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Police bust of pornographic material?, 5 букв

Midnight Cowboy was this, 6 букв

Adult, 6 букв

Beyond suggestive, 6 букв

Blue, 6 букв

Bluer than blue, 6 букв

Definitely not for family viewing, 6 букв

Definitely not for kids, 6 букв

Explicit, in a way, 6 букв

For adults only, 6 букв

Hot, 6 букв

Hot, in a way, 6 букв

Like Last Tango in Paris, 6 букв

Like Midnight Cowboy, originally, 6 букв

Like Midnight Cowboy, 6 букв

Like DVDs in a restricted room, 6 букв

Like Janet Jackson's Super Bowl exposure, 6 букв

Like many 2 Live Crew lyrics, 6 букв

Like porn, 6 букв

Like some films, 6 букв

Most restricted, filmwise, 6 букв

Not for kids, 6 букв

Not for the prudish, 6 букв

Obscene, probably, 6 букв

Too hot for TV, 6 букв

They're blue, 11 букв

Midnight Cowboy, originally, 11 букв

Blue flick, 11 букв

Racy flick, 11 букв

Site of raw material?, 11 букв

Work with raw material?, 11 букв

Risqu, 15 букв

What only one Best Picture winner has had, 7 букв

___ vision, 4 буквы

___ vision (one of Superman's powers), 4 буквы

___ vision (Superman skill), 4 буквы

*Revealing photo, 4 буквы

1970s punk band ___ Spex, 4 буквы

Aid in finding a break, 4 буквы

Airport passenger scanner since the late '00s, 4 буквы

Airport security measure, 4 буквы

Baggage check, 4 буквы

Bare-bones film?, 4 буквы

Behind-the-scenes view?, 4 буквы

BODY SHOT, 4 буквы

Body shot?, 4 буквы

Bone reading, 4 буквы

Break check?, 4 буквы

Break confirmation, 4 буквы

Break indicator, 4 буквы

Candid camera shot, 4 буквы

CAT scan alternative, 4 буквы

CAT scan ancestor, 4 буквы

CAT-scan component, 4 буквы

CAT-scan forerunner, 4 буквы

Cavity detector, 4 буквы

Checkup picture, 4 буквы

Chest test?, 4 буквы

Dental aid, 4 буквы

Dental exam feature, 4 буквы

Dental exam image, 4 буквы

Dental exam part, 4 буквы

Dental exam ritual, 4 буквы

Dental exam shot, 4 буквы

Dental photo, 4 буквы

Dental photograph, 4 буквы

Dental picture, 4 буквы

Dentist's recommendation, 4 буквы

Department in a hospital, 4 буквы

Diagnosis aid, 4 буквы

Diagnostic device, 4 буквы

Diagnostic image for an orthopedist, 4 буквы

Diagnostic photo, 4 буквы

Diagnostic picture, 4 буквы

Diagnostic test, 4 буквы

Diagnostic tool, 4 буквы

Doctor's photo, 4 буквы

ER picture, 4 буквы

Fracture detector, 4 буквы

Fracture photo, 4 буквы

Get an inside look, 4 буквы

Get an inside look at, 4 буквы

Get an inside shot?, 4 буквы

Glance from Superman?, 4 буквы

Hosp. procedure, 4 буквы

Hospital department, 4 буквы

Inner picture?, 4 буквы

Inner vision, 4 буквы

Innervision provider, 4 буквы

Inside image, 4 буквы

Inside info?, 4 буквы

Inside information?, 4 буквы

Inside job?, 4 буквы

Inside look, 4 буквы

Inside peek, of a sort, 4 буквы

Inside picture, 4 буквы

Inside shot?, 4 буквы

Inside view, 4 буквы

Interior shot?, 4 буквы

Interior view, 4 буквы

Internal audit?, 4 буквы

Internal investigation?, 4 буквы

It can show you the breaks, 4 буквы

It may follow whiskey on the radio, 4 буквы

It may reveal a break, 4 буквы

It precedes Yankee in the phonetic alphabet, 4 буквы

Kind of tube or photograph, 4 буквы

Kind of vision, 4 буквы

Kind of vision Superman uses, 4 буквы

