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Store you go to for all your pod-based needs?, 5 letters

Builder of the WABAC machine, 9 letters

The time-traveling canine, 9 letters

Advertising spokesman since 1916, 8 letters

Advertising figure with a cane, 8 letters

Advertising figure with a monocle, 8 letters

Longtime logo with a top hat and monocle, 8 letters

Mascot that's a shell of a man?, 8 letters

Monocled advertising figure, 8 letters

Monocled commercial spokesman, 8 letters

Monocled food mascot, 8 letters

Monocled mascot, 8 letters

Nattily dressed ad figure, 8 letters

Nattily dressed commercial spokesman, 8 letters

Planters symbol, 8 letters

Spokesman with a monocle and top hat, 8 letters

Allan Lane supplied his voice, 5 letters

1950's Wally Cox sitcom, 9 letters

Classic sitcom starring Wally Cox, 9 letters

Science teacher in a '50s sitcom, 9 letters

TV teacher played by Wally Cox, 9 letters

Wally Cox vehicle, 9 letters

Upbeat, outgoing sort, 13 letters

___ and Red Vines equals crazy delicious (Lazy Sunday lyrics), 6 letters

Coca-Cola brand, 6 letters

Coca-Cola product, 6 letters

Coca-Cola's answer to Dr. Pepper, 6 letters

Dr Pepper rival, 6 letters

Dr Pepper rival, once, 6 letters

Onetime Dr Pepper alternative, 6 letters

Dickens hero with papers, as he is formally known, 10 letters

Steve Buscemi's role in Reservoir Dogs, 6 letters

Club founder and president in an 1836 Dickens novel, 6 letters

Title guy in a Marvelettes #1 hit, 9 letters

Pitch from a personified spud?, 10 letters

Funny-face toy, 12 letters

Garden-variety toy?, 12 letters

Toy with detachable eyes and ears, 12 letters

Tuber toy, 12 letters

Santa?, 9 letters

Address for Obama, 11 letters

What Obama is called, often, 11 letters

White House title, 11 letters

#1 hit for the Chordettes, 10 letters

Like Superman, strengthwise, 15 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..