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Robert A. Taft, 12 letters

Mr. Right, 14 letters

AOK marriage prospect, 7 letters

Dream guy, 7 letters

Groom, ideally, 7 letters

He's out there, hopefully, 7 letters

Ideal guy, 7 letters

Ideal husband, 7 letters

Ideal husband, e.g., 7 letters

Ideal partner personified, 7 letters

Male ideal, 7 letters

Man to marry, 7 letters user's goal, perhaps, 7 letters

Perfect gent, 7 letters

Personals objective, perhaps, 7 letters

The perfect match, for some, 7 letters

Man of one's dreams goes fishing?, 13 letters

Fantasy Island host, 8 letters

Mysterious Fantasy Island character, 8 letters

Owner of TV's Fantasy Island, 8 letters

Tattoo's boss on Fantasy Island, 8 letters

TV character who wore a white suit and said Smiles, everyone, smiles!, 8 letters

Henry Fonda's WWII Lieut. jg, 9 letters

Hit from the 1983 platinum album Kilroy Was Here, 8 letters

Styx song with some Japanese lyrics, 8 letters

A neighborly sort, 8 letters

Classic PBS name, 8 letters

Gentleman in a PBS neighborhood, 8 letters

He said, Won't you be my neighbor?, 8 letters

His cardigan is in the Smithsonian, 8 letters

Neighborhood guy, 8 letters

PBS neighborhood guy, 8 letters

Thug living next to humorist Will?, 20 letters

2005 reality show hosted by Fabio, 9 letters

Tongue-in-cheek reality show hosted by Fabio, 9 letters

Jack's first landlord, on Three's Company, 7 letters

'Peat'?, 21 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..