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Gorillas in the Mist setting, 6 letters

Hotel ___ (2004 film), 6 letters

African country, 6 letters

African nation, 6 letters

Burundi neighbor, 6 letters

Cheadle's' Hotel, 6 letters

Congo neighbor, 6 letters

Country in 1994 headlines, 6 letters

Country in central Africa, 6 letters

Country Philip Gourevitch has covered extensively, 6 letters

Country with a Hutu majority, 6 letters

Dian Fossey milieu, 6 letters

Dian Fossey's home, 6 letters

Home of the Hutu, 6 letters

Hotel hero Rusesabagina's homeland, 6 letters

Hutu-Tutsi battlefield, 6 letters

Hutu/Tutsi land, 6 letters

Its capital is Kigali, 6 letters

Kigali is its capital, 6 letters

Kigali's country, 6 letters

Kigali's land, 6 letters

Land near the Equator, 6 letters

Land of Hutus, 6 letters

Landlocked African country, 6 letters

Landlocked African nation, 6 letters

Mountain gorilla's country, 6 letters

Neighbor of Burundi, 6 letters

Neighbor of Tanzania, 6 letters

See 43A, 6 letters

Tanzania neighbor, 6 letters

Uganda neighbor, 6 letters

Where Kigali is, 6 letters

A landlocked republic in central Africa, 6 letters

Formerly a German colony, 6 letters

African raced carrying baton (7), 7 letters

Burundian's neighbor, 7 letters

Hotelier Paul Rusesabagina, e.g., 7 letters

Kigali native, 7 letters

Kigali resident, 7 letters

Native near Volcanoes National Park, 7 letters

President Paul Kagame, for one, 7 letters

Tanzanian's neighbor, 7 letters

Tutsi or Hutu national, 7 letters

Zairian's neighbor, 7 letters

A native or inhabitant of Rwanda, 7 letters

Rush Limbaugh and others, 15 letters

Concord Hymn poet's monogram, 3 letters

Concord Hymn writer's inits., 3 letters

Nature author's monogram, 3 letters

Self-Reliance essayist's inits., 3 letters

Self-Reliance essayist's monogram, 3 letters

The Over-Soul essayist's monogram, 3 letters

Literary monogram, 3 letters

Monogram of 'the sage of Concord', 3 letters

Poet Emerson's monogram, 3 letters

The Concord Sage's monogram, 3 letters

Missing glasses' location, usually, 14 letters

White zinfandel, e.g., 5 letters

Author Shaw or filmmaker Allen, 3 letters

'80s presidential monogram, 3 letters

Morning in America pres., 3 letters

1980s D.C. monogram, 3 letters

GHWB predecessor, 3 letters

President before GHWB, 3 letters

Presidential inits., 3 letters

Prez after J.E.C., 3 letters

Most unrefined, 4 letters

Erie Lackawanna, e.g.: Abbr., 3 letters

Line with tracks (abbr.), 3 letters

Streetcar line (abbr.), 3 letters

The Orient Express, e.g.: Abbr., 3 letters

Train network: Abbr., 3 letters

Train syst., 3 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..