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Long-playing, in a way, 14 letters

Private talk for two, 5 letters

Where the final flight ends?, 3 letters

Hit the horn, 4 letters

Prepared to drive, 4 letters

Sounded (the horn), 4 letters

Relationship, 5 letters

Kind of list, 4 letters

Like some hits, 4 letters

Remove the slack from, 4 letters

Method for checking a statistical hypothesis, 5 letters

Statistical analysis method, 5 letters

Statistical hypothesis procedure, 5 letters

Statistical hypothesis trial, 5 letters

Statistical tool, 5 letters

Statistical-analysis procedure, 5 letters

Statistics method for checking means, 5 letters

Way of checking a null hypothesis, 5 letters

Way to determine if a sample is indicative of the norm, 5 letters

What a statistician might perform, 5 letters

A Night to Remember portrayal, 10 letters

E-mail abbr. that means See ya later, 4 letters

Texter's bye-bye, 4 letters

Texter's farewell, 4 letters

Alternative to MWF, in college course scheduling, 3 letters

E. ___ Extra-Terrestrial, 4 letters

Discrete mathematics branch concerning chemical trees, 7 letters


Scan, 8 letters

STEP DOWN: 7, 4 letters

Cheat on, 5 letters

NASA's countdown terminology (which sounds like a 4, 5 letters

Commodores hit, ___ a Lady, 6 letters

Bipolar circuit design: abbr., 3 letters

Digital circuit acronym, 3 letters

Final amt., 3 letters

Hun leader (6), 3 letters

Letters freq. seen at the bottom of a store rcpt., 3 letters

Mil. departure, 3 letters

Rcpt. notation or camera type, 3 letters

Sum, 3 letters

Sum (Abbr.), 3 letters

Reckon, as a bill, 4 letters

Reckon, as a bill (5 2), 4 letters

Every so often, 4 letters

KIND OF TRUCK, 4 letters

*'Vette option, 4 letters

'maro roof option, 4 letters

'Vette choice, 4 letters

'Vette design detail, 4 letters

'Vette feature, perhaps, 4 letters

'Vette roof option, 4 letters

Smokey and the Bandit vehicle feature, 4 letters

1978 Mustang II option, 4 letters

Alternative to a moonroof, 4 letters

Alternative to a sliding sunroof, 4 letters

Auto roof option, 4 letters

Auto roof style, 4 letters

Automobile roof with removable panels, 4 letters

Camaro option, 4 letters

Car roof feature, 4 letters

Car roof option, 4 letters

Car roof variety, 4 letters

Car roof with removable panels, 4 letters

Car with removable roof panels, 4 letters

Certain Corvette roof, 4 letters

Certain sports car roof, 4 letters

Convertible alternative, 4 letters

Convertible cousin, 4 letters

Convertible roof style, 4 letters

Corvette debut of '68, 4 letters

Corvette roof option, 4 letters

Erstwhile Corvette option, 4 letters

Fancy car innovation, 4 letters

Feature of many a Corvette, 4 letters

Feature of many a sports car, 4 letters

Feature of some Corvettes, 4 letters

Firebird feature, 4 letters

Firebird option, 4 letters

Kind of car roof, 4 letters

Moon roof's cousin, 4 letters

Moonroof alternative, 4 letters

Muscle car feature, 4 letters

Mustang option, 4 letters

Option on some sports cars, 4 letters

Partially removable roof, 4 letters

Removable car roof, 4 letters

Roof design on some sports cars, 4 letters

Roof option, 4 letters

Roof option for some old Trans Ams, 4 letters

Roof with removable panels, 4 letters

Semi-convertible, 4 letters

Semi-convertible auto roof, 4 letters

Sports car feature, 4 letters

Sports car option, 4 letters

Sports car roof choice, 4 letters

Sports car roof option, 4 letters

Sports car roof type, 4 letters

Sports-car roof, 4 letters

Sporty auto roof, 4 letters

Sporty car addition, 4 letters

Sporty roof, 4 letters

Sporty sunroof, 4 letters

Sunroof alternative, 4 letters

