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Hard-to-define element, 7 letters

Hard-to-define influence, 7 letters

Its effect is hard to predict, 7 letters

Nebulous element, 7 letters

Secret weapon, perhaps, 7 letters

Unknown, 7 letters

Unknown element, 7 letters

Unknown influence, 7 letters

Unpredictable determinant, 7 letters

Unpredictable element, 7 letters

They're hard to predict, 8 letters

Unknowns, 8 letters

Clear Channel-sponsored annual rock event, 5 letters

Case for Agent Scully, 5 letters

Case for Mulder, 5 letters

Case for Scully, 5 letters

Case for Scully and Mulder, 5 letters

Dossier about UFO's?, 5 letters

Folder for Mulder, 5 letters

Item on agent Mulder's desk?, 5 letters

Matter for Mulder, 5 letters

Mulder folder?, 5 letters

One of many explored by Mulder and Scully, 5 letters

Strange case, 5 letters

UFO case, 5 letters

'The truth is out there' TV series, with 'The', 6 letters

Trust No One TV series, with The, 6 letters

Trust No One TV show, with The, 6 letters

1998 film thriller based on a TV series, with The, 6 letters

Agent Mulder's show, with The, 6 letters

Alien landings, telepaths, etc., 6 letters

Bizarre cases, 6 letters

Cases for Mulder and Scully, 6 letters

Creepy cases, 6 letters

Fox Mulder's obsession, 6 letters

Fox show that had a character named Fox, with The, 6 letters

Gillian Anderson TV series, with The, 6 letters

Mulder and Scully's paranormal cases, 6 letters

Paranormal TV fare, with The, 6 letters

Scully and Mulder's obsession, 6 letters

Show home to the Lone Gunmen, with The, 6 letters

Strange cases, 6 letters

Theme of this puzzle, with The, 6 letters

TV series created by Chris Carter, with 'The', 6 letters

TV series whose finale was titled The Truth, with The, 6 letters

Unsolved cases, in TV lingo, 6 letters

Way-out cases, 6 letters

Time Warner Cable competitor, 7 letters

Bygone sports org. for which Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura was a TV analyst, 3 letters

Defunct football league of 2001, 3 letters

Defunct gridiron org., 3 letters

Failed sports venture of 2001, 3 letters

Former grid org., 3 letters

Former sports org. with the teams Hitmen and Rage, 3 letters

Jesse Ventura employer of 2001, 3 letters

Las Vegas Outlaws' org., 3 letters

Org. whose last contest was the Million Dollar Game, 3 letters

Org. with the Memphis Maniax and the Orlando Rage, 3 letters

Pigskin org. with outlandish rules that lasted one season, 3 letters

Short-lived and generally disastrous sports experiment of the early 2000s, 3 letters

Short-lived gridiron org., 3 letters

Short-lived gridiron org. that had a player named He Hate Me, 3 letters

Short-lived pigskin org. that had a player whose jersey said He Hate Me, 3 letters

Short-lived pro gridiron org., 3 letters

Sports bust of 2001, 3 letters

Sports org. that lasted only one season, 3 letters

Super bowl bomb of 2001, 3 letters

Vince McMahon gridiron debacle, 3 letters

Vince McMahon sports debacle of 2001, 3 letters

Vince McMahon's short-lived sports org., 3 letters

Brit. alternative broadcaster, 8 letters

1990s Seal single, 10 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..