Select a letter

Foreign curia containing gold (5), 2 letters

Like the pope's church: abbr., 2 letters

___ Building (former name of an NYC skyscraper), 3 letters

___ Building, onetime part of Rockefeller Center, 3 letters

___ connector, 3 letters

___ Dome (Colts' longtime home), 3 letters

___ Dome (former Colts stadium), 3 letters

___ Dome (home of the Indianapolis Colts until 2008), 3 letters

___ Dome (site of the 2006 March Madness Final Four), 3 letters

___ Dome (where the Indianapolis Colts play), 3 letters

___ Dome, home of the Indianapolis Colts, 3 letters

___ Dome, Indianapolis, 3 letters

___ Gold Seal (classical music record label), 3 letters

___ Red Seal (classical music label), 3 letters

___ Victor, 3 letters

___ Victor (His Master's Voice company), 3 letters

___ Victor (big name in old recordings), 3 letters

___ Victor (early broadcaster), 3 letters

___ Victor (recording company), 3 letters

'His Master's Voice' co., 3 letters

'The most trusted name in electronics' sloganeer, 3 letters

Heartbreak Hotel label, 3 letters

His Master's Voice brand, 3 letters

His Master's Voice company, 3 letters

His Master's Voice initials, 3 letters

His Master's Voice label, 3 letters

His Master's Voice org., 3 letters

His Master's Voice record label, 3 letters

His Master's Voice sloganeer, 3 letters

Red Seal record co., 3 letters

The most trusted name in electronics sloganeer, once, 3 letters

1986 GE takeover, 3 letters

1986 General Electric acquisition, 3 letters

45 r.p.m. introducer, 3 letters

8-track tape co., 3 letters

Admiral competitor, once, 3 letters

Alabama's label, 3 letters

Alternative to JVC, 3 letters

Alternative to JVC or Panasonic, 3 letters

Alternative to JVC or Panasonic, once, 3 letters

Alternative to Magnavox, 3 letters

Alternative to Sony or JVC, 3 letters

Alternative to Zenith or JVC, 3 letters

American Marconi acquirer, 3 letters

Amp connector named for the company that invented it, 3 letters

An Elvis label, 3 letters

Audio equipment pioneer, 3 letters

Avril Lavigne's record label, 3 letters

Best Buy brand, 3 letters

Big DVD maker, 3 letters

Big name in electronics, 3 letters

Big name in phonographs, 3 letters

Big name in plasmas, 3 letters

Big name in screens, 3 letters

Big name in TVs, 3 letters

Big name on the TV, 3 letters

Big record company, 3 letters

Biggie in the CD biz, 3 letters

Bing Crosby's label, 3 letters

Boom box brand, 3 letters

Brand of dishes, 3 letters

Brand of TV, 3 letters

Brand of TV's and VCR's, 3 letters

Brief description of one walking backwards (5), 3 letters

Broadcast letters of old, 3 letters

Bullriders' grp., 3 letters

Cable modem producer, 3 letters

Camcorder brand, 3 letters

Camcorder co., 3 letters

Camcorder maker, 3 letters

Car radio letters, 3 letters

Car videodisc maker, 3 letters

Certain label (Abbr.), 3 letters

Certain TV, 3 letters

Certain TV brand, 3 letters

Chipper's co., 3 letters

Chris Daughtry's label, 3 letters

Christina Aguilera's label, 3 letters

Classic TV brand, 3 letters

Co. first owned by GE, 3 letters

Co. headed by David Sarnoff from 1930 to 1971, 3 letters

Co. in The Farnsworth Invention, 3 letters

Co. led by David Sarnoff until 1970, 3 letters

Co. led for decades by David Sarnoff, 3 letters

Co. that formed NBC, 3 letters

Co. that invented the CD, 3 letters

Co. whose mascot is Nipper, 3 letters

Co. with a dog listening to a phonograph, 3 letters

Co. with a Victrola logo, 3 letters

Co. with Nipper as its mascot, 3 letters

Co. with two fox terriers, 3 letters

Color TV introducer, 3 letters