Sunroof or moonroof alternative, 4 letters

Trans Am option, 4 letters

Trans Am roof option, 4 letters

Type of car roof, 4 letters

Type of convertible, 4 letters

Type of roof for a muscle car, 4 letters

Type of sports car roof, 4 letters

1970s Thunderbird options, 5 letters

Automobile roofs with removable panels, 5 letters

Camaro options, 5 letters

Car options, 5 letters

Car roofs with removable panels, 5 letters

Convertible alternatives, 5 letters

Features of some 'Vettes, 5 letters

Good roofs for warm-weather cruising, 5 letters

Old Grand Prix options, 5 letters

Pseudo-convertibles, 5 letters

Removable car roofs, 5 letters

Roadster relatives, 5 letters

Roof feature on some 'Vettes, 5 letters

Some 'Vette coverings, 5 letters

Some Camaro roofs, 5 letters

Some car roofs, 5 letters

Some sports car features, 5 letters

Some sports car roofs, 5 letters

Some sunroofs, 5 letters

Some Trans Am and Corvette roofs, 5 letters

Some Trans Ams had them, 5 letters

Sports car extras, 5 letters

Sports car roofs, 5 letters

Sporty auto roofs, 5 letters

Sporty car features, 5 letters

Sporty cars, 5 letters

Sporty sunroofs, 5 letters

Trans Am roof options, 5 letters

Petrify, 8 letters

Dish dryer, 6 letters

First president of Turkey, 4 letters

Abstainers: Abbr., 3 letters

Audi roadster introduced in 1999, 3 letters

Audi sports cars, 3 letters

Childish fits for short, 3 letters

Fax machine ancestor: abbr., 3 letters

Linotype machine partners: Abbr., 3 letters

Monograms for Ike's ex, 3 letters

Phone printmaker, 3 letters

Some Audi models, 3 letters

Some Audi roadsters, 3 letters

Some Audis, 3 letters

Sporty Audi models, 3 letters

Sporty Audis, 3 letters

Tina Turner towel monograms, 3 letters

Towel monograms for the Private Dancer singer, 3 letters

A-1 condition, 7 letters

Feels Good hit makers of 1990, 3 letters

1965 #1 hit by the Byrds, 3 letters

1970 film co-directed by Richard Fleischer and Kinji Fukasaku, 3 letters

Art made with needles, 3 letters

Feature of all four theme entries in this crossword, 3 letters

Game with half a dozen winning lines found in this puzzle, 3 letters

Game-winning cry, 3 letters

Mr. ___ (character in The Martian Chronicles), 3 letters

Walk with faltering steps, 4 letters

Angers, with off, 4 letters

Informal tops, 4 letters

Plumbing joints, 4 letters

Razz, 4 letters

Rib, 4 letters

Some socials, 4 letters

Sri Lankan exports, 4 letters

Timeout signs, 4 letters

Torment, 4 letters

Certain crosses, 5 letters

Flirt, 5 letters

Golfers' needs, 5 letters

Musical notes, 5 letters

The Beatles and the Dave Clark Five, in a way, 12 letters

Watergate era?, 7 letters

Generation X's time?, 9 letters

Do some hair raising?, 15 letters

First part of 15 scores, 15 letters

Flirt with, 15 letters

Vamp, 15 letters

Vex, 15 letters

Letter-shaped bile duct drainage aid, 5 letters

Comm. device for the deaf, 3 letters

Communication device: Abbr., 3 letters

Communication syst. for the deaf, 3 letters

Device for the deaf, for short, 3 letters

Erstwhile newsroom machine: Abbr., 3 letters

Letters that aid the deaf, 3 letters

Msg. machine for the deaf, 3 letters

Old comm. device, 3 letters

Old newsroom mach., 3 letters

Old newsroom machine (abbr.), 3 letters

Gotta go, in chat rooms, 4 letters

Until next time, in IM, 4 letters

Until next time, in instant messages, 4 letters

Chatroom bye, 4 letters

IM sign-off, 4 letters

Message sent before going AFK, 4 letters

On-line sign-off (abbr.), 4 letters

Quick goodbye?, 4 letters

Sign-off in texting or cyber speak, 4 letters

Text messaging sign-off, 4 letters

Texter's sign-off, 4 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..