Select a letter

See note, 2 letters

___ Wrestling, 3 letters

A Chorus Line number, in G-rated shorthand, 3 letters

Adult content, 3 letters

Fed. document repository, 3 letters

R-rated body parts, 3 letters

Strip club offering, for short, 3 letters

Kind of sketch, 5 letters

Flexible, 6 letters

More explosive than TNT, 3 letters

February ___ (Groundhog Day), 3 letters

Jr. alternative, 3 letters

Silvers place, 3 letters

Ministered to, 4 letters

Beginners' drinking sprees involving damaged fender (11), 7 letters

F. Scott Fitzgerald's last completed novel, 11 letters

F. Scott Fitzgerald's last completed novel (6 2 3 5), 11 letters

Urban thoroughfare, perh., 5 letters

High, close-fitting collar, for short, 5 letters


evissimreP, 7 letters

Battle involving retreat?, 10 letters

LAMB?, 17 letters

Sixteen Tons singer, 11 letters

Sixteen Tons singer, to a postal worker?, 11 letters

Piano adjusters, 5 letters

Prepares to play, 4 letters

Star Trek: ___, 3 letters

Star Trek sequel, briefly, 3 letters

Star Trek sequel, for short, 3 letters

Star Trek series preceding Voyager, for short, 3 letters

Star Trek series, to fans, 3 letters

Star Trek spinoff, briefly, 3 letters

1990s Star Trek series abbr., 3 letters

Capt. Picard's series, to fans, 3 letters

One of the 'Star Trek' series, to fans, 3 letters

Sci-fi spin-off before DSN, 3 letters

Second Star Trek Series, familiarly, 3 letters

The T in R.O.T.C., 3 letters

Avid fan of the second Star Trek series, 5 letters

Orangelike fruit, 5 letters

Mouth organs, 4 letters

Taste buds' locations, 4 letters

Debate tactic that defends against opposing views?, 10 letters

Its motto is Duty, Honor, Country, 9 letters

Court woe, 9 letters

One of five, 5 letters

T-shirt alternative, 5 letters

T-shirt alternative (4,3), 5 letters

Grand Ole Opry airer, 3 letters

Grand Ole Opry network, 3 letters

Grand Ole Opry station, 3 letters

Inside Nascar channel, 3 letters

Monster Jam airer, 3 letters

Music City Tonight network, 3 letters

Prime Time Country airer, 3 letters

Spike TV, once, 3 letters

The Conspiracy Zone channel, 3 letters

The Conspiracy Zone network, 3 letters

W.W.E. Raw airer, 3 letters

1990s-2000s airer of The Real McCoys, 3 letters

Abbr. on the cable dial, 3 letters

Basic cable channel, 3 letters

Big inits. in cable, 3 letters

C & W cable channel, 3 letters

C & W cable network, 3 letters

C & W channel, 3 letters

C & W network, 3 letters

C and W station, 3 letters

C&W channel, once, 3 letters

C&W TV, 3 letters

Cable carrier of country music, 3 letters

Cable channel, 3 letters

Cable channel now called Spike, 3 letters

Cable channel renamed Spike TV, 3 letters

Cable choice, 3 letters

Cable inits., 3 letters

Cable letters, 3 letters

Cable monogram, 3 letters

Cable netwk., 3 letters

Cable network with line dancing, 3 letters

Cable sta., 3 letters

Cable station from Tenn., 3 letters

Cable station that shows RollerJam, 3 letters

Channel owned by Viacom, 3 letters

Channel that became Spike TV, 3 letters

Channel that shows square dancing, 3 letters

Channel that used to run country videos, 3 letters

Channel to see Brooks & Dunn videos, until recently, 3 letters

Country Awards network, 3 letters

Country cable choice, 3 letters

Country cable letters, once, 3 letters

Country channel relaunching in 2012, 3 letters

Country music cab., 3 letters

Country music cable sta., 3 letters

Country music cable station: Abbr., 3 letters

Country music channel, 3 letters

Country music channel, once, 3 letters

Country music network, 3 letters

Country music network, once, 3 letters

Country music station, 3 letters

Country place?, 3 letters

Country-music cable channel, 3 letters

Ex-XFL network, 3 letters

Former 'Grand Ole Opry' channel, 3 letters

Former Grand Ole Opry Live network, 3 letters

Former Grand Ole Opry cable network, 3 letters

Former Grand Ole Opry network, 3 letters

Former C&W channel, 3 letters

Former C&W station, 3 letters

Former cable channel, 3 letters

Former cable inits., 3 letters

Former cable network, 3 letters

Former channel for country music videos, 3 letters

Former country music network, 3 letters

Former country music TV station, 3 letters

Former country TV station, 3 letters

Former name of Spike TV, 3 letters

Former name of the cable channel Spike, 3 letters

Former NASCAR airer, 3 letters

Former Opry airer, 3 letters

Former Opry network, 3 letters

Former station for country music videos, 3 letters

Former TV inits., 3 letters

Grand Ole Opry broadcaster, 3 letters

Home of TV's Prime Time Country, 3 letters

It became Spike in 2003, 3 letters

It's now Spike TV, 3 letters

Longtime cable inits., 3 letters

MTV-owned cable network, 3 letters

MTV's country rival, 3 letters

Nashville network, 3 letters

Nashville-based cable service, 3 letters

Network originally based at Opryland, 3 letters