Color TV pioneer, 3 letters

Columbia competitor, 3 letters

Como's label, 3 letters

Como's record label, 3 letters

Compact-disc inventor, 3 letters

Company originally formed by GE, 3 letters

Company spawned by GE, 3 letters

Company that developed TV's Indian Head Test Pattern, 3 letters

Company that founded NBC, 3 letters

Company that introduced 45-RPM records, 3 letters

Company that introduced color TV, 3 letters

Company that introduced TV at the 1939 World's Fair, 3 letters

Company that made Photophones, 3 letters

Company that made Victrolas, 3 letters

Company that pioneered color TV, 3 letters

Company whose mascot is Nipper, 3 letters

Company with a dog in its logo, 3 letters

Company with a dog logo, 3 letters

Competitor of Panasonic, Sony and JVC, 3 letters

Consumer electronics brand, 3 letters

Dave Matthews Band label, 3 letters

David Sarnoff was its president it for 40 years, 3 letters

David Sarnoff was once its general manager, 3 letters

David Sarnoff's co., 3 letters

David Sarnoff's command, once, 3 letters

David Sarnoff's company, 3 letters

David Sarnoff's org., 3 letters

Dinah Shore's label, 3 letters

Dish maker, 3 letters

Dish manufacturer, 3 letters

Dolly Parton's record label, 3 letters

DVD maker, 3 letters

DVD player brand, 3 letters

DVD player maker, 3 letters

DVD player maker, once, 3 letters

Early broadcasting co., 3 letters

Early broadcasting inits., 3 letters

Early media pioneer, 3 letters

Early TV co., 3 letters

Electronics big shot, 3 letters

Electronics biggie, 3 letters

Electronics brand, 3 letters

Electronics brand letters, 3 letters

Electronics co., 3 letters

Electronics giant, 3 letters

Electronics maker, 3 letters

Electronics name, 3 letters

Elvis label, 3 letters

Elvis Presley's label, 3 letters

Elvis Presley's longtime label, 3 letters

Elvis recorded for them, 3 letters

Elvis' record label, 3 letters

Elvis's long-time label, 3 letters

Elvis's recording co., 3 letters

EMI rival, 3 letters

Ex-owner of NBC, 3 letters

Famed N.Y. bldg., 3 letters

Famous label, 3 letters

Famous record company, 3 letters

First 45 maker, briefly, 3 letters

First American color TV maker, 3 letters

First color TV maker in the U.S., 3 letters

First U.S. color TV maker, 3 letters

Foo Fighters's record label, 3 letters

For whom Elvis recorded, 3 letters

Former electronics giant, 3 letters

Former N.Y.C. skyline letters, 3 letters

Former N.Y.C. skyline sign, 3 letters

Former NBC owner, 3 letters

Former owner of Random House, 3 letters

Former TV org., 3 letters

Former VCR maker, 3 letters

G.E. bought it in 1986, 3 letters

G.E. subsidiary, 3 letters

GE acquisition, 3 letters

GE acquisition in 1986, 3 letters

GE acquisition of '86, 3 letters

GE purchase, 3 letters

GE purchase of '86, 3 letters

GE purchase of the '80s, 3 letters

Giant record label, 3 letters

Gold Seal co., 3 letters

HDTV brand, 3 letters

HDTV choice, 3 letters

HDTV maker, 3 letters

Hitachi rival, 3 letters

Home entertainment company, 3 letters

Home entertainment industry giant, 3 letters

Indianapolis dome, 3 letters

Indianapolis dome demolished in 2008, 3 letters

Indianapolis' ___ Dome, 3 letters

Initials for Nipper, 3 letters

Initials on a record label, 3 letters

It bought Random House in 1965, 3 letters

It merged with GE in 1986, 3 letters

It merged with Victor, 3 letters

It once billed itself The most trusted name in television, 3 letters

It pressed for Presley, 3 letters

Its ads feature Nipper and Chipper, 3 letters

Its logo is a dog listening to a Victrola, 3 letters

Its mascot is Nipper, 3 letters

