Select a letter

___ scan, 3 letters

3-D diagnostic machine, 3 letters

3-D exam, 3 letters

3-D hosp. procedure, 3 letters

3-D med. exam, 3 letters

3-D med. scan, 3 letters

3-D medical test, 3 letters

3-D picture, 3 letters

3-D test, 3 letters

Body shot?: Abbr., 3 letters

Body-scanning technique, 3 letters

Brief look inside?, 3 letters

CAT alternative, 3 letters

CAT kin, 3 letters

CAT scan alternative, 3 letters

CAT scan cousin, 3 letters

CAT scan kin, 3 letters

CAT scan relative, 3 letters

Certain hosp. test, 3 letters

Claustrophobe's nightmare, for short, 3 letters

Claustrophobic patient's dread, 3 letters

Common hospital diagnostic: Abbr., 3 letters

Cross-sectional scan, 3 letters

Diagnostic aid, for short, 3 letters

Diagnostic device: Abbr., 3 letters

Diagnostic hosp. test, 3 letters

Diagnostic letters, 3 letters

Diagnostic mach., 3 letters

Diagnostic option, 3 letters

Diagnostic pic, 3 letters

Diagnostic scanner, briefly, 3 letters

Diagnostic scanner: Abbr., 3 letters

Diagnostic scanning technique, briefly, 3 letters

Diagnostic technique, 3 letters

Doc's picture producer, 3 letters

Doctor's order, 3 letters

Dr. Raymond Damadian's brainchild, 3 letters

Dr.'s diagnostic tool, 3 letters

Dr.'s order, 3 letters

Frequently used test on House, M.D., 3 letters

Hand pic, perhaps, 3 letters

High-tech med. device, 3 letters

High-tech med. diagnostics, 3 letters

High-tech med. scanner, 3 letters

High-tech med. test, 3 letters

Hosp. diagnositc, 3 letters

Hosp. diagnostic aid, 3 letters

Hosp. diagnostic chamber, 3 letters

Hosp. machine, 3 letters

Hosp. pic, 3 letters

Hosp. picture, 3 letters

Hosp. procedure, 3 letters

Hosp. procedure that might be done on your back, 3 letters

Hosp. scan, 3 letters

Hosp. scanner, 3 letters

Hosp. test, 3 letters

Hosp. test in a large tube, 3 letters

Hosp. test in a tube, 3 letters

Hospital pic, 3 letters

Hospital test, 3 letters

Inner view, for short, 3 letters

Inside look, for short?, 3 letters

Inside shot?, 3 letters

It can diagnose a headache, 3 letters

It can see through any body, 3 letters

It gives you inside info, 3 letters

It might be done on one knee, 3 letters

It might be done on your back, 3 letters

It reveals the inner you, 3 letters

It scans for problems, 3 letters

It's done lying down, 3 letters

Kind of med. scan, 3 letters

Kind of scan, for short, 3 letters

Kind of test, 3 letters

MD's diagnostic machine, 3 letters

Me. diagnostic technique, 3 letters

Med. diagnostic tool, 3 letters

Med. exam, 3 letters

Med. picture, 3 letters

Med. procedure, 3 letters

Med. scan, 3 letters

Med. scanner, 3 letters

Med. scanning technology, 3 letters

Med. technique using contrast agents, 3 letters

Med. test, 3 letters

Med. tool, 3 letters

Medical exam that's open or closed, 3 letters

Medical pic, 3 letters

Medical procedure, in brief, 3 letters

Medical scan, briefly, 3 letters

Medical scan, for short, 3 letters

Medical scan: abbr., 3 letters

Medical test where patients are given a panic button, 3 letters

Modern-day X-ray, 3 letters

Non-invasive diagnostic, 3 letters

Noninvasive diag. procedure, 3 letters

Noninvasive diagnostic proc., 3 letters

Noninvasive diagnostic procedure, for short, 3 letters

Noninvasive medical proc., 3 letters

Open-scan med. procedure, 3 letters

Orthopedist's order, briefly, 3 letters