Oddly, tuning in cable channel, 3 letters

Old cable choice, 3 letters

Old cable inits., 3 letters

Old cable letters, 3 letters

Old cable network initials, 3 letters

Old cable TV inits., 3 letters

Old Opry network, 3 letters

One place to see Travis Tritt videos, 3 letters

One-time C&W channel, 3 letters

Onetime Nascar outlet, 3 letters

Opry Backstage home, 3 letters

Opry cable network, 3 letters

Opry fans' station, 3 letters

Opry station, once, 3 letters

Opryland channel, 3 letters

Predecessor to Spike TV, 3 letters

Prime Time Country network, 3 letters

SPIKE formerly, 3 letters

Spike Lee sued to prevent it from changing its name, 3 letters

Spike on TV, formerly, 3 letters

Spike sued to prevent its name change, 3 letters

Spike TV, before, 3 letters

Spike TV, formerly, 3 letters

Spike TV, previously, 3 letters

Spike TV's former name, 3 letters

Spike, before it was Spike TV, 3 letters

Spike, formerly, 3 letters

Spike, once, 3 letters

Spike, previously, 3 letters

Spike's former name, 3 letters

Spike's old letters, 3 letters

Spike's old network name, 3 letters

Station from Tenn., 3 letters

Station replaced by Spike TV, 3 letters

Station that became Spike, 3 letters

Station that used to show country music videos, 3 letters

Statler Bros. broadcaster, 3 letters

Tennessee TV letters, 3 letters

TV channel now called Spike, 3 letters

TV music station, 3 letters

TV network that broadcast live from Opryland USA, 3 letters

TV's Spike formerly,, 3 letters

TV's Spike, once, 3 letters

Viacom cable channel, 3 letters

Viacom-owned cable channel, 3 letters

W.W.F. airer, 3 letters

Pitch producer, 7 letters

Pitch producer (6,4), 7 letters


Bill from the govt., 5 letters

Bill of the U.S., 5 letters

Bond market buy, 5 letters

CD alternative, 5 letters

Certain govt. security, 5 letters

Certain investment, for short, 5 letters

Certain investment, informally, 5 letters

Certain security, briefly, 5 letters

Conservative investment, 5 letters

Conservative IRA asset, 5 letters

Fed. bill, 5 letters

Fed. investment vehicle, 5 letters

Fed. loan paper, 5 letters

Fed. obligation, 5 letters

Fed. security, 5 letters

Federal bond, 5 letters

Federal investment, 5 letters

Financials option, for short, 5 letters

Fixed-income investment, 5 letters

Form of legal tender, briefly, 5 letters

Form of U.S. legal tender, 5 letters

Gov. security, 5 letters

Gov't interest bearer, 5 letters

Gov't. investment, 5 letters

Government bond, 5 letters

Government bond, for short, 5 letters

Government issue, 5 letters

Government issue, for short, 5 letters

Government security, 5 letters

Government security, for short, 5 letters

Government-issued bond, 5 letters

Govt. bill, 5 letters

Govt. bond, 5 letters

Govt. debt, 5 letters

Govt. debt instrument, 5 letters

Govt. instrument, 5 letters

Govt. investment option, 5 letters

Govt. issuance, 5 letters

Govt. issue, 5 letters

Govt. issue that matures in 1-10 years, 5 letters

Govt. obligation, 5 letters

Govt. paper, 5 letters

Govt.-backed investment option, 5 letters

Govt.-issued bond, 5 letters

Govt.-issued investment, 5 letters

Govt.-issued security, 5 letters

Highly rated security, 5 letters

I.R.A. option, 5 letters

Instrument that matures in two to ten yrs., 5 letters

Intermediate security, 5 letters

Investing option, 5 letters

Investment option, briefly, 5 letters

Investment with a 2- to 10-yr. maturity, 5 letters

IRA investment option, 5 letters

Issuance from Uncle Sam, 5 letters

It has a denomination of $1,000, 5 letters

It matures in 1 to 10 yrs., 5 letters

It matures in 10 years or less, 5 letters

It might have a face value of a thousand bucks, 5 letters

It might mature in 10 years, 5 letters

It might take 10 years to mature, 5 letters

It pays interest semiannually, 5 letters

It takes a few years to mature, 5 letters

It takes up to 10 yrs. to reach maturity, 5 letters

It takes up to ten years to reach maturity, 5 letters

It'll reach maturity in no more than ten years, 5 letters

Kind of legal tender, 5 letters

Legal tender from Sec. Bentsen, 5 letters

Legal U.S. tender, 5 letters

Liquid paper?, 5 letters

One kind of U.S. bond, 5 letters

Popular investment, 5 letters

Public-debt security, 5 letters

Retirement portfolio item, 5 letters

Safe investment, 5 letters

Safe investment, informally, 5 letters

Savings vehicle, briefly, 5 letters

Security for up to ten years, 5 letters

Short-term investment, for short, 5 letters

Suggestion for an IRA, 5 letters

U.S. bond market purchase, 5 letters

U.S. gov't bond, 5 letters

U.S. govt. bill, 5 letters

U.S. legal tender, 5 letters

U.S. security, 5 letters

U.S. Security investment, 5 letters

U.S. security offering, 5 letters

U.S.-backed investment, 5 letters

US interest bearer, 5 letters

Fed. securities, 6 letters

Fed. securities that only serve as an enabler of further national debt, IMHO :-D, 6 letters

