millions of users, 5 letters

Part of the house where one might check Google messages?, 9 letters

All-white-keys chord: abbr., 4 letters

Key of Bach's Cello Suite No. 1, 4 letters

Key of Mahler's Symphony No. 4: abbr., 4 letters

Key with one sharp, briefly, 4 letters

Sheet mus. chord, 4 letters

Key of Haydn's 'Surprise Symphony', 6 letters

*Ace ___ Stories (old detective pulp magazine), 4 letters

Boardwalk Empire figure, 4 letters

Gang Busters character, 4 letters

The X-Files extra, 4 letters

1969 Kingsley Amis novel, with The, 4 letters

Agent, 4 letters

ATF agent e.g., 4 letters

Bureau employee, 4 letters

Bureau member, 4 letters

Bureau-crat?, 4 letters

Certain agent, 4 letters

Crime buster, 4 letters

Crime fighter, 4 letters

Crime-fighting fed, 4 letters

Crimebuster, informally, 4 letters

Dillinger chaser, 4 letters

Dillinger fighter, 4 letters

Dillinger foe, 4 letters

Dillinger's pursuer, 4 letters

Donnie Brasco, for one, 4 letters

Extra on The Untouchables, 4 letters

F.B.I. agent, 4 letters

F.B.I. guy, 4 letters

F.B.I. investigator, slangily, 4 letters

F.B.I. operative, 4 letters

FBI employee, 4 letters

FBI employee, slangily, 4 letters

FBI fellow, 4 letters

FBI figure, 4 letters

Fed, 4 letters

Fed (9th), 4 letters

Fed felon foiler, 4 letters

Fed of a sort, 4 letters

Federal agent, 4 letters

Federal agent, for short, 4 letters

Federal law officer, 4 letters

Fibbie, 4 letters

Freeh agent, 4 letters

Freeh subordinate, 4 letters

Gangbuster, 4 letters

Gangster chaser, 4 letters

Gangster follower, 4 letters

Govt. agent, 4 letters

Govt. guy, 4 letters

Guy in the FBI, 4 letters

Hood catcher, 4 letters

Hood hunter, 4 letters

Hoover employee, 4 letters

Hoover employee, once, 4 letters

Hoover hiree, 4 letters

Hoover subordinate, once, 4 letters

Hoover was one, 4 letters

J. Edgar was one, 4 letters

J.E.H. agent, 4 letters

Kidnapper nabber, maybe, 4 letters

Law enforcement nickname purportedly coined by Machine Gun Kelly, 4 letters

Liddy's nickname, with the, 4 letters

Melvin Purvis, e.g., 4 letters

MetLife Stadium athlete, in headlines, 4 letters

Old pulp fiction hero, 4 letters

Old-time Fed, 4 letters

Paranoid fed. employee, 4 letters

Pulp buster, 4 letters

Pulp novel hero, 4 letters

Role for E. Zimbalist Jr., 4 letters

Special agent, 4 letters

Sting figure, 4 letters

U.S. agent, 4 letters

Undercover type, 4 letters

Cry for help on an F.B.I. cruise?, 13 letters

F.B.I. agent's communication, 10 letters

Fed's surveillance camera setting?, 10 letters

Shoelace problems for an FBI agent?, 10 letters

Admit, 5 letters

B-school entrance exam, 4 letters

Bus. school admissions test, 4 letters

Bus. school candidate's exam, 4 letters

Bus. school entrance exam, 4 letters

Bus. school test, 4 letters

Business sch. admissions test, 4 letters

Business sch. candidate's exam, 4 letters

Coll. senior's exam, 4 letters

Coll. senior's hurdle, 4 letters

College senior's exam, 4 letters

College sr.'s exam, 4 letters

Common B-school application requirement, 4 letters

Exam for a Sloan School hopeful (abbr.), 4 letters

Exam for a Wharton applicant: Abbr., 4 letters

Exam for a Wharton Sch. hopeful, 4 letters

Exam for an MBA hopeful, 4 letters

