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$5000 No-Limit Hold'em*, 10 letters

1985 and 2000*, 10 letters

'80s William Shatner cop series, 8 letters

1980s title role for William Shatner, 8 letters

W. Shatner series, 8 letters

Shatner series, 5 letters

Big name in discount retail, 6 letters

Big name in retail, 6 letters

Big name in retail clothing, 6 letters

Discount apparel chain, 6 letters

Discount clothing store, 6 letters

Marshalls competitor, 6 letters

Off-price clothing retailer, 6 letters

Ross rival, 6 letters

Store with the slogan Never the same place twice, 6 letters

Zayre department stores creation, 6 letters

Hooker and Maxx, 3 letters

TV's Hooker et al., 3 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..