Lab tool, 4 буквы

Like a certain superpower, 4 буквы

Like Superman's vision, 4 буквы

Look deeper inside?, 4 буквы

Look inside, 4 буквы

Look into?, 4 буквы

M.D.'s picture, 4 буквы

Medic. picture, 4 буквы

Medical image, 4 буквы

Medical photo, 4 буквы

Medical pic, 4 буквы

MRI alternative, 4 буквы

MRI cousin, 4 буквы

MRI predecessor, 4 буквы

One way to see skeletons, 4 буквы

Orthopedist's tool, 4 буквы

Part of a dental exam, 4 буквы

Penetrate the surface of, in a way, 4 буквы

Penetrating look, 4 буквы

Physician's photo, 4 буквы

Picture of a physician?, 4 буквы

Picture of bones, often, 4 буквы

Picture of health, 4 буквы

Provider of inside information, 4 буквы

Pulsar emission, 4 буквы

Radiation photo, 4 буквы

Reveal the inner man?, 4 буквы

Revealer of the inner self?, 4 буквы

Revealing look?, 4 буквы

Revealing photograph?, 4 буквы

Revealing picture, 4 буквы

Roentgen discovery, 4 буквы

Roentgenogram, 4 буквы

Roentgenogram, familiarly, 4 буквы

Scan following a break, 4 буквы

Security machine, 4 буквы

Security measure, 4 буквы

See-through shot, 4 буквы

See-through, in comics, 4 буквы

Shot following a break?, 4 буквы

Shot from the dentist, 4 буквы

Source of inner clarity?, 4 буквы

Source of inside info?, 4 буквы

Source of inside information?, 4 буквы

Superman's kind of vision, 4 буквы

Superman's vision, 4 буквы

Surgeon's image, 4 буквы

Surgeon's photograph, 4 буквы

Type of vision, 4 буквы

Very revealing photo, 4 буквы

Result of a phobia of medical pictures?, 7 букв

Radiate the Georgia on My Mind singer?, 11 букв

Singer who moonlights as a dentist?, 11 букв

Checked for fractures, in a way, 6 букв

Checked luggage, 6 букв

Checked some bones, 6 букв

Got an inside look at?, 6 букв

Looked inside, 6 букв

Photographed in a dentist's office, 6 букв

Saw into, in a way, 6 букв

Saw right through?, 6 букв

Saw through, in a way, 6 букв

Saw through?, 6 букв

Took a look inside, 6 букв

Used Roentgen's discovery, 6 букв

Inspected shuttle part?, 11 букв

Radiology checkups, 9 букв

Advantage for one gathering inside information?, 8 букв

Metropolis seers?, 8 букв

Ones providing insights?, 8 букв

Penetrating Kent feature, 8 букв

Producer of a piercing look, 8 букв

Superman has them, 8 букв

Superman power, 8 букв

Superman's peepers, 8 букв

Supervision providers?, 8 букв

What Dr. James Xavier had in a 1963 Roger Corman film, 8 букв

Murkiness on the medical film?, 7 букв

Check out the inside of a Ford?, 12 букв

Activity at the dentist's, 7 букв

Getting inside info?, 7 букв

Getting inside information?, 7 букв

Getting under one's skin?, 7 букв

Looking into?, 7 букв

Seeing through, in a way, 7 букв

Trying to catch a break?, 7 букв

Developing area, 7 букв

Medical dept. room, 7 букв

Room in a hospital, 7 букв

Where inside info is revealed?, 7 букв

Get an inside look at our booth (Buffalo, 1901), 11 букв

Baggage checker, 11 букв

Dentist's need, 11 букв

Device providing inside information?, 11 букв

Diagnostic device, 11 букв

Optimistic scan at the dentist's?, 10 букв

Scan on a bulb?, 11 букв

Do a post-Challenger diagnosis, 10 букв

Penetrating pictures, 15 букв

Some penetrating artwork, 15 букв