Exam for bus. sch. entry, 4 letters

Exam for MBA hopefuls, 4 letters

Exam for some srs., 4 letters

Exam with a quantitative section: Abbr., 4 letters

Exam with a sentence correction section: Abbr., 4 letters

Focus of a 2008 cheating scandal, 4 letters

Future MBA's exam, 4 letters

Future MBA's hurdle, 4 letters

GRE relative, 4 letters

It's req. of some master's hopefuls, 4 letters

M.B.A. hopeful's hurdle, 4 letters

MBA hopeful's exam, 4 letters

Sloan entrance requirement, 4 letters

Test for business school applicants: abbr., 4 letters

Test for Masters of Accountancy students, 4 letters

Wharton admissions test, briefly, 4 letters

Wharton applicant's exam: Abbr., 4 letters

Wharton School applicant's hurdle, for short, 4 letters

Bus. school exams, 5 letters

Certain entrance exams, for short, 5 letters

Certain exams, for short, 5 letters

Dr.-to-be's exams, 5 letters

Exams for advanced study, briefly, 5 letters

Exams for MBA hopefuls, 5 letters

Exams for some college srs., 5 letters

Exams with 37 quantitative questions, 5 letters

Hurdles for M.B.A. hopefuls, 5 letters

Sloan Sch. entrance exams, 5 letters

Inc., in Germany, 4 letters

___ Yukon (SUV brand), 3 letters

Automotive giant: Abbr., 3 letters

Automotive initials, 3 letters

Automotive inits., 3 letters

Big inits. in Detroit, 3 letters

Big inits. in trucks, 3 letters

Big name in S.U.V.'s, 3 letters

Big name in trucks, 3 letters

Canyon maker, 3 letters

Canyon or Sierra, 3 letters

Carmaker with Envoy and Sonoma models, 3 letters

Corvette producer, for short, 3 letters

Detroit inits., 3 letters

Envoy initials, 3 letters

Envoy letters, 3 letters

Envoy XL maker, 3 letters

GM's trucks-only division (1,1,1), 3 letters

Harrigan composer's monogram, 3 letters

Insignia on some trucks, 3 letters

It has pickup lines, 3 letters

Jimmy auto maker, 3 letters

Jimmy maker, 3 letters

Jimmy mfr., 3 letters

Letters on some trucks, 3 letters

Letters on some U.S. trucks, 3 letters

Letters on trucks, 3 letters

Mack competitor, 3 letters

Maker of Acadia SUVs, 3 letters

Maker of many SUVs, 3 letters

Maker of Terrain and Acadia SUVs, 3 letters

Maker of the Envoy and Yukon S.U.V.'s, 3 letters

Maker of Yukon SUV's: Abbr., 3 letters

Mfr. of Suburbans and Safaris, 3 letters

Safari automaker, 3 letters

Safari company, 3 letters

Safari maker, 3 letters

Safari maker, for short, 3 letters

Safari or Sierra, 3 letters

Sierra automaker, 3 letters

Sierra builder, 3 letters

Sierra maker, 3 letters

Sierra manufacturer, 3 letters

Suburban builder, 3 letters

Suburban company, 3 letters

SUV brand, 3 letters

SUV make, 3 letters

Terrain creator?, 3 letters

Tracker maker, 3 letters

Tracker or Canyon, 3 letters

Truck co., 3 letters

Truck mfr., 3 letters

Yukon automaker, 3 letters

Yukon letters, 3 letters

Yukon maker, 3 letters

Yukon maker, for short, 3 letters

Yukon manufacturer, 3 letters

Yukon mfr., 3 letters

Yukon producer, for short, 3 letters

Yukon S.U.V. maker, 3 letters

Yukon SUV mfr., 3 letters

Yukon XL maker, 3 letters

Yukon XL manufacturer, 3 letters

Bus. with HQ in the Renaissance Center, 6 letters

Detroit abbr., 6 letters

Provider of the Volt: Abbr., 6 letters

Acadia and Yukon, 4 letters

Canyon and Sierra, 4 letters

