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Bond, 3 letters

Band with the album Afterburner, 3 letters

'80s rock band, 5 letters

Afterburner band, 5 letters

Cheap Sunglasses band, 5 letters

Eliminator band, 5 letters

La Grange band, 5 letters

Legs band, 5 letters

Legs band, 1984, 5 letters

Legs rock band, 5 letters

Legs rock trio, 5 letters

Sharp Dressed Man band, 5 letters

Sleeping Bag rock trio, 5 letters

TV Dinners band, 5 letters

Velcro Fly band, 5 letters

Alphabetically last band to have a Billboard hit, 5 letters

Alphabetically last Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, 5 letters

Alphabetically last top 40 rock artist, 5 letters

Band in shades, hats, and facial hair, 5 letters

Band whose albums include Tres Hombres, Tejas, and El Loco, 5 letters

Band with long beards, 5 letters

Band with the 1984 hit Legs, 5 letters

Band with two beards and a Beard, 5 letters

Bearded band, 5 letters

Big-bearded Legs band, 5 letters

Longest-running rock trio with the same lineup, 5 letters

Notably bearded band, 5 letters

Rock group that sang Tush, 5 letters

Rock group with the hit 'Legs', 5 letters

Rocking trio, 5 letters

Strangely, Frank Beard is its only beardless member, 5 letters

Texas-based rock trio, 5 letters

The Little Ol' Band From Texas, 5 letters

Souvenirs from the Worldwide Texas Tour?, 12 letters

Billy Gibbons Sculpts Shrubs!, 9 letters

Alphabetically last entry in the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, 3 letters

Interjection that's the last entry in the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary (it requires both blanks), 3 letters

Nighttime noise, 3 letters

Sign of sleep, 3 letters

Snoring sound, 3 letters

Snoring, in comics, 3 letters

Sound asleep?, 3 letters

Sound of sawing logs?, 3 letters

Sound of sawing wood?, 3 letters

Sound of snoring, 3 letters

Sounds from Dagwood, 3 letters

*Game of nothing but pop flies and walks?, 11 letters

Alternative to Unisom or Nytol, 7 letters

Big name in sleep aids, 7 letters

Snooze soundzzzzz, 5 letters

Sound heard before an alarm?, 15 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..