Gov't investments, 6 letters

Gov't securities, 6 letters

Government debt instruments, 6 letters

Govt. debt instrument, 6 letters

Investment option, informally, 6 letters

Investment options, for short, 6 letters

Legal bender tills, in short, 6 letters

One- to ten-yr. investments, 6 letters

Points of some yield curves, 6 letters

Safe investment choices, 6 letters

Safe portfolio investments, 6 letters

Some government bonds, 6 letters

Some government securities, for short, 6 letters

Some govt. instruments, 6 letters

Some govt. investment options, 6 letters

Some govt. investments, 6 letters

Some govt. securities, 6 letters

Some investments, 6 letters

Some legal tender, 6 letters

They may take a few yrs. to mature, 6 letters

They pay interest semiannually, 6 letters

Black Widow actress, 13 letters

About 1/3 of Maine's I-95, e.g., 4 letters

Expy., 4 letters

Fwy.'s East Coast kin, 4 letters

Highway with tolls: Abbr., 4 letters

Hiwy., 4 letters

Hwy. that takes its tolls, 4 letters

Hwy. with tolls, 4 letters

I-90 in Mass., e.g., 4 letters

It takes its toll: Abbr., 4 letters

N.J. artery, 4 letters

NJ's I-95, e.g., 4 letters

Penn. crosser, 4 letters

Toll hwy., 4 letters

Toll rd., 4 letters

Freight weights; Abbr, 3 letters

Freight wts., 3 letters

Hamlets: Abbr., 3 letters

Heavy wgts., 3 letters

Large wts., 3 letters

Lbs. upon lbs., 3 letters

Lots of lbs., 3 letters

Many Ibs., 3 letters

Places for criers: Abbr., 3 letters

RR runners, 3 letters

Shipping wts., 3 letters

Thousands of lbs., 3 letters

Truck wts., 3 letters

Uptight, distraught teens (5), 3 letters

Weights: Abbr., 3 letters

Without strain (11), 7 letters

___ equivalent (measure of explosive strength), 3 letters

'The Closer' broadcaster, 3 letters

'We know drama' cable channel, 3 letters

Babylon 5 channel, 3 letters

Blow-Up isn't about it, 3 letters

Cause I'm ___, I'm dynamite, 3 letters

Dallas network, 3 letters

Explosive AC/DC song, 3 letters

Franklin & Bash channel, 3 letters

Franklin & Bash station, 3 letters

Inside the NBA network, 3 letters

Into the West airer, 3 letters

Law & Order channel, 3 letters

Memphis Beat channel, 3 letters

Men of a Certain Age network, 3 letters

Raising the Bar network, 3 letters

Rizzoli & Isles cable channel, 3 letters

Rizzoli & Isles station, 3 letters

Saving Grace airer, 3 letters

Saving Grace cable channel, 3 letters

Southland airer, 3 letters

Southland network, 3 letters

Terrible Ted's sta., 3 letters

The Closer airer, 3 letters

The Closer cable channel, 3 letters

The Closer channel, 3 letters

The Closer network, 3 letters

The Closer TV station, 3 letters

The Mists of Avalon ntwk., 3 letters

Trust Me network, 3 letters

We Know Drama channel, 3 letters

We Know Drama network, 3 letters

We know drama sloganeer, 3 letters

We know drama station, 3 letters

Witchblade channel, 3 letters

1863 discovery, 3 letters

1863 German invention, for short, 3 letters

1975 AC/DC album, 3 letters

200 lbs. of it were used to extinguish an oil fire in Kuwait, 1991, 3 letters

A big bang creator, 3 letters

A dynamite alternative, 3 letters

A&E alternative, 3 letters

AC/DC Cause I'm ___, I'm dynamite, 3 letters

AC/DC single, 3 letters

AC/DC song and album, 3 letters

AC/DC song on High Voltage, 3 letters

AC/DC song with the lyric I'm dynamite, 3 letters

AC/DC's '75 album, 3 letters

AC/DC's second album, 3 letters

Acme product in Road Runner cartoons, 3 letters

