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Line 1 of an outerwear message, 15 letters

Musical starring a beauty salon owner?, 10 letters

Restyled Rex Harrison classic?, 10 letters

Instrumental Celine Dion song?, 14 letters

... I hang --- is home, 5 letters

... I'll eat ___!, 5 letters

... or I'll eat ___!, 5 letters

If I'm wrong I'll eat ___!, 5 letters

What I might eat in defeat?, 5 letters

I'm running, 15 letters

Confession of a nitwit?, 21 letters

Start of an old man's lament, 15 letters

___ Will Go On, 7 letters

___ DADDY, 16 letters

Part of a Cole Porter song, 1938, 16 letters

Cole Porter song, 21 letters

Riddle's answer, 18 letters

How I feel, 14 letters

Start of a quote from Sue Grafton's O Is for Outlaw, 20 letters

What will break if I break up with you? response, for a thuggish couple?, 15 letters

#1 song of 1998, 15 letters

1997 Oscar song, 15 letters

1998 Oscar-winning song, 15 letters

1999 Celine Dion Grammy winner, 15 letters

Oscar-winning song, 15 letters

You saved me!, 6 letters

You're a lifesaver!, 6 letters

You're so brave!, 6 letters

Appreciative cry, 6 letters

Cry from a damsel out of distress?, 6 letters

Cry from the saved, 6 letters

Cry to a savior, perhaps, 6 letters

Damsel's appreciative cry, 6 letters

Damsel's cry of relief, 6 letters

Damsel's post-rescue remark, 6 letters

Damsel's relieved cry, 6 letters

Joyful damsel's cry, 6 letters

Melodramatic cry, 6 letters

Melodramatic post-rescue cry, 6 letters

Movie damsel's grateful cry, 6 letters

Rescued damsel's cry, 6 letters

Rescuee's cry, 6 letters

Rescuee's declaration, 6 letters

Words from a damsel in distress?, 6 letters

Words to a savior, 6 letters

Middle of the quip, 13 letters

Top 10 hit off a 1984 album, 10 letters

Start of a quip, 15 letters

* I laid out the evidence; they could see that I'd done ___..., 10 letters

2005 Black Eyed Peas hit that Pitchfork called so monumentally vacuous, slapped together and tossed-off that it truly tests the definition of 'song.', 7 letters

2005 song with the lyric I mix your milk with my cocoa puff, 7 letters

Derided 2005 Black Eyed Peas song that mentions lovely lady lumps, 7 letters

Grammy-winning Black Eyed Peas song, 7 letters

Part 2 of the quip, 12 letters

Start of a wife's comment, 15 letters

Start of a wife's remark, 14 letters

Oscar-winning Titanic song by Celine Dion, 11 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..