Its motto is Changing Entertainment. Again., 3 letters

Its slogan was once We'll open your eyes, 3 letters

Jack on the stereo, 3 letters

JVC competitor, 3 letters

JVC rival, 3 letters

Kelly Clarkson record label, 3 letters

Kelly Clarkson's label, 3 letters

Label, 3 letters

Label for Elvis, 3 letters

Label for Nilsson, 3 letters

Label founded in 1901, 3 letters

Label that signed Elvis, 3 letters

Letters for Victor?, 3 letters

Letters formerly on the GE Building, 3 letters

Letters on a TV, 3 letters

Letters on some remotes, 3 letters

Letters on some TV's, 3 letters

Letters on some TVs and VCRs, 3 letters

Letters seen on TVs, 3 letters

Longtime Harry Belafonte label, 3 letters

Longtime record label, 3 letters

Magnavox alternative, 3 letters

Magnavox competitor, 3 letters

Magnavox rival, 3 letters

Major CD label, 3 letters

Major eight-track tape maker, 3 letters

Major electronics co., 3 letters

Major record label, 3 letters

Major TV brand, 3 letters

Major TV maker, 3 letters

Maker of a car radio, 3 letters

Maker of DVD players, 3 letters

Maker of many a TV, 3 letters

Maker of MP3 players, 3 letters

Maker of sets, 3 letters

Maker of the L32HD31R television, 3 letters

Manufacturer of TVs with ColorTrak, 3 letters

Media co. founded in 1919, 3 letters

Media pioneer ___ Victor, 3 letters

Motorola rival, 3 letters

MP3 player maker, 3 letters

Music industry initials, 3 letters

Music label, 3 letters

Music's ___ Victor, 3 letters

N.Y. skyline letters, 3 letters

Name in electronics, 3 letters

Name on a VCR, 3 letters

NBC co-founder, 3 letters

NBC parent, 3 letters

NBC's first owner, 3 letters

NBC's former owner, 3 letters

NBC's owner, once, 3 letters

NBC's parent company, 3 letters

NBC's progenitor, 3 letters

New York's former ___ Building, 3 letters

Nipper and Chipper's brand, 3 letters

Nipper and Chipper's co., 3 letters

Nipper appeared in its ad, 3 letters

Nipper appeared on its logo, 3 letters

Nipper is its mascot, 3 letters

Nipper the dog's co., 3 letters

Nipper the dog's company, 3 letters

Nipper was its logo, 3 letters

Nipper's brand, 3 letters

Nipper's company, 3 letters

Nipper's corp., 3 letters

Nipper's employer, 3 letters

Nipper's label, 3 letters

Nipper's letters, 3 letters

Nipper's owner, 3 letters

Nipper's real master, 3 letters

Noted TV producer, 3 letters

NYC building, 3 letters

NYSE listing, 3 letters

Old Philco competitor, 3 letters

Old record label, 3 letters

Old TV name, 3 letters

One of Rockefeller Center's original tenants, 3 letters

One-time DVD player maker, 3 letters

One-time NBC owner, 3 letters

One-time owner of NBC, 3 letters

Onetime Hertz owner, 3 letters

Hi, I'm Mike Bloomberg. I grew up watching ___ a TV conglo, 11 letters

NYC home to the Rainbow Room, 11 letters

Colts' former home, 7 letters

Colts' home before Lucas Oil Stadium, 7 letters

Indianapolis sports arena, 7 letters

Lucas Oil Stadium replaced it, 7 letters

Battle of Britain grp., 4 letters

Can. air group, 4 letters

Can. fliers, 4 letters

Canadian military grp., 4 letters

Maple leaf flyers, 4 letters

Military force until 1968, briefly, 4 letters

Military org. formed in Ontario in 1925, 4 letters

Military org. with the motto Per ardua ad astra, 4 letters

North Amer. WWII fliers, 4 letters

North-of-the-border fliers: Abbr., 4 letters

Northern fliers, 4 letters

Northern fliers: Abbr., 4 letters

Ontario military initials, 4 letters

Org. involved in NORAD, 4 letters

Our neighbor's mil. fliers, 4 letters

Stereo component's plug, often (named for the company that invented it), 7 letters