Airer of Bull, 3 letters

Airer of WCW Monday Nitro Live!, 3 letters

Alternative to HBO, 3 letters

Amatol ingredient, 3 letters

AOL Time Warner network, 3 letters

Army Corps of Engrs. supply, 3 letters

Artillery shell component, 3 letters

Artillery shell filler, 3 letters

Atl.-based cable network, 3 letters

Atlanta-based cable channel, 3 letters

Atlanta-based cable inits., 3 letters

Atlanta-based cable network, 3 letters

Atlanta-based cable sta., 3 letters

Atlanta-based cable station, 3 letters

Atlanta-based channel, 3 letters

Atlanta-based station, 3 letters

Bang maker, 3 letters

Bang-up cable network?, 3 letters

Basic cable channel, 3 letters

Basic cable inits., 3 letters

Basic cable offering, 3 letters

Basic cable station, 3 letters

Big bang, 3 letters

Big bang cause, 3 letters

Big bang creator, 3 letters

Big bang initials, 3 letters

Big bang item, 3 letters

Big bang letters, 3 letters

Big bang maker, 3 letters

Big bang material, 3 letters

Big bang origin, 3 letters

Big bang producer, 3 letters

Big bang source, 3 letters

Big blast maker, 3 letters

Big boom maker, 3 letters

Big inits. in movies, 3 letters

Blast cause, 3 letters

Blast creator, 3 letters

Blast it, 3 letters

Blast letters, 3 letters

Blast maker, 3 letters

Blast producer, 3 letters

Blast source, 3 letters

Blast stuff, 3 letters

Blast supplier, 3 letters

Blasted initials?, 3 letters

Blaster, 3 letters

Blaster's buy, 3 letters

Blaster's initials, 3 letters

Blaster's letters, 3 letters

Blaster's material, 3 letters

Blaster's need, 3 letters

Blaster's stuff, 3 letters

Blaster's supply, 3 letters

Blasting agent, 3 letters

Blasting aid, 3 letters

Blasting caps?, 3 letters

Blasting compound, 3 letters

Blasting inits., 3 letters

Blasting letters, 3 letters

Blasting material, 3 letters

Blasting need, 3 letters

Blasting palindrome, 3 letters

Blasting sply., 3 letters

Blasting stick, 3 letters

Blasting stuff, 3 letters

Block buster?, 3 letters

Blockbuster ingredient, 3 letters

Blow-up letters, 3 letters

Blowup cause, 3 letters

Blowup isn't about it, 3 letters

Blowup producer, 3 letters

Blowup source, perhaps, 3 letters

Bomb ingredient, 3 letters

Bomb letters in cartoons, 3 letters

Boom cause, 3 letters

Boom letters, 3 letters

Boom maker, 3 letters

Boom producer, 3 letters

Boom producer, for short, 3 letters

Boom sticks, 3 letters

Boom-boom!, 3 letters

Boomer, 3 letters

Boomer or buster, 3 letters

Boomer since 1863, 3 letters

Boomer's initials, 3 letters

Brief boomer, 3 letters

Brief explosive, 3 letters

Building blaster, 3 letters

Buster-upper, 3 letters

C-4 alternative, 3 letters

C7-H5-N3-O6 familiarly, 3 letters

C7H5N3O6, 3 letters

C7H5N3O6, for short, 3 letters

Cable channel, 3 letters

Cable channel choice, 3 letters

Cable channel owned by Time Warner, 3 letters

Cable channel that shows The Closer, 3 letters

Cable channel that shows NASCAR races, 3 letters

Cable channel that's a blast?, 3 letters

Cable channel whose first broadcast was Gone With the Wind, 3 letters

Cable channel whose first showing was Gone With the Wind, 3 letters

Cable channel with the slogan We Know Drama, 3 letters

Cable choice, 3 letters

Cable inits., 3 letters

Cable inits. since 1988, 3 letters

Cable letters, 3 letters

Cable ltrs., 3 letters

Cable network, 3 letters

Cable network since '88, 3 letters

Cable ntwk. that carries Law & Order, 3 letters

