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Ray Bolger film, 14 letters

J. S. Bach contemporary, 7 letters

Bay, in Normandy, 5 letters

Bismark hid in one before battling the Prince of Wales, 5 letters

Cruise destination, perhaps, 5 letters

Denmark coastal feature, 5 letters

Finger of the ocean, 5 letters

Frequent WWII hiding spot for German warships, 5 letters

Geographical finger, 5 letters

Glacially carved inlet, 5 letters

Greenland sight, 5 letters

Greenland's Scoresby Sound is the world's longest, 5 letters

Iceland coastline feature, 5 letters

Iceland feature, 5 letters

Iceland physical feature, 5 letters

Inlet formed by glacial erosion, 5 letters

Long, narrow arm of a sea, 5 letters

Long, narrow inlet, 5 letters

Narrow inlet, 5 letters

Narrow Norwegian inlet, 5 letters

Nordic inlet, 5 letters

Nordic natural wonder, 5 letters

Nordic wonder, 5 letters

North Sea inlet, 5 letters

Norwegian bay, 5 letters

Norwegian coast feature, 5 letters

Norwegian cruise lane?, 5 letters

Norwegian cruise sight, 5 letters

Norwegian inlet, 5 letters

Norwegian notch, 5 letters

Norwegian physical feature, 5 letters

Norwegian Sea arm, 5 letters

Oslo inlet, 5 letters

Oslo is on one, 5 letters

Oslo sight, 5 letters

Oslo's backdrop, 5 letters

Part of the Norwegian scenery, 5 letters

Product of glacial erosion, 5 letters

Result of glacial erosion, 5 letters

Rocky inlet, 5 letters

Scandinavian bay, 5 letters

Scandinavian coastal feature, 5 letters

Scandinavian inlet, 5 letters

Sea arm between cliffs, 5 letters

Sea inlet between cliffs, 5 letters

Setting for a Scandinavian cruise, 5 letters

Sight from Oslo, 5 letters

Skagerrak feature, 5 letters

Steep-sided inlet, 5 letters

Verbally dispute, 5 letters

View from Oslo, 5 letters

Viking training camp?, 5 letters

A long narrow inlet of the sea between steep cliffs, 5 letters

Common in Norway, 5 letters

Horse of the Norwegian coast?, 11 letters

Vehicle for touring Scandinavia?, 13 letters

Company that sells outboard engines to Vikings?, 11 letters

Coastal Norse horse?, 12 letters

Norwegian steed?, 12 letters

Arms of the sea, 6 letters

Coastal inlets, 6 letters

Cuts in Norway's coastline, 6 letters

Glacier-cut inlets, 6 letters

Kenai ___ (national park in Alaska), 6 letters

Narrow inlets, 6 letters

North Sea inlets, 6 letters

Northern inlets, 6 letters

Norway feature, 6 letters

Norwegian bays, 6 letters

Norwegian coast features, 6 letters

Norwegian waterways, 6 letters

Norwegian wonders, 6 letters

Oslo and others, 6 letters

Products of glacial erosion, 6 letters

Scandinavian arms of the sea, 6 letters

Scandinavian bays, 6 letters

Steep-sided inlets, 6 letters

Tourist attractions in the city of Bergen, 6 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..