Christina Aguilera's label, 10 letters

Alternatives to Sonys, 4 letters

Certain TV's, 4 letters

Elvis records, label-wise, 4 letters

Many red-labeled LPs, 4 letters

Old Colortrak TVs, 4 letters

Old Victrolas, 4 letters

Rivals of GEs, 4 letters

Sixties TVs, e.g., 4 letters

Some antique radios, 4 letters

Some appliances, 4 letters

Some appliances or TVs, 4 letters

Some Best Buy buys, 4 letters

Some boom boxes, 4 letters

Some camcorders, 4 letters

Some Circuit City selections, 4 letters

Some dishes, 4 letters

Some dishes on rooftops, 4 letters

Some dishes that don't go on the table, 4 letters

Some DVD players, 4 letters

Some DVRs, 4 letters

Some electronic devices, 4 letters

Some HDTV's, 4 letters

Some hi-fis, 4 letters

Some home theater systems, 4 letters

Some MP3 players, 4 letters

Some phones, 4 letters

Some stereos, 4 letters

Some TV' s, 4 letters

Some TV's and VCR's, 4 letters

Some VCR's, 4 letters

Some VCRs, brand-wise, 4 letters

They were once The most trusted name in television, 4 letters

TruFlat TVs, e.g., 4 letters

TVs that Nipper would endorse, 4 letters

Victrolas, e.g., 4 letters

Features of some home entertainment systems, 6 letters

Color TV pioneer, 9 letters

Early LP issuer, 9 letters

Elvis Presley's label, 9 letters

Introducer of 45's in '49, 9 letters

Nipper's master, 9 letters

Nipper's company, 9 letters

Gimme an ___ and a Moonpie (Hillbilly hit by Big Bill Liston, circa 1950), 6 letters

