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Cowboy wear, 10 letters

Annual competition since 1995, 6 letters

Annual ESPN event, 6 letters

Annual event in Los Angeles, 6 letters

Annual event that includes motocross, 6 letters

Annual event that includes wakeboarding, 6 letters

Annual Winter/Summer sports events, 6 letters

Boarders compete in them, 6 letters

Competition featuring snowboarding and rally cars, 6 letters

Competition that used to include street luge, 6 letters

Event held each summer and winter, 6 letters

Event held in Aspen and L.A., 6 letters

Event with skateboarding and surfing, 6 letters

Extreme-sports competition, 6 letters

Skateboarders compete in them, 6 letters

Snowboarders compete in them, 6 letters

Sporting event where many competitors get air, 6 letters

Sporting event with a Supercross competition, 6 letters

Sports competition with multiple skateboarding events, 6 letters

Where Tony Hawk landed a 900 in '99, 6 letters

Hyperboles, 7 letters

Abandon, 8 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..