Outpatient test, briefly, 3 letters

Phys. test, 3 letters

Picture of health, 3 letters

Picture of health, for short?, 3 letters

Picture taken when you're lying down, 3 letters

Procedural medical pic., 3 letters

Procedure that can detect brain tumors: Abbr., 3 letters

Radiologist's tool, briefly, 3 letters

Radiology staple, for short, 3 letters

Radiology test, 3 letters

Rim of lab machine, 3 letters

Rim of medical technology, 3 letters

Scanner, for short, 3 letters

Shot taken at the hospital?: Abbr., 3 letters

Source of 3-D pictures?, 3 letters

Test for a pitcher's injured shoulder, 3 letters

Test for internal injuries, briefly, 3 letters

Test for one on the DL, maybe, 3 letters

Test in a tube, for short, 3 letters

Test that is done on your back, 3 letters

Test that puts you in a strong field?, 3 letters

Unpleasant experience for claustrophobes, 3 letters

X-ray alternative, 3 letters

X-ray cousin, 3 letters

X-ray cousin, briefly, 3 letters

X-ray descendant, 3 letters

X-ray follow-up, perhaps, 3 letters

X-ray follow-up, sometimes, 3 letters

X-ray relative, 3 letters

X-ray supplement, 3 letters

X-ray's noisier relative, 3 letters

You'll be in a strong field when you take this test (abbr.), 3 letters

The use of nuclear magnetic resonance of protons to produce proton density images, 3 letters

Indian drum, 9 letters

'Don't mess with ___-Between', 4 letters

Person not to be messed with, in song, 11 letters

Something to call me per an old song , 11 letters

Whom not to mess with, 11 letters

Dolphins and whales, 10 letters

3-D medical pictures, 4 letters

3-D pictures, 4 letters

3-D scanners, 4 letters

3-D tests, 4 letters

Certain hosp. diagnostic tools, 4 letters

Certain scans: Abbr., 4 letters

CT scan alternatives, 4 letters

CT-scan cousins, 4 letters

Diagnostic 3-D pictures, 4 letters

Diagnostic tools, 4 letters

Dr.'s orders, 4 letters

Hosp. diagnostics, 4 letters

Hosp. pictures, 4 letters

Hosp. procedures, 4 letters

Hosp. scanners, 4 letters

Hosp. scans, 4 letters

Hosp. testing techniques, 4 letters

Kin of X-rays, 4 letters

Kinds of scans, 4 letters

M.D.'s diagnostic tools, 4 letters

Med. scans, 4 letters

Med. tests, 4 letters

Noisy scans, 4 letters

Non-invasive readings, 4 letters

Noninvasive med. exams, 4 letters

Noninvasive med. tests, 4 letters

Pics for docs, 4 letters

Pictures taken in a hosp., 4 letters

Pros get them often, 4 letters

Providers of inside looks?, 4 letters

Relatives of CAT scans, 4 letters

Scans ordered by M.D.'s, 4 letters

Some hosp. pics, 4 letters

Some hosp. scans, 4 letters

Some med. scans, 4 letters

Some med. tests, 4 letters

Some scans, 4 letters

Sports doc's pix, 4 letters

Tests for injured pros, 4 letters

Tests for ones on the DL, perhaps, 4 letters

They're contraindicated for people with certain metal implants, 4 letters

Ways to get inside hip joints?, 4 letters

X-ray alternatives, 4 letters

X-ray relatives, 4 letters

Diagnosis facilitator, 7 letters

Diagnostic aid, 7 letters

Head shot, maybe, 7 letters

Hosp. diagnostic procedure, 7 letters

Hosp. diagnostic technique, 7 letters

Inside look?, 7 letters

*Hospital diagnostic device, 10 letters

Diagnostic aids, 8 letters

They may get into your head, 8 letters

Like the Alhambra, 5 letters

Best Song of 1961, 6 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..