Great taste since 1905 sloganeer, 6 letters

Great taste since 1905 soft drink, 6 letters

2000 Cadbury Schweppes acquisition, 6 letters

Beverage since 1905, 6 letters

Coke alternative, 6 letters

Coke competitor, 6 letters

Coke rival, 6 letters

Competitor of Coke, 6 letters

Dr Pepper alternative, 6 letters

Drink once pitched by Nancy Sinatra, 6 letters

Drink since 1905, 6 letters

Official soft drink of Little League, 6 letters

Old Best by taste test sloganeer, 6 letters

Pepsi alternative, 6 letters

Pepsi competitor, 6 letters

Pepsi rival, 6 letters

Pop brand, 6 letters

Soda brand since 1905, 6 letters

Soda developed by Claude A. Hatcher, 6 letters

Soft drink choice, 6 letters

Soft drink first sold in 1905, 6 letters

Soft drink since 1905, 6 letters

Tab alternative, 6 letters

*First soft drinks sold in cans, 7 letters

Alternatives to Cokes, 7 letters

Cott Beverages beverages, 7 letters

Pepsi alternatives, 7 letters

Pop choices, 7 letters

Pops since 1905, 7 letters

Soft drink choices, 7 letters

Some pops, 7 letters

They're often served with MoonPies, 7 letters

Accepted (abbr.), 3 letters

Accepted dlvy., 3 letters

Change, as a computer program, 3 letters

Got: Abbr., 3 letters

In possession of: abbr., 3 letters

Mail-rm. stamp, 3 letters

Secy.'s stamp, 3 letters

Shipping abbr., 3 letters

LP's, 4 letters

Shipping-dept. stamps, 4 letters

Austrian royal title (8), 5 letters

Athena turned her into a spider (7), 4 letters

Bow pro, 4 letters

They're played in philharmonics, 15 letters

Absolutely dependable (4-5), 6 letters

Musical Ride gp., 4 letters

B.C. cops, 4 letters

B.C. fuzz, 4 letters

Calgary cops, 4 letters

Can. constabulary, 4 letters

Can. cops, 4 letters

Can. force, 4 letters

Can. law enforcers, 4 letters

Can. lawmen, 4 letters

Canada's law gp., 4 letters

Canadian law enforcement gp., 4 letters

Canadian troopers: Abbr., 4 letters

D. Do-Right's outfit, 4 letters

Do-Right's org., 4 letters

Dudle Do-Right's org., 4 letters

Dudley Do-right org., 4 letters

Dudley Do-Right's co., 4 letters

Dudley Do-Right's grp., 4 letters

Force whose motto is Maintiens le droit: Abbr., 4 letters

Forces on horses: Abbr., 4 letters

Its uniform includes a red serge tunic and a Stetson: Abbr., 4 letters

Law enforcement gp. based in Ottawa, 4 letters

Law grp., 4 letters

Law N of the border, 4 letters

Lawmen N. of the border, 4 letters

Mounties, briefly, 4 letters

Mounties: Abbr., 4 letters

Mounties' org., 4 letters

Musical Ride group, for short, 4 letters

North of the border gendarmerie: Abbr., 4 letters

North-of-the-border law enforcement org., 4 letters

Noted law enforcement grp., 4 letters

Org. whose motto is Maintiens le droit, 4 letters

Org. whose officers are trained in Saskatchewan, 4 letters

Org. with a training academy in Regina, 4 letters

Ottawa-based enforcement gp., 4 letters

Ottawa-based law enforcement gp., 4 letters

Ottawa-based law gp., 4 letters

Patrol in the provinces, for short, 4 letters

Renfrew's org., in old radio, 4 letters

Sgt. Preston grp., 4 letters

Sgt. Preston's crew, 4 letters

Sgt. Preston's group, 4 letters

Sgt. Preston's org., 4 letters

Sgt. Preston's outfit, 4 letters

Sgt. Renfrew's gp., in early radio, 4 letters

Some Can. lawmen, 4 letters

Stetson-wearing force: Abbr., 4 letters

The Mounties: Abbr., 4 letters

They wear a distinctive Red Serge uniform: abbr., 4 letters

Yukon enforcement gp., 4 letters

Yukon's only law enforcers: Abbr., 4 letters

Evidence for Sgt. Preston?, 7 letters

Cable company inits., 3 letters

Mil. maneuver, 3 letters

Cadbury Schweppes brand, 5 letters

Cook's collection (7), 4 letters

Bill paid paper: Abbr., 4 letters

Buyer's doc., 4 letters

Exch. need, 4 letters

Gift exchange requirement: Abbr., 4 letters

Payment ack., 4 letters

Proof of pmt., 4 letters

Proof of purch., 4 letters

Proof of purchase (abbr.), 4 letters

Refund need (Abbr.), 4 letters

Return request: Abbr., 4 letters

Sales slip: Abbr., 4 letters

Sales slips (Abbr.), 5 letters

Shoppers' savings?: Abbr., 5 letters

Taxpayer's shoeboxful? (abbr.), 5 letters

Railroad transporting one snake (5), 3 letters

Fitch's partner, 8 letters

Almost an Audie Murphy movie?, 13 letters

Keep on Truckin' artist, 6 letters

Keep on Truckin' cartoonist, 6 letters

The Book of Mr. Natural cartoonist, 6 letters

Big name in comix, 6 letters

Cartoonist who created Mr. Natural, 6 letters

Creator of Fritz the Cat, 6 letters

Fritz the Cat illustrator, 6 letters

Fritz the Cat's creator, 6 letters

Legendary comics artist whose adaptation of the Book of Genesis was released in 2009, 6 letters

Subject of a Terry Zwigoff documentary, 6 letters

Alternatives to Pepsis, 3 letters

Certain colas, 3 letters

Coke alternatives, 3 letters

Kick and Zero colas, 3 letters

Msgrs., KCs, etc., 3 letters

Not quite Cokes, 3 letters

Pops in the fridge?, 3 letters

Regal pops, 3 letters

Some colas, 3 letters

Some colas, familiarly, 3 letters

Some driverless cars, for short, 3 letters

Some pops, 3 letters

Some soft drinks, 3 letters

Still I ___: Angelou, 4 letters

Boot-camper: Abbr., 3 letters

Gift return need: abbr., 3 letters

IOU for example, 3 letters

Mil. rookie, 3 letters

New GI, 3 letters

Newbie in the mil., 3 letters

Sales slip (abbr.), 3 letters

Slip abbr., 3 letters

USMC enlistee, 3 letters

USMC rookie, 3 letters

Sultan of Swat, 4 letters

Auditorium for solo musical performances, 7 letters

Having only straight lines (11), 6 letters

6,194 conscripts: Abbr., 4 letters

Business records: Abbr., 4 letters

Gate: Abbr., 4 letters

GI inductees, 4 letters

IRS auditor's requests, 4 letters

Itemizer's items: abbr., 4 letters

Military newcomers: abbr., 4 letters

Proofs of purchase: Abbr., 4 letters

They're brought to a C.P.A., 4 letters

Total for the the tkts, 4 letters

Get, 3 letters

Stereo syst. component, 4 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..