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Start of a quip, 15 letters

'Pyramus and Thisbe e.g.,', 4 letters

Daedalus and Icarus, e.g., 4 letters

Geaux Tigers! sch., 4 letters

Toads cause warts, e.g., 4 letters

Ancient Greek legend, 4 letters

Ancient legend, 4 letters

Ancient tale, 4 letters

Baseless notion, 4 letters

Belief that toads cause warts, for example, 4 letters

Bit of folklore, 4 letters

Bulfinch topic, 4 letters

Bullfinch's field, 4 letters

Camus's The___of Sisyphus, 4 letters

Commonly held false notion, 4 letters

Deep tale, 4 letters

Don't believe it, 4 letters

Edith Hamilton specialty, 4 letters

El Dorado, for one, 4 letters

Fable, 4 letters

Fantasy, 4 letters

Fiction, 4 letters

Fictitious story, 4 letters

Folk tale, 4 letters

Folklore story, 4 letters

Greek god story, e.g., 4 letters

It ain't real, 4 letters

It's not really true, 4 letters

It's not to be believed, 4 letters

It's not true, 4 letters

Item of folklore, 4 letters

Legend, 4 letters

Legend cousin, 4 letters

Legendary story, 4 letters

Legendary tale, 4 letters

Lore of yore, 4 letters

Michael Penn hit No ___, 4 letters

Michael Penn's No ___, 4 letters

Misconception, 4 letters

Mr. Rogers was a Navy Seal, e.g., 4 letters

Old wives' tale, 4 letters

Olympian story, 4 letters

Olympian tale, 4 letters

Olympic account, 4 letters

One often dispelled, 4 letters

One with a lisp calls a young girl for yarn (4), 4 letters

Sasquatch, e.g., 4 letters

Sasquatch, for instance, 4 letters

Story, 4 letters

Story from Olympus, 4 letters

Story involving Greek gods, for example, 4 letters

Story of legend, 4 letters

Subject for Bulfinch, 4 letters

Tale about Eros, e g., 4 letters

Tale involving Greek gods, e.g., 4 letters

Tale of the gods, 4 letters

Tale that never happened, 4 letters

Tall tale, 4 letters

That masturbation causes blindness, e.g., 4 letters

The Flying Dutchman, e.g., 4 letters

The Fountain of Youth, for one, 4 letters

The story of Icarus, e.g., 4 letters

The stuff of legends, 4 letters

Traditional story, 4 letters

Traditional tale, 4 letters

Unfounded belief, 4 letters

Unfounded notion, 4 letters

Untrue tale, 4 letters

Urban ___ (modern legend), 4 letters

Urban legend, 4 letters

Urban legend, e.g., 4 letters

Very tall tale, 4 letters

Washington chopping down the cherry tree, e.g., 4 letters

What unicorns live in, 4 letters

A traditional story accepted as history, 4 letters

Serves to explain the world view of a people, 4 letters

A Bangkok drink I had?, 12 letters

New World legend?, 11 letters

Saps who believe apocryphal stories?, 10 letters

Craving for a Greek legend? (Mister Hyde reformed), 10 letters

Fictitious, 6 letters

Imaginary, 6 letters

Kind of proportions, 6 letters

Lacking factual validity, 6 letters

Like Bobby Jones' stature, 6 letters

Like fictitious tales, 6 letters

Of legend, 6 letters

Fairylike, 8 letters

Lacking historical validity, 8 letters

Like Daedalus and Icarus, 8 letters

Like dragons and centaurs, 8 letters

Like unicorns, 8 letters

Unreal, 8 letters

Grendel, e.g., 15 letters

Bulfinch's specialty?, 15 letters

The truth about Zeus, Apollo, etc.?, 15 letters

Logical opening?, 5 letters

APOLLO, 15 letters

An expert in gods, 11 letters

Study of a cultural tradition, 9 letters

Myths collectively, 9 letters

The study of myths, 9 letters

The body of stories associated with a culture or institution or person, 9 letters

Allegorical beliefs of a culture, 6 letters

Aristotle's first element of tragedy, 6 letters

Body of beliefs about a group, 6 letters

Body of legendary stories, 6 letters

Cultural underpinnings, 6 letters

Greek beer brand, 6 letters

Tales of King Arthur, e.g., 6 letters

Underlying system of beliefs, 6 letters

Sitcom about a family of Dresden residents raised by a single parent?, 13 letters

60's sitcom, 11 letters

Fred MacMurray series, 11 letters

Fred MacMurray sitcom, 11 letters

Hit ABC and then CBS sitcom that debuted in 1960: 3 wds., 11 letters

MacMurray rerun, 11 letters

Sitcom featuring the Douglas family, 11 letters

Trio on TV, 11 letters

TV oldie, 11 letters

TV series of old, 11 letters

TV show that premiered 9/29/60, 11 letters

TV trio, 11 letters

CHIP, 15 letters

CHIP, 14 letters

Cold sufferer's complaint, 13 letters

Ancient stories, 5 letters

Ancient tales, 5 letters

Bits of folklore, 5 letters

Bulfinch's specialty, 5 letters

Bulfinch's subject, 5 letters

Bunkum, 5 letters

Cousins of legends, 5 letters

Edith Hamilton's forte, 5 letters

Fables, 5 letters

Fodder for, 5 letters

Folk tales, 5 letters

Folklore, 5 letters

Folklore subjects, 5 letters

Greek ___, 5 letters

Joseph Campbell subjects, 5 letters

Joseph Campbell's area of expertise, 5 letters

Legendary stories, 5 letters

Legendary tales, 5 letters

Legends, 5 letters

Many are Greek, 5 letters

Misconceptions, 5 letters

Old stories, 5 letters

Old wives tales, 5 letters

Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, 5 letters

Some are Greek, 5 letters

Some are urban, 5 letters

Stories of the gods, 5 letters

Tales of the gods, 5 letters

Tales of the Titans, 5 letters

The realm of gods and goddesses, 5 letters

They may be debunked, 5 letters

They're not true, 5 letters

They're often exploded, 5 letters

Tolkien inspiration, 5 letters

Traditional stories, 5 letters

Untrue stories, 5 letters

Unverified stories, 5 letters

Urban legends, 5 letters

Word after Greek or Norse, 5 letters

Yeti and the Loch Ness monster, 5 letters

Mount Olympus and environs?, 12 letters

... all the way down to ___, 6 letters

I'll get this, 7 letters

It's on me!, 7 letters

Put away your wallet, 7 letters

You get me next time...., 7 letters

Big spender's offer, 7 letters

Generous offer, 7 letters

Title for this puzzle?, 7 letters

Welcome words when a check arrives, 7 letters

Jive Five song, 11 letters

MacMurray's old TV series, 7 letters

Hey, I go next!, 6 letters

I go now, 6 letters

I'm up, 6 letters

Let me go, 6 letters

1989 Nancy Reagan book, 6 letters

Eager player's cry, 6 letters

Denise LaSalle song, 6 letters

Cockney and French, when I'm entertaining people at parties?, 12 letters

Show about Paul Reiser's lousy report card?, 7 letters

Request from Santa in a Christmas song, 15 letters

The restatement of a message as a myth, 15 letters

The restatement of a message as a myth, 15 letters

An island of eastern Greece in the eastern Aegean Sea, 8 letters

In antiquity it was famous for lyric poetry, 8 letters

Marine bivalve mollusk having a dark elongated shell, 7 letters

Live attached to solid objects especially in intertidal zones, 7 letters

Marine mussels, 9 letters

Type genus of the family Mytilidae smooth-shelled marine mussels, 7 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..