Envoy and others, 4 letters

Some SUVs, 4 letters

Sonoma and Safari, 4 letters

Yukons, e.g., 4 letters

Automotive mackerel, 9 letters

Major pickup maker, 9 letters

Understand?, 3 letters

___ Detective (1930's-50's crime fiction magazine), 4 letters

*Backup for Dick Tracy, 4 letters

The Untouchables heroes, 4 letters

The X-Files extras, 4 letters

The X-Files figures, 4 letters

1935 Cagney classic, 4 letters

1935 Cagney film, 4 letters

1935 James Cagney crime film, 4 letters

1935 James Cagney movie, 4 letters

Agents under J. Edgar Hoover, informally, 4 letters

Cagney classic, 4 letters

Cagney crime film, 4 letters

Cagney film of '35, 4 letters

Capone's foes, 4 letters

Certain agts., 4 letters

Collarers of hoods, 4 letters

Crime-bustin' crew, 4 letters

Dillinger's chasers, 4 letters

Dillinger's foes, 4 letters

Drivers of black SUVs in the Grand Theft Auto series, 4 letters

F.B.I. agents, slangily, 4 letters

F.B.I. agents: Hyph., 4 letters

F.B.I. employees, 4 letters

F.B.I. figures, 4 letters

F.B.I. guys, 4 letters

F.B.I. operatives, 4 letters

FBI agents, 4 letters

FBI force, slangily, 4 letters

FBI guys, e.g., 4 letters

FBI personnel, 4 letters

FBI workers, slangily, 4 letters

Fed. investigators, 4 letters

Federal agents, 4 letters

Feds, 4 letters

Freeh agents?, 4 letters

Gangster film extras, 4 letters

Govt. agents, 4 letters

Hood fighters, 4 letters

Hoover subordinates, 4 letters

Hoover underlings, 4 letters

Hoover's boys, 4 letters

Hoover's crew, 4 letters

Hoover's employees, 4 letters

Hoover's force, 4 letters

Hoover's force, briefly, 4 letters

Hoover's staff, 4 letters

J. Edgar Hoover underlings, 4 letters

J. Edgar's group, 4 letters

James Cagney thriller, 4 letters

Ness' co-workers, 4 letters

Ness' gp, 4 letters

New York footballers, to fans, 4 letters

New York NFL team, familiarly, 4 letters

Original name of the radio show Gang Busters, 4 letters

Pursuers of the Sopranos, for short, 4 letters

Racketeer busters, 4 letters

Some agts., 4 letters

Some FBI employees, 4 letters

Some feds, 4 letters

Some gangbusters, 4 letters

Some raiders, informally, 4 letters

Some special agts., 4 letters

The Bureau's agents, 4 letters

The Giants, in tabloids, 4 letters

They're on big cases, 4 letters

Thug busters, 4 letters

Treasury agts., e.g., 4 letters

X-file examiners, 4 letters

A chord: abbr., 4 letters

Key of Mozart's Symphony No. 25, 6 letters

Key of Mozart's Symphony No. 25 or 40, 6 letters

Key of Saint-Sa, 6 letters

Key of Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 1, 6 letters

Key used often by Mozart, 6 letters

Key with two flats, 6 letters

Musical key with two flats, 6 letters

Two-flat key, 6 letters

Tap-in, e.g., 4 letters

A.L. and N.L. traders, 3 letters

A.L. or N.L. V.I.P.'s, 3 letters

AL and NL execs, 3 letters

AL or NL execs, 3 letters

Ball club V.I.P.'s, 3 letters

Baseball bigwigs (abbr.), 3 letters

Baseball bigwigs, for short, 3 letters

Baseball bosses, briefly, 3 letters

Baseball C.E.O.'s, 3 letters

Baseball club V.I.P.s: Abbr., 3 letters

Baseball decision-makers, for short, 3 letters

Baseball execs, 3 letters

Baseball execs (abbr.), 3 letters

Baseball execs, for short, 3 letters

Baseball heads, for short, 3 letters

