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Corporate asset replacement calculation, 6 letters

Market value of a company's assets divided by their replacement cost, 6 letters

Black and white square pattern read by camera phones, 6 letters

Box that shoppers scan before purchasing, 6 letters

Scanned two-dimensional designs, 7 letters

Staff symbols, 6 letters

Simian creation of Hans and Margret Rey, 12 letters

House of York emblem, 5 letters

Alphabet trio, 3 letters

Alphabetic run, 3 letters

Football game divs., 3 letters

Letter run, 3 letters

OP followers, 3 letters

P-T connection, 3 letters

P-T filler, 3 letters

P-T hookup, 3 letters

P-T link, 3 letters

PT separators, 3 letters

Three before T, 3 letters

Alphabet quartet, 4 letters

Alphabet run, 4 letters

Four ahead of U, 4 letters

Letter run, 4 letters

Letters before U, 4 letters

P train, 4 letters

P-U connection, 4 letters

P-U contents, 4 letters

P-U links, 4 letters

Queue before U, 4 letters

String after P, 4 letters

They appear before U, 4 letters

They come before U, 4 letters

OP trailers, 5 letters

P-V links, 5 letters

Series I, part 4, 5 letters

VW forerunner?, 5 letters

VW introducer?, 5 letters

VW preceder?, 5 letters

VW precursors?, 5 letters

VW's intro?, 5 letters

Wimbledon event, 7 letters

Wimbledon event (12), 7 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..