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Broadway flop honoring entertainer Tyne?, 10 letters

Fly army aid, 10 letters

Pygmalion on Broadway, 10 letters

1964 Best Picture, 10 letters

1964 Hepburn film, 10 letters

1964 Rex Harrison musical, 10 letters

A two-star woman, to her man?, 10 letters

Best Picture 1964, 10 letters

Best Picture of 1964, 10 letters

Best Picture of 1964 (Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison), 10 letters

Best Picture or Broadway musical, 10 letters

Broadway musical about an aging Bo Derek, who's now only a 7?, 10 letters

Broadway musical about Judge Judy?, 10 letters

Film suggested by Prince Charles?, 10 letters

Film that may rate two stars?, 10 letters

It got 12 Oscar nominations in 1964, 10 letters

Lerner and Loewe hit, 10 letters

Lerner-Loewe musical, 10 letters

Long-run musical, 10 letters

Musical featuring You Did It, 10 letters

Musical with the song The Rain in Spain, 10 letters

Pygmalion with songs, 10 letters

Show you can get tickets for With a Little Bit of Luck, 10 letters

Tramp's film?, 10 letters

Audrey Hepburn's animated?, 21 letters

Movie about a mismatched pair?, 21 letters

Show about so-so sponge cake?, 16 letters

Tale of Henry Higgins's ascetic pupil?, 11 letters

Fleming, on his notoriety?, 21 letters

Rodney Dangerfield quote (Part 2), 12 letters

Start of a quip, 19 letters

Female bus driver?, 10 letters

Start of remark, 21 letters

1975 Preston/Robertson movie, 14 letters

Biopic of a corn lover?, 13 letters

Reverse, per a reactionary?, 14 letters

Football fan's lament, 21 letters

Sitcom about a shopper?, 14 letters

Store I most like to shop at?, 14 letters

Bell sounds that I like most?, 15 letters

*1982, 14 letters

End of remark, 6 letters

Start of Paul Bunyan's speech?, 17 letters

... a demonic horse?, 13 letters

Come on baby, light ___, 6 letters

Play about a female smoke-eater?, 10 letters

1950 hit that begins The night is like a lovely tune, 14 letters

Washington-Young hit song, 14 letters

No way!, 6 letters

Oh, ri-i-i-i-ght!, 6 letters

Ri-i-i-i-ight!, 6 letters

Yeah, r-i-i-ight!, 6 letters

Yeah, sure!, 6 letters

Quote attributed to J. Paul Getty, 12 letters

Start of a J. Paul Getty quote, 12 letters

Start of a quote by J. Paul Getty, 12 letters

Hogwash!, 5 letters

Worst Picture of 1964?, 10 letters

1954 Eddie Fisher hit, 8 letters

I Am a Camera sequel?, 13 letters

Biographical series about an arsonist?, 15 letters

I would like to thank ( a 1949 film)..., 12 letters

I've had ___, 5 letters

___ Valentine: Babes in Arms song, 7 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..