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Conductor Mehta, 5 letters

Jose, Placido, and Luciano's maestro, 5 letters

Kurt's New York Philharmonic predecessor, 5 letters

Maestro Mehta, 5 letters

Mehta with a baton, 5 letters

Conductor born in Bombay, 10 letters

Conductor for the Three Tenors, 10 letters

Conductor from Bombay, 10 letters

New York Philharmonic music director, 10 letters

Skullcaps, 10 letters

Courgette, stateside, 8 letters

Popular summer squash, 8 letters

Ratatouille ingredient, 8 letters

Squash, 8 letters

Squash type, 8 letters

Veggie, 8 letters

Marrow squash plant whose fruit are eaten when small, 8 letters

Small cucumber-shaped vegetable marrow, 8 letters

Typically dark green, 8 letters

End of the quotation, 13 letters

Olympian deity, 4 letters

___ Island (industrial area of Detroit), 3 letters

Swiss canton, 3 letters

Germany's highest mountain, 9 letters

Dangerous chess situation, 8 letters

Unpleasant obligation to move, in chess, 8 letters

___ Zee, 6 letters

___ Zee, former Netherlands inlet, 6 letters

Zee preceder, 6 letters

Former North Sea inlet, 9 letters

Literally, Dutch for southern sea, 9 letters

One-time inlet of the North Sea, 9 letters

The IJsselmeer was part of it before construction of the Afsluitdijk, 9 letters

Seat of the Soul author Gary ___, 5 letters

Violinist Pinchas, 8 letters

Israeli violinist (born in 1948), 8 letters

Movie mogul Adolph, 5 letters

Legendary film producer Adolph, 4 letters

Woman's name meaning peace, 6 letters

'64 Michael Caine film, 4 letters

A Bantu language, 4 letters

African language, 4 letters

African tongue, 4 letters

African tribe, 4 letters

African tribesman, 4 letters

African warrior, 4 letters

Alfa's antithesis, 4 letters

Assegai carrier, 4 letters

Bantu language related to Swazi, 4 letters

Bantu language speaker, 4 letters

Bantu people, 4 letters

Bantu speaker, 4 letters

Bantu tribesman, 4 letters

Boer foe, once, 4 letters

Buthelezi, for one, 4 letters

Caine film set in Africa, 4 letters

Certain South African, 4 letters

Communications code ender, 4 letters

End of a phonetic alphabet, 4 letters

End of an alphabet that begins Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, 4 letters

End of the NATO phonetic alphabet, 4 letters

Follower of X-ray and Yankee, 4 letters

Inkatha Freedom Party supporter, 4 letters

Inkatha supporter, 4 letters

Language related to Xhosa, 4 letters

Language that gave us impala, 4 letters

Largest South African ethnic group, 4 letters

Last letter for pilots, 4 letters

Last letter in communications lingo, 4 letters

Last letter in radio lingo, 4 letters

Last letter of a pilot's alphabet, 4 letters

Last letter, in aviation, 4 letters

Member of South Africa's largest ethnic group, 4 letters

Michael Caine film of '64, 4 letters

Michael Caine film set in Africa, 4 letters

Natal native, 4 letters

Natal tribesman, 4 letters

Native from Natal, 4 letters

Native of eastern South Africa, 4 letters

Native of Natal, 4 letters

One of about 9 million South Africans, 4 letters

Phonetic alphabet ender, 4 letters

Phonetic alphabet finale, 4 letters

Pilot's alphabet ender, 4 letters

S. African people, 4 letters

Shortwave alphabet ender, 4 letters

South African, 4 letters

South African native, 4 letters

South African tongue, 4 letters

South African tribe, 4 letters

South African tribesman, 4 letters

South African warrior, 4 letters

Southeast African tribesman, 4 letters

Yankee follower, 4 letters

Yankee follower, to radiomen, 4 letters

A member of the tall Negroid people of southeast Africa living in northern Natal, 4 letters

A Bantu language of considerable literary importance in southeastern Africa, 4 letters

Historic area of South Africa, 8 letters

Natal section, 8 letters

Bantu speakers, 5 letters

Bantu-speaking South Africans, 5 letters

Boer fighters, 5 letters

Certain South Africans, 5 letters

Many South African natives, 5 letters

Most Inkatha members, 5 letters

Natal natives, 5 letters

Relatives of the Xhosa, 5 letters

Some Bantu speakers, 5 letters

Some Bantus, 5 letters

Some South Africans, 5 letters

Victors of the 1879 Battle of Isandlwana, 5 letters

Z's, in code, 5 letters

___ Gali Gali (traditional Hebrew song), 3 letters

South Africa's president, 4 letters

Fitness program based on Latin dancing, 5 letters

Microsoft media player, 4 letters

Microsoft MP3 player, 4 letters

Microsoft's answer to iPod, 4 letters

Microsoft's answer to the iPod, 4 letters

Would-be iPod killer, 4 letters

A pueblo dweller, 4 letters

Certain Pueblo Indian, 4 letters

Indian tongue, 4 letters

Indian tribe associated with the Seven Cities of Cibola, 4 letters

Indian zebu's head, and tail in back (4), 4 letters

Indians of New Mexico, 4 letters

Kachina doll makers, 4 letters

Language of New Mexico, 4 letters

Maize farmers of the Southwest, 4 letters

Native New Mexican, 4 letters

New Mexican Indian, 4 letters

New Mexican tribe, 4 letters

New Mexico native, 4 letters

New Mexico people, 4 letters

Pueblo builder, 4 letters

Pueblo dweller, 4 letters

Pueblo dweller of N.M., 4 letters

Pueblo Indian, 4 letters

Pueblo people, 4 letters

Pueblo resident, 4 letters

Pueblo tongue, 4 letters

Pueblo tribe, 4 letters

Pueblo tribe of New Mexico, 4 letters

Pueblo-dwelling tribe, 4 letters

Southwestern nation, 4 letters

Southwestern tribe, 4 letters

Tribe associated with the Seven Cities of C, 4 letters

Tribe noted for its silver and turquoise jewelry, 4 letters

A member of the Pueblo people living in western New Mexico, 4 letters

Daphne of Melrose Place, 6 letters

New Mexico native, 10 letters

New Mexican Indian chiefs, 11 letters

It flows across the border of New Mexico and Arizona, 9 letters

Dwellers along a tributary of the Little Colorado River, 5 letters

New Mexico Indians, 5 letters

New Mexico natives, 5 letters

Pueblo builders, 5 letters

Pueblo people, 5 letters

Southwest natives, 5 letters

___ inglese (tiered sponge cake dessert from Italy), 5 letters

City associated with banks, 6 letters

Financial center of Switzerland, 6 letters

Headquarters for UBS and Credit Suisse, 6 letters

Major banking center, 6 letters

Swiss city, 6 letters

Swiss tourism mecca, 6 letters

Switzerland's largest city, 6 letters

Switzerland's most populous canton, 6 letters

Where the Dada movement began, 6 letters

Zwingli's city, 6 letters

The largest city in Switzerland, 6 letters

Located in the northern part of the country, 6 letters

___ alors!, 3 letters

Gozer's minion, in Ghostbusters, 4 letters

It's a Wonder-ful Life kid, 4 letters

She had a wonderful life, 4 letters

(Sumerian) evil storm god represented as a black bird, 6 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..