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Agricultural loans agency: abbrev., 3 буквы

It's also called the Lincoln Law (found in GOLF CART), 3 буквы

U.S. agricultural agcy., 3 буквы

___ point, 4 буквы

Part of a freight train, 4 буквы

Part of a train, 4 буквы

King and queen, 6 букв

Halogens, 5 букв

The ___ Song (retaliatory 2004 tune by Eric Idle), 3 буквы

ABC and CBS regulator, 3 буквы

ABC and NBC overseer, 3 буквы

ABC overseer, 3 буквы

Agcy. chaired by Colin Powell's son, 3 буквы

Agcy. that can fine TV stations, 3 буквы

Agcy. that enforces indecency regulations, 3 буквы

Agency controlling TV, 3 буквы

Agency known for managing bands, 3 буквы

Air lic. source, 3 буквы

Airwave watchdog, 3 буквы

Airwaves monitoring gp., 3 буквы

Airwaves regulating gp., 3 буквы

Airwaves regulator., 3 буквы

Airwaves regulatory gp., 3 буквы

Airwaves watchdog, briefly, 3 буквы

Airwaves watchdog: Abbr., 3 буквы

Broadcast agcy., 3 буквы

Broadcast regulatory agency, 3 буквы

Broadcast regulatory org., 3 буквы

Broadcast watchdog letters, 3 буквы

Broadcast watchdog: Abbr., 3 буквы

Broadcast-regulating gp., 3 буквы

Broadcast-regulating org., 3 буквы

Broadcasting overseer: Abbr., 3 буквы

CBS regulator, 3 буквы

Colin Powell's son once headed it: abbr., 3 буквы

Emergency Alert System agcy., 3 буквы

Fed. media watchdog, 3 буквы

Fox monitor, 3 буквы

Gov. airways overseer, 3 буквы

Govt. agency that oversees radio stations, 3 буквы

Govt. airwaves agency, 3 буквы

Govt. airwaves board, 3 буквы

Govt. airwaves monitor, 3 буквы

Govt. broadband regulator, 3 буквы

Govt. broadcast regulators, 3 буквы

Govt. broadcasting watchdog, 3 буквы

Govt. communications regulator, 3 буквы

Govt. media monitor, 3 буквы

Govt. media regulator, 3 буквы

Govt. media watchdog, 3 буквы

Govt. overseer of the airwaves, 3 буквы

Gp. that watches what we watch, 3 буквы

Grp. caring about airing, 3 буквы

Howard Stern nemesis, 3 буквы

Howard Stern's longtime foe, 3 буквы

Important licensing org., 3 буквы

It approved AT&T's acquisition of MediaOne, 3 буквы

Kennard's agcy., 3 буквы

License giver: Abbr., 3 буквы

License issuer, for short, 3 буквы

Licensing org., 3 буквы

Media monitor, briefly, 3 буквы

Media monitor, for short, 3 буквы

Media monitor: Abbr., 3 буквы

Media monitoring gp., 3 буквы

Media monitoring org., 3 буквы

Media regulating agcy., 3 буквы

Media regulating gp., 3 буквы

Media watchdog agcy., 3 буквы

Media watchdog org., 3 буквы

Media watchdog, briefly, 3 буквы

Media watchdog, for short, 3 буквы

Network monitoring org., 3 буквы

Network regulating gp., 3 буквы

NPR regulator, 3 буквы

Obscenity watcher: Abbr., 3 буквы

One side in a Supreme Court case brought on by a Carlin monologue broadcast, 3 буквы

Org. Eminem mentions in Without Me, 3 буквы

Org. facing media-ownership protests, 3 буквы

Org. overseeing decency standards, 3 буквы

Org. that conducts spectrum auctions, 3 буквы

Org. that fined CBS for a wardrobe malfunction, 3 буквы

Org. that fined over a wardrobe malfunction, 3 буквы

Org. that fines for obscenities, 3 буквы

Org. that has cut long-distance access fees, 3 буквы

Org. that once closely monitored Howard Stern, 3 буквы

Org. that oversees broadcasting, 3 буквы

Org. that regulates radio, 3 буквы

Org. that rules the airwaves, 3 буквы

Radio monitoring org., 3 буквы

Radio regulator: Abbr., 3 буквы

Radio's reg. body, 3 буквы

Refrigerator compound, 3 буквы

Shock jock's overseer, for short, 3 буквы

Small TV monitor?, 3 буквы

Stern finer, 3 буквы

Stern opponent, often, 3 буквы

They fined Howard Stern in 2004, 3 буквы

TV licenser, 3 буквы

TV monitor, 3 буквы

TV monitoring gp., 3 буквы

TV monitoring grp. that keeps shit off the air, 3 буквы

TV overseer, 3 буквы

TV overseer: Abbr., 3 буквы

TV police, 3 буквы

TV regulating agcy., 3 буквы

TV regulator, 3 буквы

TV regulatory grp., 3 буквы

TV watchdog, 3 буквы

TV watchdog agcy., 3 буквы

TV watchdog org., 3 буквы

TV watchdog: Abbr., 3 буквы

TV watcher?, 3 буквы

TV watchers?: Abbr., 3 буквы

TV-overseeing agcy., 3 буквы

TV-regulating Agency, 3 буквы

U.S. media monitor, 3 буквы

V-Chip org., 3 буквы

V-chip regulator, 3 буквы

Watcher over H. Stern, 3 буквы

William Kennard's agcy., 3 буквы

Compel, 3 буквы

Push an outcome, 5 букв

Costing a nickel, 5 букв

Bass notation, 5 букв

Bass notation: var., 5 букв

Bass staff symbol, 5 букв

Bass symbol, 5 букв

Bass-line introducer, 5 букв

Chopin notation, 5 букв

It looks like a large comma followed by a small colon, 5 букв

Low pitch symbol, 5 букв

Pianist's left-hand symbol, 5 букв

Sign on a bass's staff, 5 букв

Staff notation, 5 букв

Staff symbol, 5 букв

Symbols on bass staffs, 6 букв

Telescope distance measures, 9 букв

Telescope distance measures (5,7), 9 букв

Some cosmetics, 7 букв

Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea, in the U.K., 3 буквы

Tap (6), 3 буквы

Sci-fi novels, e.g. (7), 4 буквы

De ___, 4 буквы

Not really serious (9), 4 буквы

Clothier that exploits its initials to controversial effect, 4 буквы

Controversial London clothier, briefly, 4 буквы

London clothier with suggestive initials, 4 буквы

Ample bra size, 4 буквы

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