Baseball honchos, briefly, 3 letters

Baseball leaders (abbr.), 3 letters

Baseball team execs, 3 letters

Baseball team executives: Abbr., 3 letters

Baseball V.I.P.'s, 3 letters

Chess experts: abbr., 3 letters

Chess VIP's, 3 letters

Corp. executives, 3 letters

Dan Duquette and Lee Thomas: abbr., 3 letters

Diamond execs, 3 letters

Diamond heads: Abbr., 3 letters

Epstein, Cashman, et al., 3 letters

Execs concerned with trade deadlines, 3 letters

Ford alternatives, 3 letters

Ford alts., 3 letters

Hummers, 3 letters

MLB execs, 3 letters

MLB executives, 3 letters

MLB VIPs, 3 letters

NFL Draft VIPs, 3 letters

NFL execs, 3 letters

Parade hosts, for short, 3 letters

Parade leaders for short, 3 letters

Pontiacs, e.g., 3 letters

Pro sports team VIPs, 3 letters

Some baseball execs, 3 letters

Some baseball execs (Abbr.), 3 letters

Sports execs., 3 letters

Sports honchos:Abbr., 3 letters

Sports team VIPs, 3 letters

Sports-team execs, for short, 3 letters

Sports-team execs., 3 letters

Team V.I.P.'s, 3 letters

They're paid to make trades, briefly, 3 letters

Trade-making sports VIPs, 3 letters

Trading execs, 3 letters

VIPs at winter meetings, 3 letters

All clocks are set by it (Abbr.), 3 letters

Base clock setting: Abbr., 3 letters

BBC clock setting, 3 letters

Certain world std., 3 letters

Chronometric initials, 3 letters

Chronometric inits., 3 letters

Chronometric std., 3 letters

Clock reference for the BBC World Service: abbr., 3 letters

Clock setting at 0 degrees longitude (Abbr.), 3 letters

Clock standard (Abbr.), 3 letters

Clock standard letters, 3 letters

Clock standard, briefly, 3 letters

Clock std., 3 letters

Clock-setting standard (Abbr.), 3 letters

Clock-setting std., 3 letters

English time letters, 3 letters

English time: abbr., 3 letters

Frequent abbr. in BBC announcements, 3 letters

Greenwich time zone, 3 letters

Greenwich time zone, briefly, 3 letters

Hr. at the prime meridian, 3 letters

Intl. clock standard, 3 letters

Intl. clock std., 3 letters

Intl. standard, 3 letters

It's eight hours later than PST, 3 letters

It's five hours later than EST, 3 letters

London clock setting (abbr.), 3 letters

London hrs., 3 letters

Old Eng. standard, 3 letters

Prime meridian (abbr.), 3 letters

Prime meridian hrs., 3 letters

Prime meridian letters, 3 letters

Prime meridian std., 3 letters

Setting for BBC reports, in brief, 3 letters

Setting on some fancy chronographs, briefly, 3 letters

Standard used to set zones, briefly, 3 letters

Std. in chronometry, 3 letters

Time std., 3 letters

Time zone through England, 3 letters

Times of London, 3 letters

U.K. clock setting, 3 letters

U.K. hours, 3 letters

UK setting, 3 letters

World clock std., 3 letters

World standard clock setting: abbr., 3 letters

You can set your watch by it: Abbr., 3 letters

Zero degrees long., 3 letters

Zero-deg. setting, 3 letters

Zero-longitude hr., 3 letters

Zulu Time, for short, 3 letters

Zulu, in the military: Abbr., 3 letters

The local time at the 0 meridian passing through Greenwich, England, 3 letters

It is the same everywhere, 3 letters

Modern highway sights, for short, 14 letters

Critter-shaped candies, 8 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..