Cable option, 3 letters

Cable station started by the Atlanta Braves owner, 3 letters

Cable trademark, 3 letters

Cable TV choice, 3 letters

Cartoon character's downfall, often, 3 letters

Cartoon Network's corporate cousin, 3 letters

Cause of a big bang, 3 letters

Cause of a big blowup, 3 letters

Cause of a blowup, 3 letters

Cause of a major downfall?, 3 letters

Cause of a messy breakup?, 3 letters

Cause of an implosion, 3 letters

Cause of big bang, for short, 3 letters

Cause of many a blowup, 3 letters

Cause of smithereens, maybe, 3 letters

Cause of some blowups, 3 letters

Certain high explosive, 3 letters

Channel that's a blast?, 3 letters

Charge for a bang-up job?, 3 letters

Charge letters, 3 letters

Charge stuff, 3 letters

Chemical first used as a dye, 3 letters

CNN's sister, 3 letters

Common explosive, 3 letters

Component of the explosive Baratol, 3 letters

Component of the explosive Torpex, 3 letters

Construction-site explosive, 3 letters

Construction-site letters, 3 letters

Contents of some charges, 3 letters

Contents of some shells, 3 letters

Coyote's supply in Road Runner cartoons, 3 letters

Crater creator, perhaps, 3 letters

Dangerous stick, 3 letters

Demolition aid, 3 letters

Demolition ball alternative, 3 letters

Demolition chemical, 3 letters

Demolition compound, 3 letters

Demolition crew's compound, 3 letters

Demolition letters, 3 letters

Demolition material, 3 letters

Demolition method, 3 letters

Demolition need, 3 letters

Demolition site letters, 3 letters

Demolition stuff, 3 letters

Demolition supply, 3 letters

Demolitioner's stick, 3 letters

Demolitionist's aid, 3 letters

Demolitionist's charge, 3 letters

Demolitionist's stuff, 3 letters

Demolitionist's supply, 3 letters

Demolitionists use it, 3 letters

Destroyer's need, 3 letters

Destruction worker?, 3 letters

Destructive compound, 3 letters

Destructive stuff, 3 letters

Detonating letters, 3 letters

Detonation maker, 3 letters

Discharge letters?, 3 letters

Dynamic initials, 3 letters

Dynamite alternative, 3 letters

Dynamite kin, 3 letters

Dynamite letters, 3 letters

Dynamite relative, 3 letters

Dynamite trio, 3 letters

Effective leveler, 3 letters

Exploding letters, 3 letters

Explosion maker, 3 letters

Explosion's cause, 3 letters

Explosive, 3 letters

Explosive (abbr.), 3 letters

Explosive abbreviation, 3 letters

Explosive AC/DC album?, 3 letters

Explosive acronym, 3 letters

Explosive combination, 3 letters

Explosive compound, 3 letters

Explosive for short, 3 letters

Explosive for Wile E. Coyote, 3 letters

Explosive in Road Runner shorts, 3 letters

Explosive initials, 3 letters

Explosive inits., 3 letters

Explosive letters, 3 letters

Explosive letters in Angry Birds, 3 letters

Explosive ltrs., 3 letters

Explosive material, 3 letters

Explosive network?, 3 letters

Explosive palindrome, 3 letters

Explosive stuff, 3 letters

Explosive stuff, briefly, 3 letters

Explosive subject, 3 letters

Explosive topic?, 3 letters

Explosive trio, 3 letters

Explosive trio of letters, 3 letters

Explosive used as a dye when first invented, 3 letters

Explosive used as the basis for a 'megaton', 3 letters

Explosives in Angry Birds, 3 letters

Filling for shells, 3 letters

Goodwill Games airer, 3 letters

Great leveler, 3 letters

Grenade filler, 3 letters

Grenade ingredient, 3 letters

Grenade ingredient, perhaps, 3 letters

Have a blast, 3 letters

HBO alternative, 3 letters