Doctor's report, 10 букв

See inside cheese?, 10 букв

Scan the pasta topping?, 16 букв

* Radiologist's area of expertise, 5 букв

Bitewing pictures, 5 букв

Body shots, so to speak, 5 букв

Break records?, 5 букв

Certain photographs, 5 букв

Checks baggage, 5 букв

Checks for contraband, maybe, 5 букв

Checks out a broken bone, in a way, 5 букв

Chest pictures, perhaps, 5 букв

Dental checkup components, 5 букв

Dental films, 5 букв

Dental pictures, 5 букв

Dental records, 5 букв

Dental shots, 5 букв

Dentist's shots, 5 букв

Dentistry photos, 5 букв

Dentists' pictures, 5 букв

Diagnostic pictures, 5 букв

Doc's pics, 5 букв

Doctor's orders, 5 букв

Doctors study them, 5 букв

Electromagnetic radiation, 5 букв

ER pictures, 5 букв

Fracture finders, 5 букв

Gets an inside look at?, 5 букв

Gets under one's skin?, 5 букв

Has a look inside?, 5 букв

Imaging lab output, 5 букв

Inside information?, 5 букв

Inside looks?, 5 букв

Inside shots?, 5 букв

Lab pictures, 5 букв

Looks beneath the surface?, 5 букв

Looks inside?, 5 букв

Looks on the inside?, 5 букв

MDs' orders, 5 букв

Med. images, 5 букв

Medical pictures, 5 букв

Orthodontist's shots, 5 букв

Orthopedic records, 5 букв

Part of a dental checkup, 5 букв

Penetrating looks, 5 букв

Penetrating pictures, 5 букв

Physician's photos, 5 букв

Pictures at a dentist's, 5 букв

Pictures at a hospital, 5 букв

Pictures at an airport, 5 букв

Pictures of health, 5 букв

Providers of inside information?, 5 букв

Radiographs, familiarly, 5 букв

Revealing films, 5 букв

Revealing pictures, 5 букв

Roentgen specialty, 5 букв

Roentgen's discovery, 5 букв

See-through shots, 5 букв

Shots at a dentist's office, 5 букв

Skeletal shots, 5 букв

Skeleton pictures, 5 букв

Some dental records, 5 букв

Some medical films, 5 букв

Stares from Superman?, 5 букв

Takes a look inside?, 5 букв

They can see right through you, 5 букв

They give inside information, 5 букв

They give the inside picture, 5 букв

They may have a view of a bridge, 5 букв

They provide inside information, 5 букв

They're taken when you're in the lead, 5 букв

They're used to see right through you, 5 букв

Very revealing photos?, 5 букв

Takes pictures of all body parts?, 12 букв

*Novelty glasses in comic book ads, 9 букв

Classic novelty advertised in the backs of comic books, 9 букв

Gag #5, 9 букв

Novelty item in comic book ads, 9 букв

Novelty item marketed to voyeurs, 9 букв

Offering in a comic book ad, 9 букв

Back-of-a-comic-book toy, 8 букв

Brand of novelty glasses, 8 букв

English punk band named after some glasses, 8 букв

Glasses that supposedly let you see through walls, 8 букв

Novelty glasses, 8 букв

Advice, part 2, 15 букв

Luggage-scanning technology, 8 букв

Dental office fixture, 8 букв

Fictional threat to privacy, 10 букв

Kal-El's gift, 10 букв

Lead renders it ineffective, 10 букв

One of Superman's powers, 10 букв

Superhero's skill, 10 букв

Superman feature, 10 букв

Superman skill, 10 букв

Superman's gift, 10 букв

Superpower all about transparency, 10 букв

What specs in a comic book ad promised, 10 букв

Related research citations, 11 букв

Focal point, 5 букв

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