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Agriculture agcy.: 1937-42, 3 letters

Former rural-credit org., 3 letters

Rural org., 3 letters

Heavily discounted, 5 letters

On the market, 5 letters

Dignity restorer, 6 letters

Prophesied, 4 letters

In financial ways, 5 letters

Part of an address, 15 letters

___ Fitzgerald, 6 letters

Author Fitzgerald, 6 letters

Contemporary of Stephen Vincent, 6 letters

Fitzgerald of literature, 6 letters

Zelda Fitzgerald's husband, 6 letters

Zelda's husband, 6 letters

Zelda's love, 6 letters

Tender Is the Night novelist, 8 letters

Hails, as a cab, 6 letters

Ford's full-size pickup (1,6), 7 letters

Battleship guess, 6 letters

Black key that's the first of a threesome, 6 letters

G neighbor, 6 letters

Half step below G, 6 letters

Irving Berlin's key, 6 letters

Key of Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 24, 6 letters

Key of Chopin's Barcarolle, 6 letters

Key of Mahler's Symphony No. 10, 6 letters

Major scale in which B is the only natural, 6 letters

Only key Irving Berlin composed in, 6 letters

Tough key for pianists, 6 letters

Setting of Chopin's Barcarolle, 11 letters

... spare your country's ___ said, 4 letters

Commanders' boats, 6 letters

Button that may be shared with number lock, 4 letters

Key in the middle of the top row, 4 letters

Anthem writer's monogram, 3 letters

Anthemist's monogram, 3 letters

KGB's successor, 3 letters

Former bank deposit protection agcy., 5 letters

Former org. protecting depositors, 5 letters

Org. that protects depositors, 5 letters

Reassuring letters for depositors, 5 letters

Reassuring letters for depositors, once, 5 letters

Reassuring letters in a bank, 5 letters

State Dept. employee, 3 letters

The birds and the bees?, 8 letters

Tired from walking, 5 letters

Fin, 5 letters

Govt. rulebook for abroad, 3 letters

FAA help center for pilots, 3 letters

Camera setting, 3 letters

Italian holiday, 4 letters

Arizona city, 6 letters

Place for iodine, 9 letters

They may contain gauze, tweezers, and bandages, 10 letters

Canopus or Polaris, 5 letters

Canopus or Procyon, e.g., 5 letters

Canopus, Polaris, or Procyon, 5 letters

Highest-rated, as a hotel, 5 letters

Polaris or Procyon, 5 letters

Polaris, e.g., 5 letters

Procyon or Canopus, 5 letters

Procyon or Polaris, 5 letters

General assembly?, 6 letters

Cat Stevens's second greatest hits album, 15 letters

Rotted, 7 letters

User of an East Wing office, 7 letters

Patio slab, 6 letters

Radial choices, 7 letters

*It helps one get the picture, 5 letters

35mm setting, 5 letters

Aperture setting, 5 letters

Aperture setting on a camera, 5 letters

Camera bug's setting, 5 letters

Camera feature, 5 letters

Camera lens setting, 5 letters

Camera lens setting: Hyph., 5 letters

Camera setting, 5 letters

Camera setting: Hyph., 5 letters

Depth of field determiner, 5 letters

Depth-of-field setting, 5 letters

Fuji setting, 5 letters

It affects depth of field, 5 letters

It controls the amount of light admitted, 5 letters

It's set before a snap, 5 letters

Lens setting, 5 letters

Manual Minolta setting, 5 letters

Measure in which 2 is half the size of 1.4, 5 letters

Nikon setting, 5 letters

Nikon setting (5th), 5 letters

Olympus setting, 5 letters

Photo setting, 5 letters

Photog's concern, 5 letters

Photog's setting, 5 letters

Photographer's concern, 5 letters

Photographer's ratio, 5 letters

Photographer's setting, 5 letters

Photographer's setting, perhaps, 5 letters

Photography ratio, 5 letters

Photography setting, 5 letters

Relative aperture of a camera lens, 5 letters

Setting for a photographer, 5 letters

Setting for a shot, 5 letters

Setting for landscape photography, 5 letters

Setting numbered in multiples of the square root of 2, 5 letters

Setting that affects depth of field, 5 letters

Setting that affects exposure, 5 letters

Shooter's concern, 5 letters

Shooter's ratio, 5 letters

Shooter's setting, 5 letters

Shooting setting, 5 letters

Shutterbug's setting, 5 letters

SLR setting, 5 letters

Speed measure, 5 letters

Speed setting, 5 letters

Photographer's concern, 15 letters

Aperture settings, 6 letters

Camera calibrations, 6 letters

Camera settings, 6 letters

Lens adjustments, 6 letters

Lens settings, 6 letters

Lens-aperture settings, 6 letters

Manual camera settings, 6 letters

Photographers' concerns, 6 letters

Photographers' settings, 6 letters

Photogs' settings, 6 letters

Settings for shooters, 6 letters

Settings for Steichen, 6 letters

Settings whose numbers increase by a factor of the square root of two, 6 letters

Shooter's settings, 6 letters

Shooters' considerations, 6 letters

Shutterbugs' concerns, 6 letters

Shutterbugs' settings, 6 letters

SLR settings, 6 letters

'Noles booster's sch., 3 letters

1997 ACC champs, 3 letters

ACC college football powerhouse, 3 letters

Coll. football's Seminoles, 3 letters

College in Tallahassee, 3 letters

Gator hater territory?: Abbr., 3 letters

Home of the 'Noles, 3 letters

Home of the Seminoles, 3 letters

Home of the Seminoles, for short, 3 letters

Home of the Seminoles: Abbr., 3 letters

Longtime employer of coach Bobby Bowden (abbr.), 3 letters

NCAA football powerhouse in Tallahassee, 3 letters

Sch. whose mascot is Chief Osceola, 3 letters

Sch. with a Panama City campus, 3 letters

Seminoles home, 3 letters

Seminoles. sch., 3 letters

Southern sch., 3 letters

Tallahassee campus, for short, 3 letters

Tallahassee inst., 3 letters

Tallahassee sch., 3 letters

The A.C.C.'s Seminoles, 3 letters

The Seminoles of coll. football, 3 letters

The Seminoles of the NCAA, 3 letters

The Seminoles, for short, 3 letters

The Seminoles, in coll. sports, 3 letters

The Seminoles' sch., 3 letters

The Seminoles' school: abbr., 3 letters

UF rival, 3 letters

Where QB Chris Weinke won the Heisman, 3 letters

Sunshine State capital's campus, initially, 4 letters

Pest control item, 8 letters

A federally chartered savings bank, 3 letters

A gonadotropic hormone that is secreted by the anterior pituitary and stimulates growth of Graafian follicles in female mammals, and activates sperm-forming cells in male mammals, 3 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..