HBO rival, 3 letters

High explosive, 3 letters

High explosive: abbr., 3 letters

Holemaker of a sort, 3 letters

Home of The Closer, 3 letters

Explosive consisting of a yellow crystalline compound that is a flammable toxic derivative of toluene, 3 letters

Squid appendages, 6 letters

Television inits., 15 letters

Derisive one, 4 letters

Amatol and tetrytol components, 4 letters

Blows up with explosives, 4 letters

Blows up, casually, 4 letters

Blows up, informally, 4 letters

Blowup causes, 4 letters

Boomers, 4 letters

Causes of some blowups, 4 letters

Demolition compounds, 4 letters

Demolition stuff, 4 letters

Demolition supplies, 4 letters

Explosive chemicals, 4 letters

Explosive compounds, 4 letters

Explosive materials and a cable channel, 4 letters

Explosive sticks, 4 letters

Explosives, 4 letters

Great levelers?, 4 letters

Some explosives, 4 letters

They cause blowups, 4 letters

They lead to blowups, 4 letters

They may cause a big blowup, 4 letters

Anchored fastener, 4 letters

Bit of hardware, 4 letters

Bolt attachment, 4 letters

Bolt fastener, 4 letters

Bolt holder, 4 letters

Bolting device, 4 letters

Carpenter's attachment, 4 letters

Carpenter's connector, 4 letters

Carpenter's fastener, 4 letters

Carpenter's item, 4 letters

Carpenter's metal piece, 4 letters

Carpentry fastener, 4 letters

Certain metal fastener, 4 letters

Connector found in a toolbox, 4 letters

Construction bit, 4 letters

Construction fastener, 4 letters

Construction piece, 4 letters

Fastener, 4 letters

Fastener at the end of a bolt, perhaps, 4 letters

Fastener in the catalog a bit above a U-bolt?, 4 letters

Fastener named for its shape, 4 letters

Fastener used in some furniture, 4 letters

Fastener with an anchor, 4 letters

Fastener, of a sort, 4 letters

Fastening device, 4 letters

Fastening item, 4 letters

Flanged fastener, 4 letters

Hardware bit, 4 letters

Hardware doodad, 4 letters

Hardware fastener, 4 letters

Hardware item, 4 letters

Hardware piece, 4 letters

Item of True Value, 4 letters

Item used in some Ikea furniture, 4 letters

Kind of fastener, 4 letters

Letter-shaped bolt fastener, 4 letters

Letter-shaped bolt holder, 4 letters

Letter-shaped fastener, 4 letters

Letter-shaped fastener used in woodworking, 4 letters

Letter-shaped hardware, 4 letters

Letter-shaped hardware item, 4 letters

Locking fastener, 4 letters

Metal fastener, 4 letters

Oft-pronged fastener, 4 letters

Piece of hardware, 4 letters

Small hardware store purchase, 4 letters

T-bolt's kin, 4 letters

Threaded fastener, 4 letters

Threaded holder, 4 letters

Threaded metal fastener, 4 letters

Type of bolt holder, 4 letters

Wide-headed fastener, 4 letters

Wood fastener, 4 letters

Bolt fasteners, 5 letters

Bolt holders, 5 letters

Carpenter's supply, 5 letters

Certain bolt holders, 5 letters

Fasteners with wide heads, 5 letters

Fastening devices, 5 letters

Hardware items, 5 letters

Hardware-store buy, 5 letters

Letter-shaped fasteners, 5 letters

Letter-shaped hardware items, 5 letters

Simple fasteners, 5 letters

Some bolt holders, 5 letters

Special bolt fasteners, 5 letters

Woodworking fasteners, 5 letters

American playwright, 10 letters

A proinflammatory cytokine that is produced by white blood cells (monocytes and macrophages), 3 letters

Has an antineoplastic effect but causes inflammation (as in rheumatoid arthritis), 3 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..